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  • Apple to Sell iMac PCs to Universities Across Japan
  • September 24, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Apple Japan Inc. announced that it will market iMac personal computers through 216 member universities of Japan's Association of University Co-op.
    The iMac PC for university use is priced at 178,000 yen (US$1,345), or the same as that at computer shops.

    According to the Association of University Co-op, about 30 percent of teaching staff and students who own personal computers are Macintosh users. The association said that it decided to handle the iMac because of an onslaught of requests from professors and students to include the iMac in its product lines.

    The association backs the "University Co-op Loan," which comprises special terms of payments, and will make such loans available to students for purchases of iMacs. Students can have the installment payments begin six months after the purchase or they can pay in two installments. Also, students graduating in March 1999 can pay the entire amount in August 1999.

    Apple will set up "University Co-op iMac Help" to answer questions, including those on iMac operations. It will be run by the association and is to be available Oct. 1 through Dec. 25.

    Displays and demonstrations are scheduled to be held at university co-ops of 18 universities including the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University.

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