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1999_Mar-18: Taiwan Motherboard Makers Register Growth in Orders
1999_Mar-18: Fujitsu Wins U.S. Patent for IC BGA-Package Technology
1999_Mar-18: Samsung Electronics to Begin Making 256Mb DRAM Chips
1999_Mar-18: Kawasaki to Commission UMC to Produce 8-In. Wafers
1999_Mar-17: Hyundai Sells Chip Assembly Business to U.S. Group
1999_Mar-17: Taiwan-Based CD-R Manufacturers Expanding Operations
1999_Mar-17: Taiwan Makers Obtain More LCD Panel Orders from Japan
1999_Mar-16: Merger of Hyundai, LG Semicon DRAM Businesses Stalled
1999_Mar-16: Hitachi to Sell Improved Reflective STN-LCD Panels
1999_Mar-15: Chi Mei to Expand Investments in Optoelectronics Sector
1999_Mar-15: Taiwan Mask Sector Recovers, Despite Heightened Competition
1999_Mar-12: Taiwan's Wafer Foundry Brokers Dealing More with China
1999_Mar-12: DRAM Chip Prices Falling, Profits Soaring in Korea
1999_Mar-12: Nippon Chemi-Con, Mentor Graphics to Sell Encryption Technology
1999_Mar-12: Hyundai Semicon Unit Posts US$148M Ordinary Profit in 1998
1999_Mar-11: CD-RW PCs Likely to Debut Soon in Korea
1999_Mar-11: Nan Ya to Build 4th Copper Substrate Factory
1999_Mar-11: Matsushita to Introduce Low-Priced DVD-RAM Drives
1999_Mar-10: Sony, Toshiba to Jointly Make Future PlayStation Chips
1999_Mar-10: Japan, Korea Develop TFT-LCDs to Face Challenges from Taiwan
1999_Mar-10: Picvue Electronics Completes 2nd STN-LCD Production Line
1999_Mar-10: FIC Builds Contract Electronics Factory in Guangdong
1999_Mar-09: Boom Seen in 64Mb PC Memory in Korean Market
1999_Mar-09: Applied Materials Taiwan's Orders, Sales Expanding Sharply
1999_Mar-08: Far East-Kingston to Buy Major Interest in Powertest
1999_Mar-08: LG Chemicals Designs Color Filter Photoresist for LCDs
1999_Mar-08: China Builds Static Electricity Detection Station
1999_Mar-05: Samsung-Daewoo Seen as Threat to Taiwan Monitor Makers
1999_Mar-05: Unipac, Prime View Int'l See Strong Revenue Growth
1999_Mar-04: Korea's Hard Disk Drive Exports On Steady Rise
1999_Mar-04: Taiwan's UMC Raises Wafer Foundry Prices
1999_Mar-04: Sony Computer Executive Discusses New Entertainment Machines
1999_Mar-03: Matsushita to Start Recycling UPS Batteries
1999_Mar-03: Hewlett-Packard Donates NT$20M for Deep Sub-Micron Lab
1999_Mar-03: Taiwan Makers Boost Production of CD-ROM Devices
1999_Mar-02: VLSI to Shift Orders to Macronix of Taiwan
1999_Mar-02: Canon Unveils Eyeglass Display with Upgraded Image Quality
1999_Mar-01: Output of D-RDRAMs to Comprise 8.8 Pct. of DRAMs in 1999
1999_Mar-01: Japan's ITS Market to Expand Greatly, MPT Council Says
1999_Mar-01: Hyundai Electronics Sets Strategic Alliance with NEC
1999_Mar-01: DVD Players to Enter Chinese Market
1999_Feb-26: Wafer Foundry, DRAM Production Perform Strongly in 1998
