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  • Daewoo Electronics Develops 42-in. Wall-Hanging PDP TV
  • October 20, 1998 (SEOUL) -- Daewoo Electronics Co., Ltd. developed a 42-in. plasma display panel (PDP) TV, measuring only 11 cm thick, the slimmest of its kind unveiled by a Korean company.
    The company said the wall-hanging TV, co-developed with its affiliated company Orion Electric Co., will be on display at a home electronics fair to be held at the Korea Exhibition Center starting Oct. 21.

    Daewoo said the new TV will go on sale at about 5 million won-7 million won (US$3,730-US$5,220) later this year.

    "Because the picture and sound units are integrated, our product has become a plug-and-view TV, requiring no extra device," a company official said.

    "And there is no picture distortion due to a flat-panel design with a screen ratio of 6 to 4," the official added.

    In advanced PDP display devices, full color pictures are created by activating a gas mix between two glass panels at a high voltage.

    Large screens of up to 70 inches can be built using current technology, which is not possible for LCDs (liquid-crystal displays).

    Japanese manufacturers are selling 42-in. PDPs and some industry leaders have even developed 50-in. models.

    Industry analysts said that the global PDP market value will likely expand to US$2.5 billion in 2000 and to US$100 billion in 2005.

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    (Maeil Business Newspaper, Korea)

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