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  • Computer Virus Reports in Japan Up 34.5 Pct. in Sept.
  • October 19, 1998 (TOKYO) -- A total of 222 cases of computer virus damage were reported in Japan in September, the Information Technology Promotion Agency (IPA) said on Oct. 9.
    This represents an increase of around 34.5 percent over the 165 cases reported in the previous month (Aug. 1998).

    The August figure was down 13.6 percent from the previous month, but the September figure marks a resurgence. Macro viruses such as Laroux and Cap, which have been a danger for some time now, were largely responsible for the increase, the IPA said.

    Although the number of damage reports increased in September, figures for the year to date declined year-on-year by 12.7 percent. A total of 1,560 cases were reported in the year to Sept. 1998, compared with 1,786 cases in the year to Sept. 1997.

    The Excel macro virus, Laroux, was the most prevalent virus, with 85 cases reported in September. The Microsoft Word virus, Cap, came next with 46 reported incidents, then came the Excel virus, Extras, with 25 reported incidents.

    Two new viruses, Marburg and Polyposter, were reported. There were six reports of Marburg infection and two reports of Polyposter.

    Marburg infects Windows EXE files and, when activated, it creates icons all over the screen.

    Polyposter infects Microsoft Word documents, sending out all infected files over the network when an Internet news reader is started on the infected computer.

    The IPA believes that these new viruses are increasing, and is calling for people to take precautions by using anti-virus software.

    The IPA's Web site (in English) is at: http://www.ipa.go.jp.

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