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  • Seiko to Sell Wristwatch PDA with Movie Playback
  • October 22, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Seiko Instruments Inc. said that it will sell from Nov. 10 its Ruputer Pro4, a new model in the series of Wearable PC Ruputer products and categorized as a wristwatch personal digital assistant (PDA).
    Using the Ruputer MOVIE MAKER bundled software, the product can even be used to play movies.

    The Ruputer Pro4 carries an open price, and it will retail for about 48,000 yen (US$400), Seiko said.

    The enhanced points of the Ruputer Pro4 include an increase in memory to 4MB and the inclusion of the Ruputer MOVIE MAKER bundled software for replaying movies.

    The Ruputer MOVIE MAKER software converts a movie file in the AVI format created on a PC to the MMV format for the Ruputer. The converted movie file is transferred to the Ruputer from a PC using a special docking adapter or infrared data communications. Movies taken by a camcorder can be viewed on the Ruputer's monitor if the movie file is converted to the AVI format on the PC.

    The Ruputer Pro4 with a 4MB memory can play monochrome movies for 20 minutes at four frames per second.

    The existing products, the Ruputer (512KB) and the Ruputer PRO (2MB) also can play movies using this software. The price of the software is 3,800 yen (US$30).

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