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  • Authentic to Market New Flat-Panel Speaker
  • October 20, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Authentic Ltd. unveiled a new type of flat-panel, wall-hanging speaker called MusiCanvas with flexible features.
    Its whole surface acts as a diaphragm and vibrates, so sound emanates from both the front and back of it.

    The new speaker is very slim, measuring only 18 mm in thickness. Posters and pictures can be attached to both sides. The fact that users will be able to change the look of the speakers to suit their personal tastes is likely to be the main selling point.

    In addition to being used for private purposes, the speakers might also be installed in public places such as stores and offices. They could also become widely used as advertisement speakers for point-of-purchase advertising, to play music or promotional announcements while displaying pictures of the product being advertised.

    Three different models of the speaker will be made available: an A2-size vertically hanging portrait type, another A2-size type that can be hung horizontally landscape and an A3-size horizontally hanging landscape type. Both of the A2-size models will be priced at 18,000 yen (US$160), and the A3-size model will be 16,800 yen (US$145).

    The company previously marketed a similar type of flat panel, wall-hanging speaker called Music Gallery. That product originally went on sale in December 1997, but its range of applications was limited due to the fact that images had to be printed onto the surface before leaving the factory, and after that they couldn't be changed.

    However, with the new MusiCanvas product the flat surface of the speaker is covered with paper coated with an adhesive substance. This means that it is possible for users to attach their own pictures on top of the paper covering.

    If they use smooth paper or film, then the paper covering the speaker can last for up to 200 changes. It isn't suitable to use rough materials, such as handmade paper, canvas or cloth, because they reduce the adhesive strength of the paper covering.

    Sound is produced from the whole of the speaker surface. This is achieved by using a thin voice coil built into the diaphragm. The same level of sound quality and volume is produced on both sides of the speaker. Therefore, it will be possible to mount one on a stand and place it in the middle of a room rather than on a wall in order to cover a wider area.

    When talking of future applications for thin-type voice coils, Authentic's President Nobuyuki Kondo revealed that the company was also considering the possibility of using its flat-panel speaker technology to create a home theater system where sound would emanate from the screen itself.

    The actual dimensions of the A2-size model for horizontal mounting are 594 mm (wide) x 455 mm (high). The A2-size model for vertical mounting measures 420 mm (wide) x 629 mm (high). Both A2-size models weigh 540g. Power output is rated at 5W (maximum 7W), and rated impedance is 8 ohms for both models. They have frequency characteristics of 70Hz to 20kHz, and an acoustic pressure level of 77dB.

    The A3-size model for horizontal mounting measures 420 mm (wide) x 322 mm (high) and weighs 400g. Its other specifications are the same as those for the two A2-size models, except that it has frequency characteristics of 80Hz to 20kHz.

    Sales of the new speakers will start on Dec. 1. The company's sales target for the first year is to ship a total of more than 100,000 units.

    Authentic was established in October 1993 as part of an internal system set up within NEC Corp. that aims to promote the development of venture businesses. The company carries out the development, production and sales of audio-related equipment.

    More information in English is at: http://www.nec.co.jp/english/today/newsrel/9810/1301.html

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