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  • Japanese Women Favor Local Specialty Foods in Online Shopping
  • September 24, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Japanese women shopping online most often buy local specialty foods, followed by books and music CDs, and PCs and applications software, Fujitsu Research Institute said.
    Fujitsu Research Institute is a subsidiary think tank of Fujitsu Ltd.

    The research institute conducted the survey by email of 850 women aged from 20 to 49 during a period from the end of June to the middle of July. There were 699 valid answers.

    According to the survey, 46.9 percent of all respondents had experience buying products through an online shopping system.

    Among the items that the online shoppers bought, highly ranked were specialty foods of local origin (12.4 percent), books and music CDs (11.6 percent), and PCs and applications software (10.4 percent).

    Town wear clothes also attracted high attention among women, 54.6 percent of whom have shopped for them via mail order systems as opposed to only 2.6 percent who have done so through online shopping.

    The same is true of pocketbooks or accessories, indicating that online shopping is not prevalent as a means for purchasing fashion goods.

    In response to the questions concerning the respondents' daily activities such as "frequently visit shops and restaurants featured in magazines" or "feel insecure of products not being exposed in advertising," online shoppers tended to give negative answers compared to shoppers with no online experience.

    Fujitsu Research Institute concludes that online shoppers tend to be able to select information themselves and decide actions free from the media.

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