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  • 3Com Japan Seeks to Bolster System Support Service
  • October 28, 1998 (TOKYO) -- 3Com Japan K.K., the Japanese subsidiary of 3Com Corp. of Santa Clara, Calif., announced that it will strengthen its support services for sales agencies and system integrators in Japan.
    New services are program certification for networking engineers, a new priority on support services for authorized partners, and network integration by technology experts from the parent company and other firms.

    Certification for networking engineers, called Master of Network Science (MNS), is given to engineers who pass an examination 3Com provides on knowledge of its networking products.

    The purpose of MNS is to enhance the skills of sales agencies and to give corporate users a yardstick when selecting integrators, said Matt Mitchell, director of customer support operations, 3Com Asia Pacific Rim.

    A program similar to MNS is CCIE, Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert of Cisco Systems Inc. of San Jose, Calif. Already, more than 1,000 CCIE certified engineers exist worldwide, including about 130 in Japan. Also, Nortel Networks (formerly Bay Networks), is implementing its certificate program for networking engineers.

    Meanwhile, 3Com Japan is in talks with two companies and plans to sign contracts with several authorized partners, said Kazunori Shirai, senior manager of the company's customer service department.

    "We aren't sure if the 3Com brand name is strong among Japanese corporate users, but we hope to see more companies asking for our technical support," an integrator said.

    Networking vendors offering support services to their sales agencies will help support corporate users in the long run. Support services in terms of quality will be an important factor when users make decisions about purchases of networking products.

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