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  • Nissan Motor Exhibits Intelligent Concept Car in Korea
  • October 20, 1998 (SEOUL) -- Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. displayed its Intelligent Transport System (ITS) concept car, called the ITS CAR 2001-I, at a recent exhibition in Seoul.
    The exhibition was held in conjunction with the 5th ITS World Congress, which was held in the same city. Nissan's car was developed to emphasize its information systems.

    It features a 10.4-in. color thin film transistor-liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) on its instrument panel, along with another 15-in. color TFT-LCD for use by passengers in the rear seats.

    The instrument panel can be set so that it repeatedly switches between different screen displays, including a screen showing car navigation map data, a screen for operating the audio system and another for controlling the air conditioning system.

    At the bottom of the screen a special button is placed for connecting to Compass Link, a Nissan-affiliated company that provides data services for mobile users. By pressing this button, users can get easy access to the Compass Link service.

    The car also is equipped with three CCD cameras, in the front and rear of the vehicle, and the driver can view the images from those cameras to see the road ahead and behind.

    Next to the front license plate the car has two different types of range-finder radar systems, to calculate the distance between the car and other vehicles ahead. The first is an infrared laser radar with an 850nm-wavelength, and the other is a millimeter wave radar with a frequency of 60GHz.

    When the system detects that the distance to vehicles in the road ahead is lessening, a warning sign is projected on the windshield.

    Passengers sitting in the rear seats are able to use some of the car's other features, which include TV games, a video tape recorder and even a karaoke sing-along system.

    In the next step in its ITS car development process, Nissan is planning to build another concept car equipped with more advanced control systems.

    More details of the World Congress can be obtained at: http://www.itsa.org/worldcongress.html

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