1999_Feb-26: Sharp to Market Three 20-inch TFT-LCD TVs
1999_Feb-26: Japanese Industries Must Tackle Y2K in Embedded Equipment
1999_Feb-25: Taiwan Firms to Make More Slim-Type Electronic Products
1999_Feb-25: Philips, Pioneer, Sony Start Licensing DVD Patents
1999_Feb-25: Sony Unveils Copyright, Audio Technologies for Memory Stick
1999_Feb-25: Samsung, LG IBM, Others Producing 40x CD-ROM Models
1999_Feb-24: IBM, Sony, Others Standardize Digital Watermark for Movies
1999_Feb-24: Sanguine DVD Prospects Stimulate Entry of Taiwan Companies
1999_Feb-24: Sharp to Market DVD Player with Theater-Like Sound
1999_Feb-23: Samsung Electronics to Sell 19-In. Flat Monitors
1999_Feb-23: Taiwan's Electronic Makers Vying for MD/CD Recorder Market
1999_Feb-23: China Emerges as Major Maker of Electronics
1999_Feb-22: Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Market Seen Improving
1999_Feb-22: Sony, Toshiba Design Microchip for Home Game Machines
1999_Feb-19: TFT-LCD Panel Prices Rising at Steady Pace
1999_Feb-19: NEC FPGA Chips Aimed at Data Communications, Multimedia
1999_Feb-18: Taiwan Monitor Makers Debut Large, Space-Saving Products
1999_Feb-18: Microsoft Says UPnP and HAVi Can Coexist
1999_Feb-18: Motorola Opens China Predictive Technology Lab in Beijing
1999_Feb-18: Matsushita to Sell Small, Lightweight Portable DVD Player
1999_Feb-18: Taiwan's Manufacturers of CD-Rs Boosting Output
1999_Feb-17: Chi Mei, Acer Display Rush to Offer TFT-LCD Products
1999_Feb-17: Fujitsu to Transfer DRAM Technology to Acer Semi
1999_Feb-17: Fujitsu Ten, Furukawa Make Radar for Smart Transport
1999_Feb-16: ASMI to Serve as DRAM Microchip Foundry for Fujitsu
1999_Feb-16: Samsung Completes Development of 128Mb DDR SDRAM
1999_Feb-12: Taiwan, Korean PC Monitor Makers Seek Strategic Alliances
1999_Feb-12: Matsushita, Sony to Produce Lithium-Polymer Batteries
1999_Feb-12: Selete's 300-mm Wafer Technology Behind Schedule
1999_Feb-11: Taiwan's ASE to Take Over Motorola's Paju Plant
1999_Feb-11: Korea's LG Semicon Re-Starts DRAM Plant Operation
1999_Feb-10: Matsushita Electric Developing GaN-based Violet Laser
1999_Feb-10: Kodak, Sanyo Tie Up on Organic Electroluminescent Display
1999_Feb-10: Teco Initiates Overseas Strategic Alliance for Monitors
1999_Feb-09: Korean TFT-LCD Suppliers See Booming Business in 1999
1999_Feb-09: Chi Mei Optoelectronic Gets OEM Orders from Fujitsu
1999_Feb-08: Quanta Computer Seeks to Make TFT-LCDs with Japan, Korea Firms
1999_Feb-05: Prices of Large TFT-LCD Panels, Scanners Rebound
1999_Feb-05: Sega Sets High Sales Goals for Dreamcast Game Machine
1999_Feb-05: CD-RW Expected to Replace CD-ROM
1999_Feb-05: Taiwan Chip Designers Hurt by Price Cuts, Economic Slump
1999_Feb-04: Japan Storage Battery to Make Lithium-ion Batteries for Cars
1999_Feb-04: Mosel Vitelic Purchases U.S.-Based United Memories Inc.
