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  • Sales of Apple Computer's iMac PC Begin in Japan
  • September 1, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Apple Japan Inc. began sales of the iMac personal computer in Japan on Aug. 29.
    In Tokyo, a launch event was held to mark the start of sales. It was attended by business leaders who presented congratulatory messages as business partners of Apple Japan Inc.

    Those who gave such messages included Mototsugu Shimamura, president of Shimamura Music; Kazuo Kanayama, president of Ado Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd., Susumu Furukawa, chairman of Microsoft Co., Ltd. of Japan; and president Kazunori Ukigawa of Justsystem Corp.

    "For Shimamura Music as a business enterprise that proposes a new lifestyle, the iMac is a most suitable product," said Shimamura Music's Shimamura. He expressed hope that new solutions could be provided for customers.

    Ado's Kanayama said he appreciated the enthusiastic Mac users who lined up the previous night. He noted that the iMac is a symbol of Apple's revival.

    Microsoft Japan chairman Susumu Furukawa (photo), who has long been a Mac user, took off his jacket and white shirt, and appeared in a T-shirt featuring the design of Apple's Mac OS/Office98/Internet Explorer. He expressed his determination to form a solid business partnership with Apple.

    Justsystem's president Ukigawa said that when he first saw an iMac he was excited and felt that the machine would do wonderful things. He promised that Justsystem would continue its Mac business.

    These messages were followed by video messages from software developers that are in the process of developing new software packages following the release of the iMac. Unlike in the United States, there were no announcements of new software for the iMac.

    Next, starting just before the 3pm launch, real-time reports from special sites in Sapporo, Osaka and Fukuoka were broadcast live, showing scenes at the sales areas. Those waiting in line started counting down to 3pm, and afterward the special sites were connected live for Apple Japan President Eikou Harada to answer questions from the first iMac purchasers across the nation. Those who were interviewed were all enthusiastic Mac users.

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