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  • Average PC Retail Prices Fall in August: Nikkei Best PC Survey
  • September 21, 1998 (TOKYO) -- The average personal computer retail price at major Japanese volume retailers as of Aug. 18 fell for both desktop/tower and notebook models.
    Desktop/tower PCs fell by 7,147 yen, or 2.7 percent, to 255,658 yen (US$1,930), and notebooks fell by 18,931 yen, or 6.3 percent, to 274,340 yen (US$2,070), compared with the previous month.

    This is the result of a monthly survey on over-the-counter PC prices by Nikkei Best PC, a PC purchase guide, and compiled by Nikkei Market Access.

    The over-the-counter PC market is becoming active again since the launch of Windows 98 on July 25. Some major mass marketing retailers are seeing sales gains of more than 20 percent over the preceding month.

    Although most PC models being sold over-the-counter are replaced by Windows 98 pre-installed models, the average over-the-counter prices dropped since the specifications are nearly the same as those sold in the months of June and July.

    Nikkei Market Access forecasts, however, that the over-the-counter market will continue to be active for some time, as iMac sales that started in late August are favorable. Shop prices may fall gradually in September.

    The survey was performed independently by Nikkei Best PC on retail prices of leading models at 14 major PC mass marketing outlets in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. The results are in the magazine each month. (16 dealers until February l998).

    The results were classified by type,into desktop/tower PCs and notebook PCs for the average shop prices.

    The prices by outlet and model as of Aug. 18 are carried in the October edition of Nikkei Best PC.

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    (Nikkei Market Access)

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