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  • Computer Viruses Decline in Number; New Types Arrive, IPA Says
  • September 10, 1998 (TOKYO) -- A total of 165 cases of damage caused by computer viruses were reported in Japan in August, according to the Information Technology Promotion Agency (IPA).
    The number represents a decline of 14 percent from July, and a decline of 23 percent from a year earlier.

    Figures for the year to date are also trending downward. A total of 1,338 cases were reported from January to August 1998, compared with 1,513 cases in the same period a year earlier.

    Among the cases reported in August were three viruses not previously encountered in Japan. The three are traditional viruses that infect executable files, and not macro viruses which make up the majority of viruses.

    One of the viruses now in Japan is the PE/CIH virus, first discovered in Taiwan in June. This virus infects executable files on personal computers running Windows 95 or Windows 98. It activates on the 26th of any month and is capable of destructively reformatting the user's hard disk drive.

    In August, the 26th was a workday for the first time since the PE/CIH virus was discovered. Some damage was unavoidable, despite the warnings issued by anti-virus software vendors. Four cases of PE/CIH damage were reported to the IPA.

    The other two viruses making their first appearances in Japan were ABCD and Bye.

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