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2001_Apr-27: China to Launch WTO-China Forum
2001_Apr-26: Chunghwa Telecom to Delay Plans for ADR Issue
2001_Apr-26: Palm's Japan Unit to Enter Corporate Mobile Market
2001_Apr-26: U.N. Official Calls for Worldwide Efforts in E-Commerce
2001_Apr-25: E-Commerce Symposium Opens in Ningbo
2001_Apr-25: Chinese IT Officials Urge Environment of Open Competition
2001_Apr-25: Acer Expects Own-Brand Computer Sales to Rise 30 Percent in 2001
2001_Apr-25: Sony, Ericsson to Combine Mobile Phone Handset Businesses
2001_Apr-24: E-Recruiting Markets in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan to Grow Sharply: IDC Survey
2001_Apr-24: Beijing High-Tech Exports Double in Q1
2001_Apr-24: China's Statistical System to be Equipped with IT
2001_Apr-23: China to Further Open Information Industry
2001_Apr-23: Nikkei, NTT Affiliates, HP Japan to Start Member Portal Biz in August
2001_Apr-20: Beijing Ready for Hi-Tech Week
2001_Apr-20: Korean Gov't to Inject About US$37 Million to Expand IT
2001_Apr-20: Most Companies Boost IT Capital Investment Despite Economic Downturn: JUAS Survey
2001_Apr-20: China's Economy Expands 8.1 percent in Q1, Gov't Says
2001_Apr-20: HiNet Forms Strategic Alliance with Systex to Support ADSL Business
2001_Apr-19: Sohu.com's Delisting Crisis Saved by Price Increase
2001_Apr-19: China to Export More High-Tech Products, Account for 50 Pct. by 2005
2001_Apr-18: Universal Music, Mitsubishi Adopt InterTrust's DRM Technology for Music Delivery
2001_Apr-18: International Digital Fair Opens in South China
2001_Apr-17: Korea's 5 Shipbuilders Fail to Establish Joint B2B E-Marketplace
2001_Apr-17: Former Cisco Japan Chairman Sets Up Incubation Company for China, Japan
2001_Apr-16: Outlook for Taiwan's PC Industry: Current Status and Future Prospects
2001_Apr-16: Oracle Japan Ex-Executive Invests in Korean Venture Business
2001_Apr-16: Korean Economy Expected to Grow 4.3 Pct. in 2001, KIET Says
2001_Apr-16: Korean Firms to Increase IT Investments Despite Global Recession
2001_Apr-13: Chinese, Singaporean Banks Join Hands
2001_Apr-13: Oracle, Toshiba, Accenture Establish ERP-Based SI Company
2001_Apr-13: E-Commerce Becomes Driving Force for China's Economy, Experts Say
2001_Apr-13: Korea's Dacom, Trans Cosmos to Establish CRM Center in Korea
2001_Apr-12: TSE Strives to Invite Korean Firms to List Shares on 'Mothers'
2001_Apr-12: Global E-Commerce Faces Challenges, Experts Say
2001_Apr-11: Shandong to Support Local Electronics Firms
2001_Apr-11: Toshiba to Establish Company to Put PS2 Microprocessor Core Into Other Digital Appliances
2001_Apr-10: ProsoftTraining.com of U.S. Establishes Japan Unit
2001_Apr-10: TSMC Likely to Be Drawn into SIS-UMC Dispute
2001_Apr-10: Privatization of Korea Telecom May Cause Instability in Financial Market
2001_Apr-9: Hon Hai Cuts Dividend to NT$3.5, A Seven-Year Low
2001_Apr-9: Liaoning to Earmark US$2.4 Billion for IT Development
2001_Apr-9: China's Traditional Industries to Dominate E-Commerce Summit
2001_Apr-9: EAccess Starts Pilot Contents Delivery for Broadband Networks
2001_Apr-6: Shanghai Establishes Center for Science and Technology
2001_Apr-6: Unipac Optoelectronics Enjoys Big Profits in 2000
2001_Apr-6: PSINet Japan Says Domestic Services Won't be Affected by Parent's Restructuring
2001_Apr-5: Hanwha Spins Off Information Biz
2001_Apr-5: Chinese Scientists Seek More Funding for Nanotechnology
2001_Apr-5: Matsushita Electric Establishes Lab in Hollywood for Next-Generation Technologies
2001_Apr-4: Siemens to Turn China into Home Appliance Production Base
2001_Apr-4: China to Host E-Commerce Summit
2001_Apr-4: STMicroelectronics, Hitachi Collaborate to Develop, License SuperH Chips
2001_Apr-3: SK to Begin Venture Incubation Services in United States
2001_Apr-3: NTT DoCoMo, Walt Disney Sign MOU for Mobile Content Development
2001_Apr-3: Honda to Launch Intelligent Community Vehicle System R&D; in Singapore
2001_Apr-3: Sharp Establishes Mobile Phone Handset Development Company in UK
2001_Apr-3: Jinan Builds Industrial Park for Overseas Investors
2001_Apr-3: SMIC Executive Says No Need for Rivalry in China's Chip Market
2001_Apr-3: Gov't. to Enact E-Commerce Law to Help Protect Consumers
2001_Apr-3: Osaka High Court Rules Sales of Secondhand Game Software Legal
2001_Apr-3: Global IT Firms to Attend Huizhou Digital Festival
2001_Apr-3: Philips' Renewal of Tax Exemption on Patent Royalty Rejected by Taiwan
2001_Apr-3: Game Software Developers, Used Software Retailers Clash on Court Ruling
2001_Apr-2: Sega to Develop Game Titles for Xbox
2001_Apr-2: TI Launches Information Appliance Design Center in Taiwan
2001_Apr-2: Shanghai Opens Intellectual Property Agency to Boost Protection Efforts
2001_Apr-2: Sales of Used Video Game Software Legal, Tokyo High Court Says
2001_Apr-2: Microsoft, NTT Com Team Up for Network Service for Xbox Game Machine


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