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2001_Oct-31: Software Businesses to Boost Chinese Stock Market
2001_Oct-31: Creditors Seek to Slash Hynix Semiconductor Debts
2001_Oct-31: MOF to Allow Foreign Financial Holding Companies to List in Taiwan
2001_Oct-31: NTT Submits Plans to Encourage Healthy Market Competition, Lower NTT DoCoMo’s Stake
2001_Oct-31: Taiwan’s Mitac Wins Desktop PC Orders from Dell
2001_Oct-31: NEC Teams with Baltimore Technologies Japan for Public Key Infrastructure
2001_Oct-30: Shenzhen Launches US$600 Mln. IC Production Project
2001_Oct-30: Tokyo Development Center Established by i2 Technologies Japan
2001_Oct-30: Kyocera to Build Joint Venture in Guizhou Province
2001_Oct-30: TSMC to Invest NT$700 Bln. Locally in Next Decade: Morris Chang
2001_Oct-30: China Export Fair Sees Fewer U.S., Middle East Attendees
2001_Oct-29: China Mobile Teams Up with Four Taiwan Telecom Leaders
2001_Oct-29: Alcatel’s JVs Consolidate to Form Alcatel Shanghai Bell
2001_Oct-29: Recurring Profits at Samsung SDI Dip During Q3
2001_Oct-29: Overseas Telecom Firms Seek Partners in China
2001_Oct-29: Korea Development Institute Downgrades Growth Outlook for 2002
2001_Oct-29: NEC Group Companies to Acquire 60 Percent of SGI Japan
2001_Oct-26: Taiwan Micronix Considers Expansion into China
2001_Oct-26: Taiwan Cellular, Taiwan Fixed Network Team Up, Merger Possible
2001_Oct-26: Dell to Scale Up Procurement in Taiwan in 2002
2001_Oct-25: NEC to Sell its Server Mfg. Plant to Solectron
2001_Oct-25: Hitachi to Expand Presence in China, Says President Shoyama
2001_Oct-25: China to Face Reform Challenges After WTO Entry
2001_Oct-25: Chinese Businesses Urged to Adjust Outlook for WTO Entry
2001_Oct-25: Microsoft Vows to Push Xbox Game Console, Oura Says
2001_Oct-24: Hewlett-Packard to Invest More in China, CEO Fiorina Says
2001_Oct-24: Hon Hai Has Second Thoughts on Phoenix Plan
2001_Oct-24: Pres. Says Softbank EC Will Turn Profit in 2002 by Liquidating Businesses
2001_Oct-24: Samsung Electronics Posts 420 Billion Won in Net Profit in Third Quarter
2001_Oct-24: VIA’s Technologies CEO Says PC Outlook Remains Bright
2001_Oct-24: Forum Speaker Expresses Need for New Int’l Finance Organization
2001_Oct-24: Computer Technology Retains Core Position, Bill Gates Says at APEC
2001_Oct-24: Telecom Ministry Seeks Advice on 5GHz Band Wireless Access to Hotspots
2001_Oct-23: China Fair Brings US$9.1 Billion in High-Tech Deals
2001_Oct-23: Singapore’s Flextronics Sets Up Japanese Subsidiary
2001_Oct-23: Winbond Electronics to Shift Focus to Niche ICs and Away from DRAMs
2001_Oct-23: High-Tech Park Project Under Spotlight at Dongguan Expo
2001_Oct-23: Vodafone, NTT DoCoMo Compete Fiercely
2001_Oct-19: TSMC Uses 80 Pct. of High-End Production Lines
2001_Oct-19: Toshiba, Matsushita to Combine LCD Businesses into New Company
2001_Oct-19: Samsung Electronics Teams Up With Microsoft in Home Networking Biz
2001_Oct-19: China Reports Sharp Increase in Investment from Overseas
2001_Oct-19: Siemens Increases Asia Investment, With Eye Toward China Market
2001_Oct-18: TSMC Chairman Talks of ‘EFoundry’ Strategy at ISSM
2001_Oct-18: More Overseas Chinese to Start Businesses at Home
2001_Oct-18: VIA to Sell Own-Brand Motherboards
2001_Oct-18: Cabinet to Fast-Track Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions Law
2001_Oct-18: China-Based Holley Group Acquires Philips CDMA Reference Design
2001_Oct-18: China 3C Expo Attracts Foreign Buyers and Investors
