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2001_Jun-29: Korean-Made Products Lose Competitiveness in U.S.
2001_Jun-29: Qualcomm, VIA Inject Capital Into VIA's Mobile Computing Arm
2001_Jun-29: Korea's IT Sector Enjoys Surplus in May Despite Fall in Exports
2001_Jun-29: Compaq, Intel Form Alliance in Beijing
2001_Jun-28: TFT-LCD Sales in Taiwan Remain on an Upward Path
2001_Jun-28: Second Half-Year Profits are Expected to Shrink for Korean Companies
2001_Jun-28: MarkAny Sets Up Venture in Japan with ITX
2001_Jun-28: Patent System Crucial to China's Tech Advancement, Says Commissioner
2001_Jun-28: Access Co.'s Compact NetFront Browser Tech for L-Mode Generates Big Royalties
2001_Jun-28: Fujian Province to Bolster High-Tech Exchanges
2001_Jun-27: Toshiba Reaffirms Commitment to China
2001_Jun-27: SK Telecom to Consolidate Shinsegi Telecom in January 2002
2001_Jun-26: Some 170 Out of World's 500 Largest Firms Invest in Korea
2001_Jun-26: Nippon Ericsson, Handspring, Marubeni to Test Content Delivery Via Bluetooth
2001_Jun-26: Korea Telecom to Set Cover Value for Overseas Depositary Receipts
2001_Jun-26: Sony to Sell Sega's PS2 Titles in Europe
2001_Jun-25: Guangzhou to Set Up Venture Capital Fund for Returning Students
2001_Jun-25: Linux in Possible Crisis; IBM, NEC, Two Others to Form Promotion Group
2001_Jun-25: Major Taiwan Software Firms Reap Profits Despite Weak Economy
2001_Jun-25: Access to Set Up Publishing House
2001_Jun-25: Web Screen Display Judged to Infringe Copyright in First Case in Japan
2001_Jun-22: Technology Sector Emerges as Growth Engine in China
2001_Jun-22: Xi'an High-Tech Zone Commences Third-Phase Construction
2001_Jun-22: Bank of Korea Downgrades Q4 Growth Forecast to 5.1 Pct.
2001_Jun-22: Korean Ministry to Nurture IT Industry with Big Investments
2001_Jun-22: Softbank to Buy Tokyo Metallic, to Rival NTT's ADSL Service
2001_Jun-21: Business Sentiment Expected to Recover in Q3, Bank of Korea Says
2001_Jun-21: Samsung to Establish R&D; Centers in Tianjin
2001_Jun-21: Yahoo Japan to Launch Low-Cost ADSL Service
2001_Jun-21: AT&T; Japan President Plans to Dig into Japanese Market by Integrating Multiple Business Operations
2001_Jun-20: FIC Projects Earnings of US$43 Million in 2001
2001_Jun-20: Taiwan's KG Telecom to Launch I-Mode Wireless Services in 2002
2001_Jun-20: Amkor Technology to Merge with TSTC, Sampo Semiconductor
2001_Jun-19: Hynix Raises US$1.2 Billion in Foreign Capital
2001_Jun-19: Japanese Software Houses Tie Up for Online Games; Target North America, Asia
2001_Jun-18: Chinese IT Firms Lag Behind in Patents, Official Says
2001_Jun-18: Texas Instruments Reconfirms its Intent to Take Over US$100M in Hynix GDRs
2001_Jun-18: High-Tech Firms Proliferate in China's Science Parks
2001_Jun-18: First International Computer Expands into China for High-End PC Market
2001_Jun-18: Toyota Ranks Top in Brand Awareness: Nikkei BP Survey
2001_Jun-15: Far EasTone to Join Compaq Computer in Mobile Commerce Venture
2001_Jun-15: ADSL Future Overshadowed by Short Funding, Emergence of FTTH
2001_Jun-15: Asia PKI Forum Established to Promote E-Commerce in Asia Pacific
2001_Jun-14: Acer Group Expects Flat Profits for Own-Brand Operations
2001_Jun-14: China Hosts APEC Science/Technology Industrial Parks Network Meeting
2001_Jun-14: Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Expects Difficult Q2
2001_Jun-14: SK Telecom, Hewlett-Packard to Form Venture Fund
2001_Jun-13: AOL, Legend Form Venture to Develop Internet Services in China
2001_Jun-13: Legend, AOL Form Joint Venture
2001_Jun-13: Digital China as BEA Software Distributor
2001_Jun-12: Rockwell Establishes Automation Lab in China
2001_Jun-12: Kodak to Manufacture Digital Cameras in Shanghai
2001_Jun-12: [Computex Taipei] Computex 2001 Buying Foreshadows Taiwan's IT Industry Recovery
2001_Jun-12: China Emerges as Third Largest Power in IT Industry
2001_Jun-12: [Computex Taipei] Exhibitors Reveal Short-Term Industry Expectations
2001_Jun-11: Sony Targets IPv6
2001_Jun-11: Shenzhen to Become Major Venture Investment Center
2001_Jun-11: Sega to Release 'Shenmue II' in September
2001_Jun-11: Sony Seeks Dominance in Broadband Business (Second Part)
2001_Jun-11: Korea's Infranet Invests in Japan
2001_Jun-11: Proposed Legend-AOL Venture to Impact China's Internet Industry
2001_Jun-11: Lycos Joins Forces with LG Capital
2001_Jun-8: Shanghai to Host CeBIT Asia Technology Show
2001_Jun-8: Forum on IT Industry Across Taiwan Straits Opens in Fuzhou
2001_Jun-8: ASECI Cuts Salaries, Aims for Quick Recovery
2001_Jun-7: Korea's Foreign Direct Investment Continues Falling in May
2001_Jun-7: [Computex Taipei] China's Greatwall Broadband Network Brings in Orders
2001_Jun-7: China to Focus on Incubating High-Tech Start-Ups
2001_Jun-7: NEC, Sony, Others Begin Service on PC Parts Procurement System via RosettaNet
2001_Jun-7: Softbank Suffers 75 Pct. Fall in Market Value, Shifts to Broadband
2001_Jun-6: China Predicts 20 Pct. Annual Growth in Information Industry
2001_Jun-6: Four Mainframe Makers Team to Apply Linux to Enterprise System
2001_Jun-6: [Computex Taipei] Slow Ordering at Computex Worries IT Exhibitors
2001_Jun-6: [Computex Taipei] Taiwan's IT Firms Win Orders Ahead of Computex 2001 Opening
2001_Jun-5: Hon Hai Precision to Replace TSMC as Taiwan's Largest Manufacturer
2001_Jun-5: [Computex Taipei] E-Commerce Forum to Promote Taiwan, China Links
2001_Jun-5: DoubleClick Japan Sees Higher Revenues from Partnering with Web Sites
2001_Jun-5: Multinational Firms Open Research Centers in Guangdong
2001_Jun-4: Korea's Output in April Falls Amid Declining Exports
2001_Jun-4: Beijing Most Attractive to Venture Capitalists in China
2001_Jun-4: Sony's Aims to Gain Dominance Over Broadband Business (First Part)
2001_Jun-1: Hotung VC Raises US$30 Million Fund
2001_Jun-1: Konami Takes Two Korean Firms to Court Over Patent Infringements
2001_Jun-1: N. Korea Sees Economic Growth for Two Consecutive Years
2001_Jun-1: Legend, Digital China Scramble for Mobile Manufacturing License
2001_Jun-1: Yahoo Japan Aims to Make 10-Fold Leap in Net Advertising in Four Years: President


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