1999_Feb-04: Shanghai's Pudong Sees Growth Despite Capital Shortage
1999_Feb-03: LG Semicon DRAM Plant May Resume Operations Feb. 6
1999_Feb-03: Korea Accounts for 14.7 Pct. of LCD Market, IDC Says
1999_Feb-03: Hitachi to Start Mass Producing Plasma Display Panels
1999_Feb-02: Fuji Xerox to Recycle Most Used Copier Machines
1999_Feb-02: TSMC, UMC, Chartered Plan to Raise Wafer Contract Prices
1999_Feb-02: Nikon, IBM to Co-Develop Equipment for 0.1-Micron Chip
1999_Feb-01: Taiwan's Monitor Makers Saw Lackluster Performance in 1998
1999_Feb-01: LG Electronics Opens 17-in. Flat Monitor Plant
1999_Jan-29: Taiwan's Optoelectronic Makers Boosting Investments
1999_Jan-29: TSMC Buoys Cooperation with Vanguard Int'l in DRAM Production
1999_Jan-29: Japanese Groups Work Out Y2K Plan for Embedded Systems
1999_Jan-28: Toshiba, Hitachi, Others to Test Home Network Standard
1999_Jan-28: DVS Korea Develops 6.2x DVD-ROM Drive
1999_Jan-28: New OS to Highlight Sony's Software Assets: Sony Engineers
1999_Jan-27: Hyundai Electronics, NEC Settle IC Patent Lawsuits
1999_Jan-27: Taiwan Semiconductor R&D; Center to Open in July
1999_Jan-26: NEC to Feature Ecology Symbol Marks for PC Products
1999_Jan-26: Mosel Vitelic, Winbond Benefit from DRAM Sector Recovery
1999_Jan-25: Intel to Invest US$100M in Samsung Electronics
1999_Jan-25: Taiwan's CD-ROM Makers Seek to Boost Market Share
1999_Jan-21: Taiwan's CD-ROM Drive Makers Shift Output to China
1999_Jan-21: Sony Unveils Mini-Disc with Recording Time of 80 Minutes
1999_Jan-21: Fujitsu to Use Copper-Wired Microchips for Future Mainframes
1999_Jan-20: Samsung Starts Mass Production of Rambus DRAM Chips
1999_Jan-20: E-One to Begin Lithium Ion Battery Production in 2000
1999_Jan-20: LG Precision Develops Memory Chip Test Device
1999_Jan-20: Sharp to Introduce Large Rear-Projection TV in Mid 1999
1999_Jan-20: Nichia Chemical Violet Laser Boosts DVD Storage Capacity
1999_Jan-19: Taiwan Monitor Makers to Buy Key Components from Korea
1999_Jan-15: Clarion to Adopt IBM's Microdrive for AutoPC
1999_Jan-15: Acer Display Slates Trial TFT-LCD Production for Q2
1999_Jan-14: Fujitsu Denies Report on Ending DRAM Chip Production
1999_Jan-14: Nintendo Expects Brisk Sales of Game Boy Color in First Quarter
1999_Jan-14: Short-Neck, 19-in. CRT Draws Attention of Monitor Makers
1999_Jan-13: Toshiba to Make 128Mb DRAM with Smallest Chip Size
1999_Jan-13: Sony to Market Digital Camcorders Using 8mm Tapes
1999_Jan-13: Casio Computer Develops GPS Navigation Wristwatch
1999_Jan-12: Mitsubishi Electric to Halt Output of Color PDPs
1999_Jan-12: Sony, Hitachi Display Wares at Consumer Electronics Show
1999_Jan-12: LG Launches Independent Liquid-Crystal Display Unit
1999_Jan-12: Hyundai, LG DRAM Merger Contract to be Concluded in January
1999_Jan-11: Hitachi Plant to Bolster Clean Room Renovation Business
1999_Jan-11: Toyota, Mitsubishi Plan to Market Hybrid Car Model
1999_Jan-08: China's Largest Chip Manufacturer Set Up in Shanghai
1999_Jan-07: Top Semiconductor Makers See Sharp Revenue Drops in 1998
1999_Jan-07: Hyundai, LG Semicon Close to Agreement on Consolidation
1999_Jan-06: EIAJ Expects 1999 Electronics Output to Rise 2 Percent
1999_Jan-06: Taiwan's LCD Makers See Competition from Japanese, Korean Firms
1999_Jan-05: Demand for LCD Color Filters to Reach 90 Bln Yen by 2001
1999_Jan-05: China Exports Office Automation Terminals to N. America
1999_Jan-05: [Industry Forecast '99] Philippine Electronics Sector Expected to Register Export Growth


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