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2001_Jan-31: Beijing's High-Tech Zone Targets Big Income in 2001
2001_Jan-31: NTT DoCoMo, Sony Computer to Expand I-Mode/PlayStation Linkage Overseas
2001_Jan-30: What Caused American Electronics Association to Close Japan Office?
2001_Jan-30: Sanyo to Open Chip Development Center in Tokyo's 'Bit Valley'
2001_Jan-30: Taiwan's ISPs Explore Prospects in China
2001_Jan-29: Sony Lowers Shipment Target for PlayStation2
2001_Jan-29: Fines Imposed on Public Firms in Korea for Unfair Internal Transactions
2001_Jan-26: Oracle Japan to Start Marketplace ASP Service in Japan
2001_Jan-25: Digital Island to Use Data Centers to Offer Streaming on Global Scale: CEO
2001_Jan-25: AOL Japan to Change Name to DoCoMo AOL in February
2001_Jan-24: D-Link Targets 2001 Full-Year Revenue Goal of US$450M
2001_Jan-24: Beijing's High-Tech Industry Base Aims for New Goals
2001_Jan-24: China's High-Tech Exports Rise 50 percent in 2000
2001_Jan-23: KDDI Overtakes J-Phone in Number of Cell Phone Subscribers Thanks to Color LCD, Discount
2001_Jan-23: Empirix to Launch Japanese Site, Sell Tools for Web/Network Infrastructure
2001_Jan-23: Siemens to Invest US$1 Bln. in China in Next Five Years
2001_Jan-23: NTT DoCoMo Debuts Dual-Standard Mobile Handset; Roams in Europe, Asia, Africa
2001_Jan-22: Undisputed Front-runner NTT DoCoMo Has its Limitations
2001_Jan-22: Taiwan's Acer to Produce Notebook PCs in China
2001_Jan-22: Hyundai Electronics to Focus on Semiconductor Business
2001_Jan-22: Korean Gov't to Hold Open Auction for KT Shares on Feb. 6-7
2001_Jan-22: AMD Japan Aims to Gain 30 Pct. Market Share in Japan, President Says
2001_Jan-19: Want to Try Limited-Edition Men's Suit with Pocket for Palm?
2001_Jan-18: Samsung Electronics Posts Record Profit of US$4.7 Bln.
2001_Jan-18: Sony Music to Enhance Distribution Business
2001_Jan-18: Gov't to Sell 14.7 Pct. Stake in Korea Telecom
2001_Jan-18: Yamaha to Establish Music Contents Company in U.S. with Two Music Publishers
2001_Jan-18: Electronic, Information Products Become Top Industry in Shandong
2001_Jan-18: NTT DoCoMo Will Continue to be Pioneer, President Says
2001_Jan-17: Yahoo Japan to Launch Auction Charge, ID Registry System
2001_Jan-17: Six Industrial Sectors Account for Half of Growth in China in 2000
2001_Jan-17: NTT Com to Form Venture with Thai Communications Firms
2001_Jan-16: Accenture Aims to Match Sony, Toyota in Popularity Among Jobseekers
2001_Jan-16: SGI, Singapore's 3ui to Enter Strategic Cooperation for WAP Technology
2001_Jan-16: Carlyle to Buy Shares of Ssangyong Information & Telecom
2001_Jan-16: Hyundai Electronics to Separate from Parent Group by End of March
2001_Jan-16: China Reduces Non-Tariff Measures on Electrical, Mechanical Imports
2001_Jan-16: SK Units to Sell Shares in SK Telecom
2001_Jan-16: Disney to Launch Online Game Business Focusing on Japan, Asia
2001_Jan-15: Three Oil Refinery Companies Set Up Online B2B Firm
2001_Jan-15: Sun's Financial Services Subsidiary in Japan Starts Full-Scale Operations
2001_Jan-15: Nokia, China.com Team to Tap China's Broadband Market
2001_Jan-12: Venture Sector to Receive 1.6 Trln. Won in New Investments
2001_Jan-12: China to Earmark US$2.4M for High-Tech Incubators
2001_Jan-12: China's Trade Volume Hits Record High
2001_Jan-11: Korea's Rising Start-Up Companies Flourish in 2000
2001_Jan-11: Zhongguancun Science Park Seeks to Attract New Investments
2001_Jan-11: Siemens Builds Industrial Park in Shanghai
2001_Jan-10: VeriSign Japan Raises US$13.8 Million through New Share Issuance
2001_Jan-10: Hyundai Electronics Could be Acquired by Bigger Firm
2001_Jan-9: Domestic IT Industry Exports to Expand in 2001
2001_Jan-9: Nanya Tech Sees 2000 Revenue Shortfall, Forecasts 2001 Rebound
2001_Jan-9: Portal Software Wins Platform Contract from Shanghai Online
2001_Jan-5: Korea's Bullish Investment Expected in Three Key Industries
2001_Jan-5: Information Hardware Output Growth to Fall to Single Digits in 2002
2001_Jan-5: Shanghai Revises Preferential Treatment Policies for High-Tech, R&D;
2001_Jan-5: Asia-Tech.com Bridges Pacific Rim Electronic Component Business
2001_Jan-4: Acer Announces Large-Scale Reconstruction Plan
2001_Jan-4: MOEA Tracks Foreign Procurement Patterns in Taiwan, China
2001_Jan-4: Jiangsu Projects Speedy Expansion of High-Tech Industries
2001_Jan-4: Beijing Development Zone Projects Attract US$145M Investment
2001_Jan-2: TSMC's Morris Chang Envisions New Business Model in Semiconductor Industry
2001_Jan-2: Shanghai Seeks Substantial Expansion of Information Industry
2001_Jan-2: Adaptive, Hitachi Kokusai Tie Up on Wireless Broadband Access for Homes


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