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  • Internet Movie to Raise Funds for Movie Production
  • October 1, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Movie director Tetsuya Mihiro is showing his movie "Toho no San-Kenja: Ken" on his Internet home page, and Nikkei Netnavigator interviewed him on his movie, which is thought to be the first of its kind in the world.
    Nikkei Netnavigator: What led you to use the Internet for producing movies?

    Mihiro: It is boring to do the same type of work as others in my generation. And I don't want to make a movie based on a plot that people can read beforehand. These ideas gave me a push.

    Nikkei: Did you aim at publicizing movies on the Internet from the beginning of making this movie?

    Mihiro: The Internet was not really in my view when I started filming this movie in 1995, because streaming technologies were not sufficiently developed at that time. This particular work, however, turned out to be suitable for the Internet because it has few lines of conversation and it is filmed in monochrome.

    Nikkei: What is your purpose in running the movie on the Internet?

    Mihiro: The movie is just the first part of a trilogy. I would like to use this medium for publicity to raise funds for filming, even though it was not my real intention to broadcast the first section alone, since I believe the work is not a complete movie without all three parts together.

    Nikkei : How does the movie appear on the Internet?

    Mihiro: I'm particularly anxious about motions that are not smooth. It would be a tragedy if the audience is bothered by the quality of images and if this detracts from the story.

    Nikkei: What are your plans?

    Mihiro: I intend to travel to Italy with a videotape of this movie for promotion. Taking advantage of the originality of this movie, which will be acknowledged in the Guinness book as the world's first Internet movie, I will look for opportunities to show the movie and for more cooperation in my filming.

    Tetsuya Mihiro: Born in 1960.
    As an assistant director, he has collaborated with many young film directors. Mihiro has lent his director skills to video movies such as the video on the making of 'YAWARA!' by Toho Movie Co. and corporate promotional videos. The Internet movie is his first full work as a film director.

    (Nikkei Netnavigator)

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