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2000_Apr-28: Japan’s First Lawsuit on Software Piracy Settled in Microsoft’s Favor
2000_Apr-28: Exodus Communications Opens Tokyo Data Center
2000_Apr-28: Sichuan to Build High-Tech Industrial Belt
2000_Apr-28: Shenzhen Residents Report Highest Income in China
2000_Apr-28: Hitachi Files First Major Environmental Account Report
2000_Apr-26: Oracle Japan, NEC, Other Firms to Set Up Linux Company
2000_Apr-26: Support for Parts-Manufacturing Industry Achieves Big Success, Taiwan’s MOEA Says
2000_Apr-25: Intel Aims to Enhance Pentium III’s Speed, VP Says
2000_Apr-25: Oki, NTT Data, Others to Start B-to-C Internet Payment Settlement Services
2000_Apr-25: Samsung Group to Expand in U.S., China Internet Markets
2000_Apr-25: CacheFlow Opens Japanese Unit, Adds Sales Agencies
2000_Apr-25: Fixed-Network Operators Join Marine Cable Venture
2000_Apr-25: Hitachi to Leverage Internet-Related Business
2000_Apr-24: J-Phone Applies to MPT for IMT-2000 License
2000_Apr-24: SK Telecom-Shinsegi Merger Delayed
2000_Apr-24: Matsushita, Oracle Japan to Develop Digital Interactive Broadcasting
2000_Apr-21: New ‘Mobile Internet’ Market Being Created in Japan
2000_Apr-20: Hanaro to Sell US$900 Million Bond
2000_Apr-20: SoftBank of Tokyo Enters Alliance with EZNOVA.com
2000_Apr-20: Samsung SDI’s Q1 2000 Sales Rise 23 Pct.
2000_Apr-20: HiTRUST Establishes Holding Company to Access Regional Market
2000_Apr-20: Japanese VC Seeks to Forge Next Intel, Cisco Systems
2000_Apr-19: Seven-Eleven Plans for ‘Strongest Alliance’ for Consumers with IC Card
2000_Apr-19: Network Security Vendors Form Industry Association
2000_Apr-18: Digital Signature Bill Reaches Diet
2000_Apr-18: Acer, Golden Harvest Team for Entertainment Online Venture
2000_Apr-18: IIJ, Samsung Tie Up to Operate Data Center for Mobile Internet in Korea
2000_Apr-18: KDD, Qualcomm to Start Ad Distribution Service on Eudora in June
2000_Apr-18: Korea Becomes Shandong’s Leading Trade Partner
2000_Apr-18: McKinsey to Set Up Consulting Unit for E-Commerce in Japan
2000_Apr-17: Main Stakeholders Discuss Titus, Jupiter Merger
2000_Apr-17: VIA Says Revenues Could Top US$1B
2000_Apr-14: Excite’s FY2000 Business Plan Includes US$19 Million PR Investment
2000_Apr-14: Realtek Aims to Become Top Maker of Ethernet Chips
2000_Apr-14: Sony to Offer ‘Bit-Drive’ Broadband Service for Business Users
2000_Apr-14: WebTV to Form Ties with Financial Businesses by June
2000_Apr-14: ABTI Acquires 22 Pct. Stake in Golden Harvest
2000_Apr-14: China’s First Software Institute to Be Built in Dalian
2000_Apr-14: Oki Electric, Cisco Systems KK Cooperate in VoIP for Enterprises
2000_Apr-14: Lite-On Gears Up Internet Investments
2000_Apr-14: Microsoft Buys 60 Pct. Share of Titus, Plans Broadband Business in Japan
2000_Apr-13: NTT to Offer Fiber-Optics Net Access in Fall
2000_Apr-13: Guangzhou’s Tianhe Science Park Home to 318 Software Companies
2000_Apr-13: Singapore Thin Film Company to Increase Investment in Yunnan
2000_Apr-12: Nissho Iwai, Computer Associates Join for E-Commerce Support
2000_Apr-12: LG Insurance Targets Hanaro Shares, M&A; Speculation Rises
2000_Apr-12: Microsoft Denies Price Cut for Chinese Windows 2000
2000_Apr-11: Lucent to Build Five More Production Lines in China
2000_Apr-11: Hyundai Group to Increase Investments in IT Biz to US$900 Million
2000_Apr-10: 10art-ni Becomes Sales Agent for Korean Linux Groupware
2000_Apr-10: NTT DoCoMo’s i-mode a Useful Tool for Capturing Customers
2000_Apr-10: DDI-IDO’s cdmaOne Roaming Service to Start in Korea, Hong Kong in April
2000_Apr-10: PlayStation2 Popularity Boosts Matrix DVD Game Software Sales
2000_Apr-10: VIA to Purchase S3’s Graphics Unit to Vie With Intel
2000_Apr-10: Nikkei BP Technology Award for 2000 Goes to LSI Development for PlayStation2
2000_Apr-10: IBM to Build World-Class Software Platform in Xian
2000_Apr-7: AMD Commands 24 Percent Market Share in Japan, CEO Says
2000_Apr-7: Web Links Can Be Considered Illegal, Osaka Court Judgment Says
2000_Apr-7: China Embarks on Comprehensive Online Library Project
2000_Apr-6: Oki Electric to Transfer Chipmaking Technology to Taiwan Start-Up
2000_Apr-6: Software, Net Concerns Arise Amid IPO Mania
2000_Apr-6: Foreign Investment Expands in Beijing, Gov’t Data Shows
2000_Apr-5: CNN Opens Japanese-Language News Web Site
2000_Apr-5: U.S. Telecom Firm Primus Invests in Japanese ISP
2000_Apr-5: Samsung Electronics Expected to Report Five-Fold Profit Rise in Q1
2000_Apr-5: Trans Cosmos to Start Design-Related Outsourcing Business in Korea
2000_Apr-5: LG Chemical, German Firm Ally for Optical LCD Films
2000_Apr-5: NTT DoCoMo to Launch Next-Generation Mobile System in May 2001
2000_Apr-4: Philips to Set Up Laboratories in Shanghai, Xian
2000_Apr-4: Compaq, Japan Telecom to Join IP-VPN Service
2000_Apr-4: China to Strengthen Protection of Online IP Rights
2000_Apr-4: NTT DoCoMo Invests in Japan Net Bank, PS.com
2000_Apr-4: VIA Technologies Aims to Buy S3’s Graphics-Chip Unit
2000_Apr-3: Intel, Others Invest in Japanese Linux Venture
2000_Apr-3: Solectron Suzhou Scores Booming Sales in China
2000_Apr-3: Ericsson, China Motion Explore Wireless Internet


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