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2001_Sep-28: [WPC2001] D2 Communications Pres. Analyses Effectiveness of Mobile Ads
2001_Sep-28: Guangzhou Issues Plans for Digital Reform
2001_Sep-28: [WPC2001] Giga Reveals the Secrets of Success in the Ring Melody Business
2001_Sep-28: China to Promote Machinery, Electronic Exports
2001_Sep-27: High-Tech Parks Benefit from Overall Economic Growth in Asia-Pacific Region
2001_Sep-27: Taiwan’s Handset Components Makers Get Through Business Trough
2001_Sep-27: ITIS: WTO Entry to Force Taiwan’s Heavy Machinery Firms to Compete Overseas
2001_Sep-27: Shanghai’s Pudong New District Reports Sustained Overseas Investment Growth
2001_Sep-27: Don’t Blame U.S. Economy, LG Institute Says
2001_Sep-27: ADSL Spreads Faster in Japan Than in U.S., Centillium Director Says
2001_Sep-26: [WPC2001] More Corporate Users Need PDAs: Palm Computing President
2001_Sep-26: Typhoon Nari Brings Business Opportunities for Taiwan’s Computer Distributors
2001_Sep-26: TSMC May Win 60 Pct. of Global Market Share in Q3
2001_Sep-26: Korea to See 2 Pct. GDP Growth in 2001, Goldman Sachs Says
2001_Sep-26: Chinese SMEs Encouraged to Enter Value-Added Telecom Market
2001_Sep-25: Double-Digit Growth in E-Commerce Transactions for Two Consecutive Months
2001_Sep-25: Intel to Invest US$300 Million in Shanghai Plant Expansion
2001_Sep-25: [WPC2001] NEC President Predicts Integration of Broadband, Mobile Networks
2001_Sep-25: [WPC2001] 3G Key Players Look Into the Crystal Ball
2001_Sep-25: Foreign Investors Gain Access to Chinese Venture Capital Market
2001_Sep-25: [WPC2001] Phase Two of Mobile Java Content Service with GPS to Come, Bandai Network CTO Says
2001_Sep-25: Vodafone Aims to Take Over Japan Telecom/J-Phone Management
2001_Sep-21: Naver.com Records Profit of 1.5 Bln. Won in August
2001_Sep-21: Shanghai Leads China’s IC Development Plan
2001_Sep-21: Recovery in Korea Unlikely by Early 2002
2001_Sep-21: Accenture Unit, Everypath Japan Release Mobile-Commerce Solution
2001_Sep-21: China Faces Difficult Export Situation, Vice Minister Says
2001_Sep-21: [WPC2001] Give Us the Tools, We’ll Finish the Job: Tedopres
2001_Sep-21: KDDI to Delay Start of Its Third-Generation Mobile Phone Service Till April 2002
2001_Sep-20: International Technological Collaboration Benefits Shanghai
2001_Sep-20: British-Chinese Seek Potential Cooperation with Chinese Science Parks
2001_Sep-20: LG Electronics Executives to Visit China to Set Strategy
2001_Sep-20: [WPC2001] Intel KK President Stresses Need to Invest, Improve Network Infrastructure
2001_Sep-20: [WPC2001] Taiwan Retools for the Recession: III President
2001_Sep-19: China to Accelerate Building of Urban Information Infrastructure
2001_Sep-19: Powercomm Auction on Verge of Collapse
2001_Sep-19: Mayors of China’s High-Tech Zones Seek Better Investment Environment
2001_Sep-18: Hynix May Get Fresh Loans Within 2-3 Months
2001_Sep-18: Shenzhen Becomes China’s Biggest PC, Telecom Equipment Producer
2001_Sep-18: Nanya Technology Expects August Revenue Rebound
2001_Sep-18: LG Electronics to Resume Investments in Venture Firms
2001_Sep-18: Vodafone in Talks with Japan Telecom for Possible Takeover Bid
2001_Sep-17: High-Tech Trade Expands Steadily in China
2001_Sep-17: Korean Electronic-Mall to Launch Business in Japan; Challenge Rakuten
2001_Sep-14: Creditors to Decide on Offering Funds for Hynix Semiconductor
2001_Sep-14: China Encourages Foreign Mergers, to Attract More Investment
2001_Sep-14: Rakuten to Accelerate M&A;, Diversify Business to Bolster Online Shopping Mall
2001_Sep-14: Acer Launches Aspire to Regain Territory in Household Market
2001_Sep-13: Hon Hai Outperforms TSMC With Year-to-August Sales
