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2000_Aug-31: Japan Units of U.S. Network Device Vendors to Partner on Market Development
2000_Aug-31: Be Technology’s Marketing Unit to Merge with PD Square
2000_Aug-31: Processing Trade Hits US$3.63 Billion in Shandong
2000_Aug-30: Tsuzuki Forms Venture Incubation Center; Eyes Asia Business
2000_Aug-30: Korea’s Barunson Acquires Ubiz System for 6.7B Won
2000_Aug-30: ICBC Promotes E-Banking Business
2000_Aug-29: Japan’s Credit Card Firms Ally for Funds Transfer Protocol for Mobile Phone, Game Machine
2000_Aug-29: Korea to Announce Steps to Rekindle Venture Industry
2000_Aug-29: China Keeps Close Eye on Trans-Genetic Research
2000_Aug-28: Guangdong Expects Higher Economic Growth
2000_Aug-25: ECBizz.com Adds Auto Translation of Buy/Sell Info in 5 Languages
2000_Aug-25: EASP.Net Set to Kick Off in Taiwan
2000_Aug-24: Nifty Ties Up with Samsung Group ISP, EC Site
2000_Aug-24: China’s Software Firms Form National Alliance
2000_Aug-24: Chinese Firm, IBM China to Provide Electronic Parts to Nokia
2000_Aug-24: Shanghai’s Computer Exports Rise 37.4 Percent
2000_Aug-24: Flat-Rate Downloads to Be Mainstream for Online Music: Listen.com CEO
2000_Aug-23: System Manufacturers Welcome Higher Q2 Profits
2000_Aug-22: Online Crime Sees Brisk Rise, National Police Agency Says
2000_Aug-22: Gene-Chip Technology in China Enters Mass-Production
2000_Aug-22: China Continues to Attract Big Investments from Overseas
2000_Aug-21: JASRAC Submits Net Music Distribution Tariff Schedule
2000_Aug-21: Microsoft Sues Chinese Company for Piracy
2000_Aug-21: Software Providers March into Electronic Software Distribution Market
2000_Aug-21: Samsung, Hyundai Electronics Aim for Nasdaq Listings in 2002
2000_Aug-21: Big Groups Change Networking Investment Strategies
2000_Aug-21: China Aims to Accelerate Development of Software Industry
2000_Aug-18: Jusung Engineering Agrees to Merge with Apex, Strengthen CVD Sector
2000_Aug-17: China.com Suffers US$600,000 Operating Loss for Q2
2000_Aug-17: Heavyweights Compete to Dip into B2B E-Commerce Market
2000_Aug-14: Zhejiang Province Draws Overseas Funds to IT Industry
2000_Aug-14: Japan’s Mobile Telephone Market Exceeds US$46B
2000_Aug-11: PCCW to Acquire Jaleco, Set Foothold in Japan for Broadband Internet
2000_Aug-11: CASID Helps Taiwanese Companies Build Commercial Aircraft
2000_Aug-11: Yahoo! in Talks to Buy Alumni Finder Site for US$45 Million
2000_Aug-10: Intec to Start ASP Business for Mobile Phone
2000_Aug-9: Tianjin Development Zone Begins Digitization Project
2000_Aug-9: Sotec to List on Nasdaq Japan Market in Sept.
2000_Aug-9: Sales, Rentals of DVD Software Rise Sharply
2000_Aug-8: Haixin Group Builds US$240 Million Info Industry Park
2000_Aug-8: LG Electronics Posts US$6.17B in First-Half Sales
2000_Aug-8: Korea’s Locus Acquires Core Technology in All-Stock Deal
2000_Aug-8: Tokyo Electron Makes 32.7 Pct. of Its Q1 Sales in Taiwan
2000_Aug-7: E-Commerce Transactions by JCB Card Fall 15 Pct. in June
2000_Aug-7: High-Tech Product Exports on the Increase in Shandong
2000_Aug-7: Asahi Chemical Industry to Enforce Its Lithium Battery Patent Right
2000_Aug-7: Korean Electronics Sector to See US$60B Worth of Exports in 2000
2000_Aug-7: Shanghai Expects Another Period of High Growth
2000_Aug-7: Taiwan’s Companies Enter CRM Market
2000_Aug-7: Matsushita to Invest US$460M to Beef Up Digital Broadcasting, Network Businesses
2000_Aug-4: First International Computer to Make Investments in China
2000_Aug-4: Cisco-Motorola Joint Venture Invisix to Advance into Japan
2000_Aug-4: Internet Surfers in Shenzhen Earn the Most
2000_Aug-3: Hanaro Telecom in Talks with Alcatel Over US$300M Investment
2000_Aug-3: Korea Telecom Posts 464 Pct. Rise in Net Income
2000_Aug-3: Beijing Municipal Gov’t Aims to Accelerate Economic Growth
2000_Aug-3: NTT DoCoMo, Sony Computer Tie Up on I-Mode, PlayStation Content Service
2000_Aug-2: Shipbuilding B2B Sector Intensifying in Korea
2000_Aug-2: Leading Foreign Venture Capital Firms to Start Public Offerings
2000_Aug-1: Taiwan Makers Expect Big Business with EHITEX Trading Web Site
2000_Aug-1: Korean Venture Sets Up MyPlanJapan.com for PIM Services in Japan
2000_Aug-1: Jiangsu Province Draws More Overseas Investors


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