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  • Apple Japan Enjoys Large Demand for iMac PCs
  • September 2, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Apple Japan Inc.'s iMac personal computer, which was put on sale Aug. 29., has enjoyed estimated initial shipments of 8,000 to 9,000 units, according to a Nikkei MAC survey.
    The Nikkei MAC survey revealed that sales of the new product are brisk. The iMac is selling well at major stores such as Shimamura Music and T. Zone. At the T. Zone store and at Laox stores in Akihabara, Tokyo, the iMac is sold out, with the exception of advance orders.

    In Shinjuku, Tokyo, the Yodobashi Camera store, T. Zone Shinjuku Solution Center and Shimamura Music's PePe all experienced iMac sellouts.

    Demand far exceeded supply. Shimamura Music's PePe in Shinjuku was only able to sell iMacs to 19 out of 100 people who wanted to buy it (photo).

    As of the second day of the iMac shipments on Aug. 30, most stores were sold out of the PC and most have received orders for the next shipment.

    Apple Japan wanted to be able to meet demand in its initial shipment, but it apparently had underestimated demand.

    Stores said that they don't know details of the next shipment, including the date, but Apple had said that it would be in one or two weeks.

    Apple's new distributor Shimamura Music attracted fresh customers. People who had never been to a computer store showed up at Shimamura Music to buy an iMac. Nikkei MAC surveyed 29 persons who went to Shimamura Music in Shinjuku to buy iMac PCs. Of those, 14 said they were new Mac users who either had used Windows before or were first-time PC buyers.

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