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2000_Dec-29: Guangzhou Strengthens IT Cooperation with Korean Enterprises
2000_Dec-28: Toshiba, IBM Japan, Taiyo Yuden to Form Joint Venture to Help Makers Apply for Bluetooth Certification
2000_Dec-28: Hitachi Cable to Invest in Giga Epitaxy Technology of Taiwan
2000_Dec-28: Sony, NTT DoCoMo, Others to Establish Prepaid Settlement Company in January
2000_Dec-27: World Growth in Mobile Telecom Service, Entertainment in 2000: AsiaBizTech Top 30 News
2000_Dec-27: Hefei Software Park Opens to Overseas Investors
2000_Dec-27: LG Electronics Group to Boost Investments in China
2000_Dec-22: Nokia TMC Expects US$2.4B in Sales
2000_Dec-22: Minolta to Operate Environmental Information Database for Parts
2000_Dec-22: Korea's Export Growth of Industrial Products to Slow in 2001
2000_Dec-22: Pudong Micro-Electronics Base Attracts US$4.3B Investment
2000_Dec-22: Korean Stocks Fall, Led by Semicon Shares
2000_Dec-22: World Bank Approves US$174M in Loans to China
2000_Dec-22: Watch Out for PC Virus on Christmas Day
2000_Dec-21: Sharp, Mosel Vitelic to Form LCD Driver IC Venture in 2001
2000_Dec-21: Korean IT Enterprises to Open Businesses in South China
2000_Dec-20: TI Taiwan in No Hurry to Move into China
2000_Dec-20: China to Emerge as Big Tech Product Exporter: Salomon Survey
2000_Dec-20: Gateway Eyes China's Computer Market
2000_Dec-20: UMC, Macronix International to Pursue Offshore Investments
2000_Dec-19: Intel, Fujitsu to Boost Intel-Architecture Server Businesses
2000_Dec-19: S. Korea to Hold Business Meeting With N. Korea in Pyongyang
2000_Dec-19: Acer Maintains Earnings Goal of US$240 Million for 2000
2000_Dec-18: Softbank, Andersen Consulting Form Support Business in Japan
2000_Dec-18: Online Brokerages Must Restructure to Survive Competition
2000_Dec-18: JETRO, Alibaba Agree on 'Reverse Trade Fair' in Shenzhen
2000_Dec-18: Overseas Investment to China Hits US$48.57 Billion
2000_Dec-18: Thrunet Acquires US$250M from Japanese Fund
2000_Dec-18: Hansol Electronics Wins US$120M Export Order from Fujitsu-Siemens
2000_Dec-18: China's Eximbank Offers Loan to Sino-Congo Telecom Venture
2000_Dec-18: Cisco Systems Buys ExiO Communications of Korea
2000_Dec-15: Acer to Close Most Overseas Production Centers
2000_Dec-15: Agilent Expands Research Facilities into China
2000_Dec-15: China to Increase Funding for International Science Exchanges
2000_Dec-15: Toyota, Ford in Talks for Comprehensive Cooperation
2000_Dec-14: NTT DoCoMo Teams Up with KG Telecom to Exploit Chinese Market
2000_Dec-14: China Continues Steady Monetary Policies
2000_Dec-14: Korea's Blue-Chip Companies to Post Record-High Profits
2000_Dec-14: Korean IT Companies Show Major Interest in Guangzhou
2000_Dec-14: Korean Electronics Industry to See 11.8 Pct. Growth in 2001
2000_Dec-14: Cross-Strait Alliance Points Way Forward for VIA
2000_Dec-12: Daijob.com, Foreign Firms Ally for Global Job Info Service
2000_Dec-12: Commerce One Forms Japanese Arm to Expand Share in Asia
2000_Dec-12: Chip Makers Seek Syndicated Bank Loans for Wafer Fab Construction
2000_Dec-11: Compaq, Datang Sign MOU to Expand CDMA in China
2000_Dec-11: Ericsson to Boost China Investment to US$5.1 Billion
2000_Dec-11: Palm to Develop Mobile Internet Market in Taiwan
2000_Dec-11: BBELE to Boost B2B Marketplace Operations
2000_Dec-11: Beijing Zhongguancun Science Park to Offer Preferential Policies to Lure Talent
2000_Dec-8: Cisco to Train Network Personnel for Tibet
2000_Dec-8: Electronic, Telecom Equipment Manufacturing Lures Overseas Investment
2000_Dec-7: Taiwan Powerchip to Reduce DRAM Production from 70 Percent to 50 Percent
2000_Dec-6: EMarket Concepts Asia Opens in Japan, Eyes Asia's B2B Marketplace
2000_Dec-6: Korean Economy Unlikely to Face Renewed Economic Crisis, IMF Says
2000_Dec-5: JENS Allies with AT&T;, BT Ignite to Establish Global Data Center Business
2000_Dec-5: TSMC Reduces 2001 Capital Investment Plans, UMC Holds Steady
2000_Dec-5: Motorola Town Established in Chengdu
2000_Dec-4: WebMethods Establishes Subsidiary in Japan for B2B Integration
2000_Dec-4: NTT DoCoMo Takes 20 Percent Stake in KG Telecom
2000_Dec-4: NTT DoCoMo to Export I-Mode to U.S., Make US$9.8B Investment in AT&T;
2000_Dec-4: China Science Foundation to Push Popularization of Science
2000_Dec-4: Sumitomo to Form E-Commerce Company Specializing in Digital Moving Pictures
2000_Dec-1: Motorola's Wireless Phones Will Play Sega's Java Games
2000_Dec-1: Broadband Networks for Households Will Become Reality in Five Years, Sony CEO Says
2000_Dec-1: Nihon Ariba to Form Alliances with 20 SI Vendors, Financial Groups


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