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1999_Mar-19: NEC to Start EC Deployment Service with BIGLOBE
1999_Mar-19: Cyber Net to Sell Internet Terminal Aimed at Home Users
1999_Mar-18: AT&T; Jens Cuts Price of 1.5Mbps Internet Connection
1999_Mar-18: Asian Firms to Help Make E-Commerce Infrastructure, Fujitsu Exec. Says
1999_Mar-18: CIAJ Proposes ISDN Technology for Low-Cost Internet Access
1999_Mar-16: Construction Equipment Firm Holds Sales Via Online Auction
1999_Mar-16: Sharp to Start Info Service Business with Zaurus Devices
1999_Mar-15: Internet Use Popular in Early Morning, Late at Night
1999_Mar-15: Microsoft Provides Internet Access to Chinese TV Users
1999_Mar-12: Microsoft to Support Chinese Government Internet Project
1999_Mar-12: Mitsubishi's Software Site Opens for Business
1999_Mar-12: Dai Nippon Printing, CyberCash Tie Up on Online Service
1999_Mar-11: Compaq Eyes China's Internet Market
1999_Mar-10: National Police Agency, MPT Agree on Illegal Access Bill
1999_Mar-10: Casio Computer Unveils Low-Priced Mail-Only Terminal
1999_Mar-09: Japan, U.S., European Firms Agree on Gateway Standards
1999_Mar-08: Samsung Electronics to Purchase Raw Materials Online
1999_Mar-05: Use of Japanese Language URLs to Begin in 1999
1999_Mar-05: Telecom Ministry to Offer PC-to-Paper Mail Service
1999_Mar-04: UUNET to Provide Internet Access in Japan
1999_Mar-04: Nifty Asks for Court Injunction Against Spam Mail Sender
1999_Mar-02: Sony's Digital Music Buyers Reach 1,000 in First Week
1999_Mar-01: MITI to Set Industrial Standard for Privacy Protection
1999_Mar-01: New Non-PC Network Services Appear in Japan
1999_Feb-26: Beijing Ranks First Among China Internet Surfers
1999_Feb-25: Fujitsu Launches WebTV Terminals, Corporate System Development
1999_Feb-25: Samsung Electronics Starts E-Commerce Site
1999_Feb-24: Dennotai to Offer Online Survey System for Mobile Phones
1999_Feb-24: Joint Extranet Standards to be Implemented Mid-Year
1999_Feb-23: Epson Unveils Dedicated Terminal for Web Browser
1999_Feb-22: Internet-Related Companies in Korea Prepare for IPOs
1999_Feb-18: Regional Carriers to Build Next-Generation IP Networks
1999_Feb-17: WebTV to Distribute Free CD-ROM for Dreamcast Net Service
1999_Feb-17: Japanese PC Distributors to Auction PCs via Internet
1999_Feb-16: Orico Opts to Use SET Protocol for Internet Auctions
1999_Feb-12: Excite Japan to Start New Internet Ad Service
1999_Feb-12: General Motors Launches Chinese Web Site
1999_Feb-12: Japan's Computer Virus Damage in Jan. Drops 14 Pct.
1999_Feb-11: Iwasaki, Lucent Exhibit Web-Enabled Call Center Systems
1999_Feb-11: Excite Japan GM Talks Strategy in Fierce Portal Mart
1999_Feb-09: [NET & COM '99] RIOS Displays Java-Based GIS System
1999_Feb-08: Bulletin Board/Chat Services Top List of Web Page Access Times
1999_Feb-08: Yahoo Appoints Infoshare as Advertising Agent in China
1999_Feb-08: Artists Set Up Digital Media Copyright Protection Group
1999_Feb-08: Towngas, Microsoft Ready Hong Kong Customers for E-Commerce
1999_Feb-08: AOL Japan to Distribute CD-ROMs at Movie Theaters
1999_Feb-08: China Aims to Cut Internet Charges in 1999
1999_Feb-05: NTT Data to Test Community E-Commerce System in July
1999_Feb-05: [NET & COM '99] ADSL Featured in Fast Internet Access Demo
1999_Feb-04: Secom Offers Cyberspace Security Services, Founder Says
1999_Feb-03: Tokyo Hotel to Offer Full-Time Internet Access
1999_Feb-02: Gov't Official Disputes Court Ruling on IP Telephony
1999_Feb-01: NTT Draws 112,000 Global Bird Watchers to Internet Event
1999_Feb-01: Softbank, Others Start Web Movie Distribution Company
1999_Jan-28: Secom to Enter Computer Network Security Service Market
1999_Jan-28: MII Official Disputes Court Ruling on IP Telephony
1999_Jan-28: Japan Association Issues Guideline for Virtual Shops
1999_Jan-27: Computer Associates China to Provide Free Anti-Virus Software
1999_Jan-27: IIJ Enters U.S. West Coast Internet Service Business
1999_Jan-26: Most Young People in Urban China Lack Internet Access
1999_Jan-26: AOL Japan's Membership Tops 200,000
1999_Jan-26: LG Distribution, SK to Open E-Commerce Business Units
1999_Jan-25: Doubts Remain About NTT's ADSL Service
1999_Jan-22: Internet Access Fees Reduced Sharply in Vietnam
1999_Jan-22: NTT Sat Com to Launch Speedy Internet Access Service
1999_Jan-20: China Law Consultancy Network Goes Online in Beijing
1999_Jan-19: Samsung Group Eyes Internet Business to Boost Sales
1999_Jan-19: Mitsubishi, Others Work on Foreign Trade Guidelines
1999_Jan-19: Budget for FY99 Cyber Police Work Rises Sharply
1999_Jan-19: Internet Users in China Top 1.5 Million in 1998
1999_Jan-18: Online Shopper Numbers Stall in Japan: Nikkei Multimedia Survey
1999_Jan-18: Mobile Gear Focuses on Communications More Than Multifunctions
1999_Jan-15: Computer Virus Damage Drops 15 Pct. in Japan in 1998
1999_Jan-15: NTT Sets Up Venture Specializing in Network Games
1999_Jan-13: About 40 Pct. of New Internet Users in Japan Are Women: Nikkei
1999_Jan-12: VASC Cybermall Opens in Vietnam, Eyes Large Sales
1999_Jan-11: Philippines Needs 500,000 Subscribers to Make E-Commerce Viable
1999_Jan-11: CATV Operator to Offer Cable Internet Access Via HomeRun
1999_Jan-08: Japanese Enterprises Use Internet for Information Interchange
1999_Jan-07: [Industry Forecast '99] Australia's Home Use of Internet Expands Dramatically
1999_Jan-05: Most Japanese Internet Users Only Glance at Web Pages
1999_Jan-05: Taiwan's ISPs Prepare for Challenging Year
1999_Jan-05: [Industry Forecast '99] Hong Kong ISP Merger Sparks Monopoly Fear
1999_Jan-05: Korea's Internet Users Double to 3.3 Million
1999_Jan-05: Nippon Research Center Offers Web Audience Survey Data

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