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2000_Oct-31: Taiwan's Chi Mei Sticks to Spending Plan
2000_Oct-31: Korea Successfully Enters New Economy
2000_Oct-31: Fujitsu, TEPCO, Others to Unify Cable Businesses, Set Focus on CATV/Internet
2000_Oct-31: China's IT Output Expected to Double in Five Years
2000_Oct-31: Taiwan Petrochemical Industry Slows Investment at Home, Considers China Instead
2000_Oct-31: NEC Posts US$690M in Consolidated Operating Profits in First Half
2000_Oct-31: Shanghai Exports US$8.7B in Machinery, Electronics Products
2000_Oct-30: Could DoCoMo's Oligopoly be Causing 'Harmful Effects' in Mobile Communication Market?
2000_Oct-30: Shanghai Maps Out Blueprint for IT Industry
2000_Oct-30: Fujitsu Posts Sharp Rise in First-Half Net Profit
2000_Oct-30: III Strengthens Role As Computer Talent Scout
2000_Oct-30: Siemens Expands Mobile Business, Other Operations in China
2000_Oct-27: Intel Steps Up R&D; Efforts in China
2000_Oct-27: UMC Raises Full-Year 2000 Profit Forecast by 66 Percent
2000_Oct-26: Fujian Province Reports US$30 Billion in GDP
2000_Oct-26: Sega to Buy U.S. Online Retail Shop FamilyWonder
2000_Oct-25: Matsushita, Toshiba, 12 Others to Standardize STB for Satellite Digital Broadcasting
2000_Oct-25: MOF Issues Suspension Order to Online Securities Brokerage
2000_Oct-25: Intel to Double Investment in Shanghai
2000_Oct-25: Samsung Electronics Q3 Net to Record US$1.5 Billion
2000_Oct-25: DataPlay of U.S. Establishes Japanese Optical Disc Corporation with Toshiba
2000_Oct-25: First High-Tech Park Firm Established in Chinese University
2000_Oct-25: Kyocera Wireless, Lucent to Collaborate on 3G Wireless Technology
2000_Oct-25: Beijing Sets Up Satellite Technology Applications Company
2000_Oct-25: FTC Investigates NTT Group Over Possible DSL Anti-Monopoly Activity
2000_Oct-24: [WPC2000] Putting the Bite into Bluetooth
2000_Oct-24: Softbank to Invest Nihon Ariba for B2B Software Sales
2000_Oct-23: China's Central Committee Highlights Role of Science, Technology
2000_Oct-23: [WPC2000] IBM Japan Pres. Says CEO Should be "Chief E-Business Officer" in IT Era
2000_Oct-23: [WPC2000] China - A Sleeping E-Commerce Dragon?
2000_Oct-23: Cybird Grows Rapidly By Distributing Wireless Internet Contents
2000_Oct-20: Advantest Obtains Next-Generation CDMA Technology License from Qualcomm
2000_Oct-20: Lucent Technologies Boosts Investment in China
2000_Oct-20: LG Electronics to Invest US$80M for Brand Marketing
2000_Oct-20: [WPC2000] Former Microsoft President Discusses How Old Economy Can Adopt IT
2000_Oct-20: Five Japanese IC Makers to Revise Interim Results Upward
2000_Oct-20: [WPC 2000] Devices from IBM, Toshiba, Canon Link Via Bluetooth
2000_Oct-20: [WPC2000] New Spin on Old Custom: Business Card CD
2000_Oct-20: [WPC2000] Taiwan's III Guiding the World's IT Strategy
2000_Oct-19: China, Singapore to Continue Supporting Suzhou Industrial Park
2000_Oct-19: High Technology Decides Future of China's Special Economic Zones
2000_Oct-19: Number of Korean Venture Start-Ups Falls to 2,630 in September
2000_Oct-19: [WPC2000] 'Printed and Produced in Singapore' -- The Easy Way to Ship Product?
2000_Oct-18: Sun, Cisco, Seven Others Begin Promoting for Internet Data Center Business in Japan
2000_Oct-18: Three Steps Needed to Expand China's VC Investments, Expert Says
2000_Oct-18: [WPC2000] Chief Cabinet Sec. Nakagawa Addresses Expo Reception
2000_Oct-18: China to Build More Export High-Tech Industry Parks
2000_Oct-18: NEC, Hitachi Team Up to Develop Optical Transport Systems
2000_Oct-17: Samsung Electronics to Repurchase 2 Pct. of Shares, Consider Retirement
2000_Oct-16: Chinese Researchers Develop First Multiple Force Biochip System
2000_Oct-16: KDDI Intends to Be More Than Just Telephone Company
2000_Oct-13: Intel to Increase Investment in China
2000_Oct-13: Canon Aims for Top Share in Stepper, Digital Camera Sectors
2000_Oct-13: SK Poised to Enter North Korean Market
2000_Oct-13: Fujian Electronic Information Group Begins Operations
2000_Oct-12: Guangzhou Attracts Large-Scale Foreign Investment
2000_Oct-12: Dentsu, MarchFIRST to Launch Net Business Joint Venture
2000_Oct-11: Zurich Insurance Starts Selling E-Commerce Insurance
2000_Oct-11: Lawson, Others to Open Convenience Store in I-Mode
2000_Oct-11: Compaq, Info Leaders Ally to Tap Market for Storage Service Providers
2000_Oct-11: Motorola Trains Management Personnel for Western China
2000_Oct-11: Korea's IT Venture Incubator Sets up Japanese Subsidiary
2000_Oct-5: Matsushita, Toray Agree on Joint Venture for Plasma Displays
2000_Oct-4: JPNIC to Delay Registration of New Domain Names to Protect Trademark Holders' Rights
2000_Oct-4: Information Distribution Companies See Light at End of Tunnel
2000_Oct-4: FTC Warns Apple Japan; Two Parties Show Divided Opinions
2000_Oct-3: IBM Moves into Internet Data Center Market in Taiwan
2000_Oct-2: Carrier Heads Give Ministry Views on Dispute over NTT
2000_Oct-2: CD, DVD Retail Group Sees Brisk Sales Via Mobile Phones
2000_Oct-2: Taiwan's Info Distribution Companies Gear Up to Enter China
2000_Oct-2: U.S. Firms Find China Attractive for Tech Research
2000_Oct-2: Japanese Firms Winning Back Dot-Com Names from Cyber-Squatters


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