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  • Fujitsu, Lucent Jointly Develop IC for Cellular Phones
  • September 2, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Fujitsu Ltd. of Japan and Lucent Technologies Inc. of the United States have jointly developed an active noise canceling microchip for mobile phones.
    Mobile phone makers in Japan are considering moves to install the chip in their products to be marketed in 1999, Fujitsu officials said.

    This active noise canceling IC will generate a signal in an inverse phase to background noise and will transmit the signal from the speaker of the cellular phone to offset the noise.

    The new microchip comprises a digital signal processor (DSP) with a performance of 16 MIPS, and an analog-to-digital (A-D) converter with a 16-bit resolution and a sampling frequency of 300kHz.

    To reduce the time required to generate a signal in inverse phase with a noise, the two companies engineered a way to contain the conversion time of the A-D converter within several microseconds.

    The IC chip is available for conventional telephone sets and headphones as well as for mobile phones, a Fujitsu official said.

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