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News from NET and COM '99

1998_Dec-29: Malaysia Orders Cybercafes to Register Users
1998_Dec-23: Sun's Top Java Strategist Joins Obscure Malaysian Company
1998_Dec-17: Malaysian IC Wafer Fabs Yet to Start Operating
1998_Dec-07: Some Multimedia Super Corridor Panel Members Taken Off List
1998_Nov-23: Malaysia's High-Tech Future Appears Imperiled
1998_Nov-12: SyQuest to Shut Malaysian Plant, Retrench 1,000 Workers
1998_Nov-10: Malaysia's Chip Exports Decline for Second Year
1998_Nov-06: Banks Seek to Comply with Y2K Amid Financial Upheaval
1998_Nov-04: Malaysia to Build Multimedia Corridor Despite Recession
1998_Sep-30: Four Charged with Spreading Riot Rumors over Internet
1998_Sep-03: Microsoft to Set Up Fund for Malaysia's Multimedia Corridor
1998_Sep-01: Electronic Purse to Debut at Commonwealth Games in Malaysia
1998_Aug-28: Malaysia's Digital Signature Law to Take Effect in October
1998_Aug-27: Removable Drives to Replace Hard Disks, Industry Pioneer Says
1998_Aug-17: Internet Users Arrested for Spreading Riot Rumors
1998_Jul-31: Ericsson Aims to Produce 5M Handphones, Despite Crisis
1998_Jul-28: British Telecom Buys Stake in Malaysian Telecom Firm
1998_Jul-21: Read-Rite Closes Penang Plant, Lays Off 4,000 Workers
1998_Jun-24: Malaysia Ups PCB Exports; Praegitzer Opens Asian Outlet
1998_May-29: Telekom Malaysia Signs Deal for MSC Infrastructure
1998_May-21: Western Digital Reduce Workforce in S'pore, KL Staff Retained
1998_May-11: Foreigners OKd to Take 61 Pct. Stake in Malaysian Telcos
1998_Apr-17: Equal Access Trial for Telcos Set for July
1998_Apr-10: Intel Expands Base With Market-Specific Processors
1998_Apr-07: Intel Remains Aggressive in Asia, Barrett Says
1998_Apr-03: IDC Downgrades IT Market Growth, Sees '99 Rebound
1998_Apr-01: Seagate Rehires Former Employees to Meet Demand
1998_Mar-30: Microsoft's Gates Says MSC a Part of Web Lifestyle
1998_Mar-26: Microsoft CEO Gates Supports Multimedia Corridor
1998_Mar-05: Malaysia OKs Higher Foreign Equity for Telcos, New ISPs
1998_Feb-26: Multimedia University to Be Built at Malaysia's MSC
1998_Feb-25: Malaysia Proposes ASEAN Framework For E-Commerce
1998_Feb-24: High-Tech Leaders Endorse Multimedia Super Corridor
1998_Jan-22: Malaysia Multimedia Corridor Gets US$1B Investment

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