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  • Fujitsu to Sell Sample 1.3GB MO Drives in December
  • November 19, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Fujitsu Ltd. said it will start sampling its 1.3GB, 3.5-in. magneto-optical disk drive, the MCD3130SS, in December to OEM vendors.
    The samples will be priced at 80,000 yen (US$660). Shipments of the new products are slated to begin in February 1999.

    The MCD3130SS is an MO drive system using technology known as magnetically induced super resolution (MSR) that was developed in cooperation with Sony Corp. It features an improved track density and line density and uses a conventional optical head.

    Both companies announced on Nov. 5 the release of a standard for the MO disk system specification and its format. Sony also said it would start making new products for use in personal computers as early as the spring of 1999. The sample will be shipped to OEM vendors prior to marketing the new products.

    In addition to the 1.3GB MO disks, existing MO disks with a storage capacity of 128MB, 230MB, 540MB or 640MB also can be handled by the new drive system. Its maximum data transfer rate is 5.9MB per second (at 3,214 revolutions per second) for 1.3GB MO disks and 4.9MB per second (at 4,500 rpm) for 540MB or 640MB disks.

    More information in English is at: http://www.fujitsu.co.jp/hypertext/news/1998/Nov/13-e.html

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