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2001_Feb-28: WI Harper Raises US$31.25M Fund for High-Tech Investments
2001_Feb-28: SGI Japan to Strengthen System Integration Biz for FTTH
2001_Feb-27: Linc Media Forms Company to Support Developers of Java Mobile Phone Content
2001_Feb-27: BroadVision Keen on China's E-Business Market
2001_Feb-27: 'Dreamcast Shock' is Only the Beginning: Sega Undertakes Major Corporate Restructuring
2001_Feb-23: Jiangsu Mobile, Alcatel Sign US$94M Contract
2001_Feb-23: Red Hat, Two Others Collaborate on Built-In Linux Business for Mobile Devices
2001_Feb-22: National Datacomm Projects Profits for 2001
2001_Feb-22: China Projects 20 Pct. Growth Rate for Information Industry
2001_Feb-22: Dell Japan to Strengthen Corporate PC Server Business in FY2001: President
2001_Feb-21: MRV of U.S. Boosts Fiber-Optic Profile by M&A;
2001_Feb-21: Hitachi's Storage Unit Ready to Compete with EMC
2001_Feb-21: NTT DoCoMo, Sega Tie Up on Gaming Service
2001_Feb-20: CSK Network Systems to Support Internet Venture Firms
2001_Feb-20: Japanese Govt. to Ease Entry of Engineers from India
2001_Feb-19: Trend Micro's Consolidated Revenues Up 58.9 Pct. on Good Sales to Europe, U.S.
2001_Feb-19: Taiwan's VC Funds Move Ahead with Capital-Raising Plans
2001_Feb-19: R&D; Centers Crucial to Success of Shanghai Industries
2001_Feb-19: Acer Labs Inks Intel Pentium 4 Processor Chipset Licensing Agreement
2001_Feb-19: Nanjing to Build Second-Largest High-Tech Zone in China
2001_Feb-19: Japanese Vendors Ready to Take on the World with WDM
2001_Feb-16: China to Invest US$1.8 Billion in High-Tech R&D; Program
2001_Feb-16: Macronix Expects EPS to Hit NT$5 in 2001
2001_Feb-16: Sweden Ranks First in Information Society Index: IDC/World Times
2001_Feb-16: Synnex Sets Out to Raise Profile in Internet Appliances Market
2001_Feb-15: Hyundai Electronics to Separate Satellite Services from Parent
2001_Feb-15: ITRI Official Urges Cross-Strait Communications-Industrial Cooperation
2001_Feb-15: Zhejiang Province Eyes Information Industry
2001_Feb-15: Successful Web Site for Women Coming from Finland
2001_Feb-14: Korea Development Institute Lowers Growth Forecast to 4 Pct.
2001_Feb-14: Intel China Gears Development Toward Cyber World
2001_Feb-14: Online Tourism Soars in China
2001_Feb-14: China, Taiwan, HK Emerge as Korea's Biggest Export Markets
2001_Feb-13: Matsushita, Chinese Academy of Science Release Chinese-Japanese Translation Technology
2001_Feb-13: Matsushita Communication to Establish Mobile Telecom Lab in Beijing
2001_Feb-13: Zhejiang Province to Focus on Software, IC Industries
2001_Feb-13: MP3.com Teams with Qualcomm for Music Distribution Tech for CDMA Cell Phones
2001_Feb-13: Shanxi Province's Exports, Imports Reach US$1.76 Bln. in 2000
2001_Feb-13: Applied Materials Learns from Japan and Outstrips 'Teacher'
2001_Feb-9: Visa to Start Trial Operation of New Security System in Asia
2001_Feb-9: Nokia to Expand China Business
2001_Feb-9: Lucent Signs US$17.4 Million Deal with CERNET
2001_Feb-8: [NET&COM21;] Networking Expo Opens with 331 Exhibitors
2001_Feb-8: Lehman Brothers Forecasts No Economic Growth for Q1
2001_Feb-8: Four Taiwanese Venture Capital Groups Report Successful 2000
2001_Feb-8: APEC E-Commerce Symposium to be Held in Beijing
2001_Feb-8: Samsung Electronics Gets Top Award for Corporate Governance
2001_Feb-8: Taiwan Falls Under Spell Of 'Lineage'
2001_Feb-8: Omron Pres. Says Analog Technology, Sensors to Gain Momentum
2001_Feb-7: TV Tokyo, NTT East, Five Others to Set Up Net TV Broadcasting Company
2001_Feb-7: Beijing High-Tech Zone Enjoys Highest Output Value in China
2001_Feb-7: Beijing to Further High-Tech Industrial Development
2001_Feb-6: BroadVision Stalls ASP Venture Project with Taiwan Partners
2001_Feb-6: Taiwan Investment Turns Suzhou into World Electronics Base
2001_Feb-6: KT in Talks to Join Forces with Microsoft
2001_Feb-6: IBM Teams Up with Beijing, Qinghua Universities
2001_Feb-6: Guangdong to Export More High-Tech Commodity Products
2001_Feb-5: China Encourages International Scientific, Technological Cooperation
2001_Feb-5: China's Annual Overseas Investment Exceeds US$600 Mln.
2001_Feb-2: Views Mixed on Sale of SK Telecom Stake to NTT DoCoMo
2001_Feb-2: Sohu.com Undeterred by Slowdown Forecasts
2001_Feb-2: Taiwan's Yieh United Steel Group to Maintain Major Steel Prices
2001_Feb-1: Japan's B2B Market to Expand to US$944 Bil. in 2005: Accenture
2001_Feb-1: Korea's Industrial Output Growth Slows in December 2000
2001_Feb-1: KDDI to Adopt Qualcomm Applications Platform for Cell Phones to Rival NTT DoCoMo


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