2001_Sep-13: M-Commerce to Grow Sharply Through 2005; Europe to Lead: In-Stat
2001_Sep-13: Jiangsu: New Destination for Taiwan Investment
2001_Sep-13: China to Further Open Up Commercial Sectors
2001_Sep-13: Terror Shockwaves Slam Korean Markets
2001_Sep-13: Taiwanese Companies Operating in Japan Establish Association
2001_Sep-12: FTC to Probe High-Speed Internet Access Providers
2001_Sep-12: TDB Develops Method of Predicting Probability of Corporate Bankruptcy Within One Year
2001_Sep-12: Venture Investors to Receive Up to 80 Pct. of Losses Upon Insolvency
2001_Sep-12: UMC Chairman Tsao Outlines Strategy for Next Five Years
2001_Sep-12: Heads of Hynix Semiconductor Creditor Banks to Hold Meeting This Week
2001_Sep-12: Beijing to Host Exhibition for Electronic Appliances
2001_Sep-12: Taiwan’s Optical Communication Firms Explore Promising Market of China
2001_Sep-11: Samsung Electro-Mechanics Seals Strategic Alliance with UPS
2001_Sep-11: Xiamen to Host Two-Way Investment Promotion Seminars
2001_Sep-11: China to Allow Foreigners to Buy Local Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises
2001_Sep-11: China Trade Fair Highlights Chinese Investment Overseas
2001_Sep-11: Hynix Semiconductor Sells LCD Unit to Cando-led Group of Taiwan
2001_Sep-10: Daewoo Electronics to See Capital Decrease Before Debt-Equity Swap
2001_Sep-10: IBM Japan Leverages ‘Wireless Market,’ Opens Customer Support Center
2001_Sep-10: Multinationals Eye High-Tech Sector in Western China
2001_Sep-10: Fukuoka Governor Announces ‘Silicon Sea-Belt Fukuoka’ Plan
2001_Sep-10: Western China Must Cultivate Non-State-Owned Sector, Economists Say
2001_Sep-10: Taiwan’s Info Appliance Industry Sees First-Half Production Rise 42.7 Pct.
2001_Sep-7: CD-R Companies in Taiwan Expect Better Outlook in Q3
2001_Sep-7: Economic Recovery Seen in Second Half 2002, Korean Institute Says
2001_Sep-7: China to Host First Int’l Information Technology Show
2001_Sep-7: HP-Compaq Merger Unlikely to Alter Order Placement Patterns in Taiwan
2001_Sep-7: China to Implement Open Policies Toward Foreign Investors
2001_Sep-7: Samsung Breaks into China’s Broadband Home Network Market
2001_Sep-6: Beijing Aims to Attract More Foreign Funds
2001_Sep-6: Chunghwa Telecom Reports Banner First-Half Revenues
2001_Sep-6: NEC, Matsushita Tie-Up Seeks to Cut IMT-2000 Development Costs
2001_Sep-6: New Measures Introduced for Telecom JV in China
2001_Sep-6: Ericsson to Serve as Engine for Western China, Says Pres. of Ericsson China
2001_Sep-5: Korean Stocks End Down, Despite Rising NYSE
2001_Sep-5: Shanghai’s Pudong Area Processing Trade Becomes More Technology Intensive
2001_Sep-5: Taiwan’s Networking, Motherboard Companies See Strong Earnings
2001_Sep-5: Korea Development Bank Won’t Offer Fresh Funds to Hynix Semiconductor
2001_Sep-5: Beijing to Improve Investment Environment
2001_Sep-5: Samsung Electronics to Cut Workforce by 10 Pct.
2001_Sep-5: Chinese Experts Urge Gov’t Support for SME Development
2001_Sep-4: Yamaha to Distribute Polyphonic Ring Melodies for Mobile Phones in Taiwan
2001_Sep-4: XML Venture Appresso Targets U.S. Supply Chain Management Market
2001_Sep-4: Guangzhou Strives to be Pivot of Information Highway
2001_Sep-4: Rakuten’s Online Mall Business Reaches New Stage; Infoseek Swings into Black
2001_Sep-3: Japan Telecom to Own 15 Percent of eAccess
2001_Sep-3: Former Korean Finance Minister Kang Warns of Worsening Economy
2001_Sep-3: ITRI Seeks Partner to Continue R&D; of 41 Patented Biotech-Chip Technologies
2001_Sep-3: Cellular Carriers Begin Countdown to IMT-2000
2001_Sep-3: Software and Service Industry Grows Despite Recession: IBM Japan President


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