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  • Dacom Unit Develops Dual-Beam Satellite Dish
  • September 16, 1998 (SEOUL) -- Dacom Satellite Multimedia System Co. of Korea developed a small satellite antenna capable of receiving signals from two satellites in different orbits.
    The firm is an affiliate of international and long-distance call operator Dacom Corp.

    The new antenna, which is 45cm wide, is equipped with two low-noise, block-down converters, enabling TV viewers to receive broadcasting signals from two satellites.

    "Our company invested 1 billion won (US$0.77 million) in the joint development with High Gain Antenna Co., a Korean satellite dish maker," said Dacom Satellite Multimedia President Ryu Sei-joon.

    Ryu added that a test run of the antenna was made using Korea's Mookunwha satellite at an altitude of 116 degrees east and Japan's Superbird satellite (DirecTV) at an altitude of 144 degrees east.

    Dacom plans to orbit its Orion satellite at an altitude of 139 degrees east. It is slated for this November.

    The new antenna will retail at about 50,000 won per unit, and commercial production is to begin later this year.

    (Maeil Business Newspaper, Korea)

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