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  • Availability of Apple's iMac Increases at PC Stores
  • September 30, 1998 (TOKYO) -- The shortage of iMac PCs in Japan has been eased as more iMac computers are available for purchase at an expanding number of PC stores, said Eiko Harada, president of Apple Japan Inc., in an interview with Nikkei MAC.
    Mail-order purchases are possible, despite the company's initial intention to sell the new PC model only through shops where sales staff could fully explain the use of iMac PCs.

    In Tokyo, Ikeshop, Yu Co., Ltd. and Tsukumo Electronics Co., Ltd. are selling the iMac without any delay in delivery to customers, because they boosted their in-house inventories. Shops that sell computers to those who ordered in advance also have cut the delivery time for the iMac to about four to seven days, sources said.

    At an early stage, Apple Japan favored in-store sales of the iMac so that sales staff could explain and suggest proper use to customers. However, such a sales method was disrupted from Sept. 20, when several PC shops began telemarketing the iMac. As of Sept. 25, Yu Co., Sofmap, Co., Ltd., Ado Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd.'s T.Zone chain and Tsukumo Electronics are selling the iMac through their Internet sites.

    Also, a total of 216 university co-ops have begun selling the iMac under a sales agreement signed on Sept. 17 by Apple Japan and Japan's Association of University Co-op. The iMac is demonstrated at 18 designated locations, but other university co-ops can sell it, too.

    The iMac PC also can be purchased by corporate users. Shoei Co. Ltd., for example, has been receiving orders from its corporate clients, company officials said.

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