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  • USB Exec Holds Great Expectations for iMac to Spread USB
  • October 8, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Richard Baek, executive director of USB Implementers Forum, said he holds great expectations that Apple Computer Inc.'s new iMac will spread the use of USB.
    Baek visited Japan for the WORLD PC EXPO 98 held at Makuhari Messe, Chiba prefecture near Tokyo from Sept. 30 to Oct. 3. He spoke with Nikkei Personal Computing about USB's future.

    USB Implementers Forum is an organization started that its activities in 1995 to set universal serial bus (USB) standards. Seven firms including Microsoft Corp., Intel Corp. and NEC Corp. are the major founders; currently nearly 450 manufacturers and venders are participating.

    Nikkei Personal Computing: USB and IEEE 1394 tend to be compared. How do you compare them?

    Baek: USB can conform to almost all devices. However, for the purpose of high data transfer rates such as for digital video tape recorders, IEEE 1394 will lead other standards.

    USB can also send CCD camera filmed motion pictures of about 20-25 frames per second.

    I understand those interfaces are originally developed for different groups of products.

    Nikkei: What kind of USB-conforming products do you think will come out in the future?

    Baek: The areas USB can perform best are joysticks, game pads and scanners.

    It is foreseeable that a number of USB-conformimg products will be introduced since the number of manufacturers who participate in the USB Implementers Forum is increasing.

    BizTech: Will iMac be a trigger for the spread of USB?

    Baek: A number of exhibitions for iMac were presented at this WORLD PC EXPO 98, so it seems there is a great expectation by the PC industry for it. In fact, iMac is selected as the most outstanding USB product of the month on our Web site.

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    (Nikkei Personal Computing)

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