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  • Cisco Systems to Build China's First Internet Exchange
  • November 24, 1998 (HONG KONG) -- Cisco Systems Inc. of the United States signed a joint-venture agreement with the Beijing City Information Office and China Information Highway Corp. to construct the Capital Public Information Platform (CPIP), China's first Internet exchange.
    According to Bill Nuti, president of Cisco's Greater Asia group, the networking company is responsible for the design of the entire network architecture. It also will provide a wide range of hardware and software as well as technical training and support.

    The CPIP will be operated over fiber-optic cables owned by the Bureau of Radio, Film & Television (BRFT) and connect to the bureau's planned ATM backbone network.

    It will be operated by Beijing Information Development Co., Ltd., a venture encompassing the Ministry of Information Industry, the People's Government of Beijing City and the People's Bank of China.

    It will link the largely separate networks that comprise China's Internet.

    These networks are the Ministry of Information Industry's ChinaNet, Jitong Corp.'s Golden Bridge Network (GBNet), the China Education and Research Network (CERNET), the China Science and Technology Network (CSTNet) and the China Financial Network (CFN).

    Prior to March 1997, these Chinese networks had no interconnectivity. All Internet traffic had to be routed via the United States.

    Limited connectivity exists between the networks via low bandwidth leased-line connections that are now saturated.

    The number of Internet users in China has more than doubled from 500,000 in January to 1.175 million at the end of June. Thus the development of the CPIP is believed to be an essential step forward in enabling seamless communications across China's Internet.

    Also, the CPIP will act as a channel for communications with government.

    It will enable the national government and Beijing city administration to provide the public with service-related information.

    (Eleanor Yeung, Asia BizTech Hong Kong Editor)

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