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2000_Sep-29: Japan's IT Services Market Forecast to Grow 9 Pct. in 2000
2000_Sep-29: China Sets Up First Firm for Trading High-Tech Property Rights
2000_Sep-28: Qingdao Offers Rewards to People Who Attract Overseas Funds
2000_Sep-28: Foreign Trade Results Released for China's Economic Zones
2000_Sep-28: Advanced Data Analysis Key to Successful E-Business, SAS CTO Says
2000_Sep-27: U.S. IT Firms to Boost Investments in Korean Venture Companies
2000_Sep-26: Tokyo Game Show Focuses on Connectivity with Mobile Phone, PS2, Music Player
2000_Sep-26: Jiangsu Invites Taiwan Businesspeople to Invest in High Tech
2000_Sep-26: Top Layer Networks of U.S. Establishes Unit in Japan
2000_Sep-26: China's Research Institutes to Operate for Profit
2000_Sep-25: Beijing Aims to Become Cyber City
2000_Sep-25: Shenzhen Hopes to Attract More Overseas Capital
2000_Sep-21: Korean B2B Marketplace Operator EC Plaza Comes to Japan
2000_Sep-21: Lucent Technologies Explores China's Radio, TV Market
2000_Sep-21: Cybozu Aims to Extend Business Overseas
2000_Sep-21: No License Agreements for Makers Defeated in Lawsuits, Rambus VP Says
2000_Sep-21: Korea's Chaebol Groups Suspend Investments in Venture Sector
2000_Sep-21: Flagging Household Consumption in Korea Expected to Continue
2000_Sep-21: Shanghai Issues China's First Credit-Telecom Card
2000_Sep-20: Ericsson, J-Phone Team for 3G Mobile Telecom Services
2000_Sep-19: China Unicom, Hong Kong's Hutchison Set Up Joint Venture
2000_Sep-19: Corning to Invest US$320M in Taiwan's Glass Substrate Production
2000_Sep-19: Japanese Investment on the Rise in Shanghai
2000_Sep-18: China's Electronics Producers to Merge into No. 1 Company
2000_Sep-18: Nintendo Turns Its Back on Market for High-End Game Machines
2000_Sep-18: Kyocera to Build High-Tech Industrial Park in Dongguan
2000_Sep-18: Japan's Convenience Stores Form Alliance to Offer Escrow Services for Online Auctions
2000_Sep-14: Shockwave.com Creates Japanese Web Site
2000_Sep-14: Europe's Largest ISP T-Online Ties Up with Nifty
2000_Sep-13: MediaQ of U.S. Sets Up Japanese Subsidiary to Enhance Support for Manufacturers
2000_Sep-13: JEIDA Introduces Environmental Label System for PCs
2000_Sep-13: IBM to Establish Linux Technology Study Center in Taiwan
2000_Sep-12: Epson Spends US$71 Million on Environmental Conservation Activities in FY99
2000_Sep-12: GE Starts Purchase/Export Business in China
2000_Sep-12: Korea's Tmax Soft to Ship TP Monitor in Japan Next Month
2000_Sep-11: EHotelZone.com Brings Online Hotel Supply Chain Solution to China
2000_Sep-11: Guangdong's High-Tech Industry Enjoys Brisk Growth
2000_Sep-8: SAP Japan Chief Foresees US$945M Business in 2003
2000_Sep-7: China to Expand Foreign Cooperation in Major R&D; Projects
2000_Sep-7: Macao Buys US$1M Worth of Microsoft Software
2000_Sep-6: Most of Shenzhen's Overseas Businesses Report Profits
2000_Sep-4: Samsung Japan Uses Web Site to Bridge Korea, Japan


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