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  • NTT to Add Cybermall to goo Internet Portal Site
  • October 27, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. (NTT) said that it will add a cybermall to the "goo" search service operated by its subsidiary, NTT Advertising Inc., as of April 1999.
    Electronic commerce-related services provided by search sites generally are in the form of a linking service that guides visitors to shopping sites. The NTT service will be different in that its electronic settlement functions will be provided on the goo site itself. Goo will incorporate many shopping sites, and offer a choice of payment methods including credit cards and bank transfers.

    Goo claims to have 4.5 million page views a month, ranking second after Yahoo! Japan among search services in Japan.

    Recent changes have been made to enhance the usefulness of the goo site. A free email service was added in May and 140,000 people have already joined. As of Oct. 16 the two search options -- Power Search and Value Search -- were combined into a single search facility.

    Also, its content has been enhanced with the addition of CNET Japan, a multimedia-related overseas news service, to goo's line of information services.

    NTT said these new and improved features are aimed at raising goo's hit rate to 10 million page views a month, and at upgrading goo into a portal site that users will prefer as their Internet port of entry.

    Japanese sites based on those owned by U.S. companies such as Yahoo! Inc. and Netscape Communications Corp. have been at the forefront of Japan's portal-site industry. NTT's planned cybermall is expected to give goo a big boost toward fulfilling its ambition of becoming a stronger homegrown portal site.

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