2001_Oct-18: Microsoft, NEC Tie Up for Product Development, System Integration Support
2001_Oct-18: Privacy Protection is Key to Internet Business: NEC Biglobe Managers
2001_Oct-17: CDIB May Set Up Financial Holding Company With Masterlink Securities
2001_Oct-17: Anthrax Case: Six Steps to Take When Envelope is Opened and the Powder Is Found
2001_Oct-17: HP Chairwoman Visits Seoul
2001_Oct-17: Taiwan’s Electronics Firms Experience Cash Shortage Pressures
2001_Oct-17: Sega Unveils Consumer-Game Strategy; Aims to Sell 35 Million Games in FY2003
2001_Oct-16: Honkworm International to Produce Ads in Japan, Using Brand Names in Animation
2001_Oct-16: Multinationals Help Boost High-Tech Industries in Shandong
2001_Oct-16: ‘Bar Code on Mobile’ Tickets for Motor Show Issued on Web Accounts
2001_Oct-15: Beijing to Hold Exhibit of Optical Technologies, Personal Digital Products
2001_Oct-15: Chairman of KDI Expects Recovery in Early 2002
2001_Oct-15: China to Export More Machinery, Electronic Products, MOFTEC Official Says
2001_Oct-15: Hon Hai Said to Have Won Big Orders from Nokia
2001_Oct-12: U.S. Set to Ease Restrictions on China’s Chip-Making Equipment Imports
2001_Oct-12: China Coastal Regions to Lead in Informatization Processes
2001_Oct-11: Fujitsu to Move into PDA Mart in First Quarter of 2002
2001_Oct-10: Hynix Semiconductor Pushes to Sell Production Line to Overseas Investors
2001_Oct-10: FIC Delays New Share Issue Plan, Cuts Revenue Projection
2001_Oct-10: China’s IT Industry Robust, Despite Global Sluggishness
2001_Oct-10: Far EasTone Cuts Profit Target by Nearly A Third
2001_Oct-10: Overseas Investment Dominates Pudong Economy
2001_Oct-9: Hynix Creditors Agree to Jointly Manage Chipmaker
2001_Oct-9: First-Line Electronics Firms Weather Recent Storms, But Remain Wary
2001_Oct-9: Mitsui to Set Up Nanotechnology R&D; Companies, Invest 10 Bln. Yen for Next Five Years
2001_Oct-9: Cooperation Among Provinces Drives China’s Economic Growth
2001_Oct-9: Korean Gov’t Announces Measures to Boost Kosdaq Market
2001_Oct-9: Foreign Trade Booms in Tibet Following Reforms
2001_Oct-5: VIA Fades in September Performance, While Rival SiS Steals Spotlight
2001_Oct-5: Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates to Visit Korea on Oct. 16
2001_Oct-5: UMC Launches AWG Chip Production as New Standard for Semiconductor Industry
2001_Oct-5: Matsushita Draws Up Action ‘Green Plan 2010’
2001_Oct-4: Ericsson, Sony Start Joint Venture
2001_Oct-4: Japan’s E-Learning Market to See Dynamic Change: VP of Saba Software
2001_Oct-3: NTT DoCoMo, Video Conferencing System Makers to Organize Industry Association
2001_Oct-2: China’s Ningbo Making Progress in IT Investments
2001_Oct-2: Elpida Memory Postpones Start of Its DRAM Plant
2001_Oct-2: Taiwan’s NSC Selects Taichung Sites for New Science Park
2001_Oct-2: A Dozen More Record Companies Launch Ring Melody Distribution Service
2001_Oct-2: Agilent Japan Pres. Says 3G Mobile Phone Market to Show Solid Growth
2001_Oct-1: Creditors to Jointly Manage Hynix Debts
2001_Oct-1: China’s IT Investment to Reach US$120 Bln. in Next Five Years
2001_Oct-1: Taiwan’s Mobile Phone Suppliers Lower Sales Outlooks
2001_Oct-1: Official Urges Upgrade of Core Technology for IT Development
2001_Oct-1: DRAM Group Seeks Possible Financial Aid From Taiwan’s Gov’t
2001_Oct-1: Beijing Reveals Plans for 10 New High-Tech Bases
2001_Oct-1: Framework Underway for Copyright Management on the Internet
2001_Oct-1: Chi Mei Group, IBM Japan Jointly Establish LCD Manufacturer


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