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  • Mitsubishi Builds Personnel Data Warehouse Using SAS System
  • September 18, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Mitsubishi Corp., a leading general trading company in Japan, told Nikkei Computer that it would roll out a personnel information retrieval system in October.
    The system, called "Personnel Data Warehouse, will contain 42GB of personnel and salary data for 9,300 employees. It is built around the SAS System of SAS Institute Japan Ltd., which runs on the HP-9000 platform.

    The new retrieval system will enable Mitsubishi's human resources division to view and analyze employees' data in many different ways in terms of wages, career paths or work experience abroad. It facilitates and supports creation of documentation necessary for allocation and assignment of human resources to appropriate positions or jobs.

    The company takes as many as 120 items into consideration in determining personnel changes or promotions. In the past, the personnel data for the past 10 years was stored on the mainframe database for reference.

    This system had used "FOCUS," the fourth-generation language sold by KK Ashisuto, to retrieve required data from the database for display on the terminal or for import into an Excel spreadsheet on a personal computer. Because of this method, data could be shown in pre-defined format only, and the data processing and analysis were complicated.

    With the introduction of the new system, it will become possible to search and analyze personnel data in any desired viewing method using a graphical user interface. The time required for data processing will be cut by 20-30 percent, the company said.

    The existing Oracle7 personnel database on the mainframe is used for transferring data to the new database on a daily basis for new job assignment and personnel relocation and on a monthly basis for payroll data.

    The personnel change and transfer subsystem will run on an IBM Corp. RS/6000 system and the payroll subsystem on another HP-9000. The payroll process module is implemented using SAP R/3.

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