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  • Datang Telecom Tech to Produce GSM900/1800 Equipment
  • October 28, 1998 (BEIJING) -- Datang Telecom Technology Co., Ltd. announced that it is preparing to start mass production of its own GSM900/1800 telecommunications equipment.
    The move is aimed at breaking foreign dominance of the nation's market for mobile telecom equipment.

    China's information technology companies are seeking larger shares of the telecom equipment market. For example, Datang developed the first indigenous program-controlled telephone switches.

    The GSM900/1800 equipment is used for the new mobile telecom network on Zhoushan, China's third largest island, and it replaces imported devices.

    Datang chairman Zhou Huan said the company will complete trial links with the national public mobile communications network and will then introduce the equipment nationwide.

    China's mobile telecom market is dominated by large international companies such as Motorola Inc., Ericsson of Sweden, Alcatel of France and Nokia of Finland. Datang is the only Chinese company that has developed automatic frequency switching technology on par with devices made by such leaders.

    Also, Datang has developed advanced technology for wireless interchange telephone lines and optical transmissions. It is now developing satellite telecom technology.

    (Xinhua News Agency)

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