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  • Casio Computer Releases Mini-Notebook PC with Windows 98
  • September 29, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Casio Computer Co., Ltd. released the Cassiopeia Fiva, an A5-size mini-notebook PC equipped with Microsoft Windows 98.
    It weighs just 840g and is expected to be used as a mobile PC.

    Casio has marketed palmtop PCs with Microsoft Windows CE in the Cassiopeia Series. It is now adding Windows 98 to the Cassiopeia line.

    Magnesium alloy is used in the flip cover of the PC, making the entire body look metallic. The magnesium alloy look is popular among thin and lightweight PCs.

    Casio plans to market the product from Nov. 21. The company expects its retail price to be less than 300,000 yen (US$2,200). Two models will be available: one with a built-in modem and the other without it.

    The Cassiopeia Fiva features two pointing devices located on the sides of the body. On the right side of the liquid crystal display (LCD) is a pad-type pointing device operated by the right thumb, and on the upper left corner of the keyboard is a click-only button operated by the left thumb. This enables a user to hold the PC with both hands and simultaneously operate it using thumbs.

    The pad-type pointing device performs operations such as scrolling, and start-up and stopping software applications.

    It measures 210mm wide by 132mm deep by 25.4mm high, and it weighs about 840g with a built-in modem, and about 825g without a modem.

    Casio said it investigated how to realize an easy-to-use size for mobile computing. As a result, it employed the A5 size, or even smaller than the B5 size. The keys on a keyboard are 15mm horizontal by 14mm vertical. This size is the same in the horizon dimension as the keys of Toshiba Corp.'s Libretto and slightly longer in the vertical dimension than the Libretto. Users may need some practice before feeling comfortable in touch typing with the keyboard.

    A 6.7-in hyper amorphous silicon TFT (HAST)-LCD panel is used for the display. The HAST-LCD was developed by the company. It has a higher aperture ratio than the ordinary TFT-LCDs. The display has a resolution of 800 x 600 dots and features 65,536 colors.

    The microprocessor is the Pentium MMX-compatible Media GX 200MHz of U.S.-based Cyrix Corp. The PC includes a standard 32MB main memory, which is expandable up to 96MB. The model with a built-in modem comes with a 3.2GB HDD and the model without it has a 2.1GB HDD.

    It has a single Universal Serial Bus (USB) port and a single PC card slot (TYPE II), and an FDD is an option. Because the PC is not equipped with an FDD-dedicated connector, a port replicater (optional) is required when an FDD is attached.

    Casio said the PC operates for about three hours on the attached standard battery and for about six hours on an optional battery.

    Casio plans a monthly production of 3,000 units for the two models.

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