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2000_Jul-31: BMW Japan Says It Has No Plans for Internet Bank
2000_Jul-31: Non-Governmental Venture Capital Enters Info-Tech Field
2000_Jul-31: Packet Video Establishes Japanese Company
2000_Jul-31: IBM, Chinese Universities Launch Research Institute
2000_Jul-28: Taiwan’s Communication Firms Actively Go Public
2000_Jul-28: Beijing Software Firm First to Open Shares, IP Rights to Staffers
2000_Jul-27: Shenzhen’s Exports of Machinery, Electronics Rise
2000_Jul-27: NEC’s Net Connection Service to Offer Flat Fee for Unlimited Use
2000_Jul-27: ‘It’s Time to Start Software Development in China’: Livin’ on the EDGE Director
2000_Jul-27: Japan’s Telecom Laws to be Revised Drastically in 2003
2000_Jul-26: AIP, ISPs Stage Trial Distribution of Motion Ads Using Satellites
2000_Jul-26: Korean IT Venture Group to Enter Japan’s B2C, B2B Markets
2000_Jul-24: Matsushita Trails Sony in Notebook PCs, Matsushita Chief Says
2000_Jul-24: [G-8 Summit] Japan May Host Talks to Combat High-Tech Crimes, P.M. Mori Says
2000_Jul-24: [G-8 Summit] G-8 Leaders to be Linked by E-Mail Network
2000_Jul-24: IBM Begins E-Commerce Cooperation with City in Guangdong
2000_Jul-24: [G-8 Summit] Private Sector to Assume Role of Driving IT: G-8 Leaders Say in ‘IT Charter’
2000_Jul-24: IT Leaders Advocate Proposals at Internet Conference in Tokyo
2000_Jul-21: Boeing-Related Venture Starts Plant Construction in Tianjin
2000_Jul-20: Comic Web Site to Go Overseas with Leading Publishers
2000_Jul-20: Taiwan’s Banks, Insurance Companies Explore Synergies
2000_Jul-19: Dalian to Speed IT Development
2000_Jul-19: Samsung Electronics Sued for Patent on TFT-LCD
2000_Jul-19: U.S. Oracle Corp. Approves Japanese Version of Oracle Exchange
2000_Jul-19: Beijing Approves 534 Overseas-Funded Enterprises
2000_Jul-18: High Tech Enterprises Urged to List on Home, Overseas Exchanges
2000_Jul-17: Beijing Plans Software Park in Haidian District
2000_Jul-17: China’s IT Industry Continues to Grow Fast
2000_Jul-17: Motorola, China Unicom Pursue GSM Multi-Contract Network Expansion
2000_Jul-17: U.S. Venture Capital Pouring Into China Net Start-Ups
2000_Jul-14: NEC, Sumitomo, Others to Establish Net E-Commerce Marketplace
2000_Jul-14: NEC Aims for Strong Growth through FY2002, Focusing on Mobile Electronics Devices
2000_Jul-14: Small High-Tech Firms Receive State Support for Innovations
2000_Jul-14: Six TSE-Listed Companies to Top US$324M Sales in 2000
2000_Jul-14: Supply Shortage of PC Parts in Japan Worsens
2000_Jul-14: E-Business Lab Established in Nanjing
2000_Jul-13: Compaq, NTT DoCoMo, DreamArts to Co-Market I-Mode-based Business Systems
2000_Jul-13: MOEA Considers Redefining Export Zone
2000_Jul-13: Disney Contents to Go into I-Mode, Walt Disney International President Says
2000_Jul-12: Shenyang Builds China’s First Robot Manufacturing Company
2000_Jul-11: LG Electronics to Form B2B Marketplace with IBM, 11 Others
2000_Jul-11: Allied Telesis Enters Korea’s Communication Devices Market
2000_Jul-11: High Premiums to Apply to More Taiwan High-Tech Businesses
2000_Jul-11: Lucent Moves Into Production, Sales and Research in China
2000_Jul-10: Sharp Reports US$85M Deficit in Environmental Accounting for FY99
2000_Jul-10: Salesforce.com Debuts Customer Relationship Management Services in Japan
2000_Jul-10: Net Business Investment Doubles, Say 40 Pct. of Japanese Companies Surveyed
2000_Jul-10: Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan Form Regional E-Commerce Alliance
2000_Jul-10: Beijing Tech Zone Opens Office in Silicon Valley
2000_Jul-10: Shanghai Customs Allows Online Tariff Payments
2000_Jul-10: Gateway Japan, Dell Share Top Place in PC Maker Support Rankings
2000_Jul-7: Japan’s Mobile Phones Debut at Summit in Okinawa
2000_Jul-7: Korea’s Top 30 Groups Expand, Launch into Internet/Telecom Sectors
2000_Jul-7: Orion Electric Forms Alliance with Zulauf of Germany
2000_Jul-6: Adobe Systems Wins Chinese Copyright-Infringement Lawsuit
2000_Jul-6: Beijing Univ., Wuhan Firms to Develop Optical, Electronics Devices
2000_Jul-5: Hitachi Pres. Calls for Careful Decision on Lifting of Zero Interest Rate Policy
2000_Jul-5: China Telecom Establishes Subsidiary in Shanghai
2000_Jul-4: Govt. Approves Licenses, Frequencies for 3G Cell Phones
2000_Jul-4: Toyota to Strengthen B2C Business with Multi-Functional Terminals in Convenience Stores
2000_Jul-4: Sun Microsystems Keen to Promote Online Project in China
2000_Jul-3: Chinese ‘Ali Baba’ Opens Doors to Virtual Trade Fair


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