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2000_Feb-29: IBM Japan to Set Up E-Commerce Unit Under President
2000_Feb-29: Computer Associates, KT Hitel to Set Up Joint ASP Company
2000_Feb-29: Acer Acquires 30 Pct. Stake in Onking
2000_Feb-29: Sega, Swatch Collaborate for Wireless Data-Transfer Devices
2000_Feb-29: Yulon Sizes Up Marine-Cable Business
2000_Feb-28: Ohtec Launches 'Free PC' Service with Internet Access
2000_Feb-28: JEIDA to Hold Symposium Focusing on Lead-Free Solder
2000_Feb-25: Police Agency To Create Anti-Hacker Body in April 2001
2000_Feb-25: Spyglass Sets Up Japanese Subsidiary to Explore Mobile Market
2000_Feb-25: Taiwan Groups Make Inroads into E-Commerce, ASP Markets
2000_Feb-25: Sharp Implements Green Procurement Effort Requiring ISO14001
2000_Feb-25: Avex to Offer Music Distribution Service over Internet in April
2000_Feb-25: Chinese City of Dalian Sets Up Venture Capital Company
2000_Feb-25: Shanghai Lists Information Port as Priority Project
2000_Feb-24: Toshiba to Sell SD Card-Enabled Portable Music Player in March
2000_Feb-24: Hyundai Electronics to Supply Handsets to Audiovox
2000_Feb-24: Listen.com, Trans Cosmos to Set up Music Directory Firm
2000_Feb-24: Innovative Technology Vital to China's Economy in 21st Century
2000_Feb-24: Taiwan's D-Link, China's Legend Holdings Forge Internet Venture
2000_Feb-23: IC Card Vendors Form International Security Testing Body
2000_Feb-23: Korea's Chip Makers Earmark US$4.15 Billion for New Investments
2000_Feb-23: Motorola to Set Up Telcom R&D; Center in Taiwan
2000_Feb-23: Seiko Epson Boosts Investment in China Venture
2000_Feb-23: Sega Affiliate to Begin Chat Service for Dreamcast in April
2000_Feb-23: Korea Suffers Widening IC Deficit with U.S., Japan
2000_Feb-23: Winbond to See Anticipated Sales Profit
2000_Feb-22: Shanghai Expects 10 Pct. Economic Growth
2000_Feb-21: Japan Online Securities to Initiate Service on Fourth Try
2000_Feb-21: IBM Japan Sees Sharp Profit Rise
2000_Feb-21: NEC to Invest in EBay Japan
2000_Feb-18: Sharp, Nippon Paint to Develop Color STN Panels for Mobile Phones
2000_Feb-18: China Unicom, Qualcomm Sign CDMA Intellectual Property Agreement
2000_Feb-18: Lineo Forms Linux Partnerships with Mitac, Other Taiwan OEM Makers
2000_Feb-18: Hyundai Electronics Spins off Car Electronics Unit
2000_Feb-18: No More Funding to Iridium, DDI Says
2000_Feb-17: Corning to Expand Production of Optical Fibers in China
2000_Feb-17: Samsung Electronics Forms Micro-Optic Venture with Corning
2000_Feb-16: Infoteria Expands into U.S., Plans Listing on TSE Mothers in 2000
2000_Feb-16: Three Mobile Service Providers Likely to Be IMT-2000 Operators in Japan
2000_Feb-15: Seoul Proposes Conditional Approval to SK Telecom Takeover
2000_Feb-14: Daum Acquires Online Messenger Provider for US$18.6M
2000_Feb-14: China Sees Growth in Electronic, Information Product Exports
2000_Feb-11: Samsung Corp. Plans to Spearhead Spin-Off of Internet Units
2000_Feb-11: Urban Per Capita Income Up in Jiangsu Province
2000_Feb-10: Baan Japan Seeks to Double Share of Global Group Sales
2000_Feb-10: Samsung Electronics, Thomson-CSF Launch Defense Electronics JV
2000_Feb-10: New Venture eAccess Enters ADSL Services in Japan
2000_Feb-10: China Allocates US$4.76B for Petrochemical Upgrades
2000_Feb-10: Yahoo! Auction Becomes Highly Popular, Senior Producer Says
2000_Feb-9: Guangxi Approves US$404M in Projects with Overseas Funds
2000_Feb-9: Association for TFT-LCD Industry Established in Taiwan
2000_Feb-9: Zhongguancun to Set Up Office in California's Silicon Valley
2000_Feb-8: Hitachi, Canon, Fujitsu, Others Launch BS Data Broadcast Company
2000_Feb-8: Shanghai's IT Industry Generates US$1B Output Value
2000_Feb-8: Oki Electric, Fujitsu Form Mobile Telecom Systems Venture
2000_Feb-7: Sony Music Test Distributes Music Over the Net Using IBM Technology
2000_Feb-7: MPT Rejects U.S. Demand for NTT Connection Fee Cut
2000_Feb-7: Sony Group Launches Online Direct Sales Company
2000_Feb-4: PlayStation.com to Tie Up with Seven-Eleven, Game Distributors
2000_Feb-4: Hyundai Electronics Releases Investment Plan for 2000
2000_Feb-4: [NET&COM21;] NTT East Unveils Picture for Future IP Network Service
2000_Feb-4: Samsung Unit Joins Forces with Israeli Firm
2000_Feb-4: Fuji Xerox, Microsoft Collaborate to Build E-Commerce Web Site
2000_Feb-3: [NET&COM21;] NTT DoCoMo to Focus on 'Mobile Multimedia' Service, President Says
2000_Feb-3: [NET&COM21;] Monex Receives EC Award from Nikkei NetBusiness
2000_Feb-2: NET&COM21; Expo Attracts 200 Exhibiting Companies
2000_Feb-2: LG Chemical in Sales Talks for Semicon Chemical Unit
2000_Feb-2: MPT Seeks Ideas on Spending US$46.8M to Nurture Ventures, Telecom Infrastructure
2000_Feb-2: TurboLinux to Provide Dealer Support Scheme by Type of Business
2000_Feb-1: Sale of Anam Semicon Fails on Price Difference
2000_Feb-1: Korea Telecom Signs MOU with Microsoft
2000_Feb-1: LG Electronics Expects Big Royalties from VSB Technology
2000_Feb-1: Western China Launches First High-Tech Belt
2000_Feb-1: KDD, Nihon Cisco to Conduct Large-Scale IP Telephone Test
2000_Feb-1: Zhongguancun Science Park Aims at 30 Pct. Growth Rate in 2000
2000_Feb-1: Shanghai Pudong's GDP Surges by 16 Pct.


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