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  • Japanese Government Sets Action Plan for Y2K
  • September 22, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Japan's Advanced Information and Telecommunications Society Promotion Headquarters, led by Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi, released the government action plan for the "Year 2000 Problem."
    The plan includes comprehensive guidelines on the need for thorough notification of the Year 2000 problem, overall system inspections and the setting up of a crisis management system for system breakdowns. Also, systems at ministries and agencies with high importance need to be Y2K compliant by the end of June 1999, and financial support needs be established such as subsidies for Y2K-related issues for small- and medium-sized businesses.

    The Action Plan released at this time has been prepared based on a proposal made by the "Year 2000 Compliance Consultation Council," which consists of computer industry executives and top leaders of large business users. Although the plan largely contains the Year 2000 issues mostly talked about and pointed out many times before, its comprehensive measures for the systems of all government-related offices merit attention.

    The highest priority, "A," is assigned to systems involved with human lives, economy and foreign policy, while the priority "B" is assigned to systems that affect other administrative organizations. Therefore, systems falling under the "A" priority will be given top priority.

    Modification and testing will be completed by the end of June 1999. At the same time, if fixed systems do not operate properly, a preparation of a risk management plan is required.

    Under the plan, each ministry and agency is obliged to submit quarterly status reports to the Management and Coordination Agency, and the Management and Coordination Agency is required to disclose its conclusions. Autonomous bodies and authorities also need to submit quarterly reports on the systems compliance status of regional public bodies and semi-government corporations.

    Further, the plan asks that private sector businesses complete Year 2000 fixes by the end of June 1999 to the furthest extent possible. To help this process, the government will extend support, including funding, for the Year 2000 issue assistance system exercised by prefectural local governments.

    More information in English is at: http://www.miti.go.jp/intro-e/a228201e.html#I.%0Promotin g%0Y2K%0awareness

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