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  • [Electronics Show '98] Pioneer Electronics Displays Optical Disc Recorders
  • October 13, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Pioneer Electronic Corp. displayed an optical disc recorder that employs an MPEG2 real-time encoder microchip, and demonstrated its recording and playback operations at the Electronics Show '98 held in Osaka.
    Rewritable DVDs, or DVD-RW discs, with a single-sided storage capacity of 4.7GB are used as the recording media, the company said.

    The prototype has an encoding speed of 6Mbps. Encoding speeds of 4.2Mbps for video and 0.3Mbps for sound data enable two and a half hours of recording or playback, company officials said.

    Pioneer Electronic is developing a real-time, variable-bit-rate encoding technology that will allow lower encoding speeds. The necessary algorithm is completed, company officials said. Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. already announced that it developed a similar technology.

    The prototype does not comply with the RTRW format that is under consideration by the DVD Forum, because the standard has not yet been finalized. However, the prototype uses the time stamp and editing data needed to realize the same functions as those to be stipulated by the RTRW standard, company officials said.

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