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  • Taiwan to Promote Internet Among Households, Schools
  • October 28, 1998 (TAIPEI) -- In a bid to boost the number of Internet users, Taiwan's government has allocated an additional NT$7.5 billion (US$229 million) to the FY1999 budget to promote the Internet among households and schools.
    Officials with the Executive Yuan's National Information Infrastructure (NII) promotion team said that most of the funds will be channeled to elementary and secondary schools for computer procurement.

    The government allocated a total of NT$58.6 billion in funds for the NII program in fiscal years 1998-2001. Originally, only NT$21 billion of this had been earmarked for fiscal 1999.

    The additional NT$7.5 billion will be allocated to four projects, NII officials said. About NT$6.47 billion will be distributed to elementary, junior high and senior high schools, while NT$890 million will be used for the automation of government agencies.

    The plans to set up a global Chinese-language network education center, and a hygiene/medicare infrastructure will each receive funding worth NT$110 million.

    The Executive Yuan hopes to equip all junior high schools here with access to the Internet by June 1999. More than 80,000 elementary and secondary school teachers are enrolled in information education training programs.

    To cope with the expected demand for more computer education teachers, the government plans to seek support from private-sector educators.

    As of August, 2.3 million households in Taiwan were linked to the Internet. By September 1999, the number is likely to reach the government's target of 3 million.

    (Commercial Times, Taiwan)

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