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2001_Nov-30: Bright Prospects Predicted for Taiwan’s Optical Communications Industry
2001_Nov-30: Samsung Agrees with Oracle to Cooperate on Mobile Biz
2001_Nov-30: Industrial Sector Shows Signs of Recovery on Stronger Consumer Sentiment
2001_Nov-30: Shanghai Invites Venture Capital to High-Tech Sector
2001_Nov-30: Korea Forecasts Earlier-Than-Expected Recovery in 2002
2001_Nov-30: SGI Japan’s Broadband SI Unit to Begin Operations
2001_Nov-29: Retail Sector Challenged by Online Shopping in Year-End Season, Says GartnerG2
2001_Nov-29: Taiwan’s ETWebs, Era Group Launch Active Media Deployment in China
2001_Nov-29: Japanese, Korean Software Firms to Collaborate in Workflow Business
2001_Nov-29: Acer Set to Expand Sales in Greater China Market
2001_Nov-29: British Venture Firm to Introduce More European Technologies Used in Japan: nCoTec Ventures Partner
2001_Nov-28: NTT Communications Acquires Remaining Stake in Davtel
2001_Nov-28: Shanghai Bell, Samsung to Establish CDMA System JV in China
2001_Nov-28: Quanta Due to Set Up Delivery Warehouse in Shanghai January 2002
2001_Nov-28: Taiwan’s Chipset Suppliers Expect Higher Revenues
2001_Nov-28: Major Global Handset Makers Attract Taiwan Companies to Northern China
2001_Nov-28: China’s Graphics Card OEM Seeks to Avoid Price War
2001_Nov-28: NTT Group, Other Telecom Carriers Show Opinion Conflict on NTT Business Expansion
2001_Nov-27: Japan’s New Gov’t Procurement System Opens to SMEs, Ventures
2001_Nov-27: Cisco to Participate in APEC Internet Project
2001_Nov-27: SK Sets Entry Guidelines for Chinese Market
2001_Nov-27: Taiwan’s Four Cell Phone Companies Fight for DoCoMo’s I-Mode Handset Orders
2001_Nov-27: Nokia to Establish R&D; Center in Hangzhou
2001_Nov-27: China, Japan Remain Trade Partners After China’s WTO Entry, Say Economists
2001_Nov-27: Hynix’s STN-LCD Unit Sold for 65 Billion Won
2001_Nov-26: Liquidation Value for Hynix Semiconductor Estimated at 3.66 Trln. Won
2001_Nov-22: Olympus to Restructure Digital Camera Business
2001_Nov-22: LG Electronics to Establish Financial Center in New Jersey
2001_Nov-22: Hynix to Sell STN-LCD Unit to Korea-China Consortium
2001_Nov-22: Memory Chip Design Houses Cut Inventories to Weather Operational Adversity
2001_Nov-22: Japan Should Invest More, Says James Morgan, Chairman of Applied Materials
2001_Nov-21: KDDI Unveils Mobile Communications Strategy for Second Half of FY2001
2001_Nov-21: Oracle Sees Japanese Businesses Going to China, Oracle Exec. Says
2001_Nov-21: Daewoo Telecom to Be Split into Five Units
2001_Nov-21: Forecasts Mixed on Recovery of Korean Economy
2001_Nov-20: Taiwan IC Designers Dedicated to Chinese Wafer Foundries
2001_Nov-20: Japan Top Site for Shanghai’s Overseas Investment
2001_Nov-20: Nokia May Offer FOMA Cell Phones in Q3 2002, CEO Says
2001_Nov-20: High-Tech Enterprises Aim to Enter Western China
2001_Nov-19: China Mobile, China Unicom Begin Network Interconnection
2001_Nov-19: Autobytel Japan’s Sales Reach US$1.9 Mln. in FY2001
2001_Nov-19: LG Electronics to Complete Separation by April
2001_Nov-16: Ericsson Seeks New Partners in Western China
2001_Nov-16: Korean Dot.coms Look to Double Growth in 2002
2001_Nov-16: Exodus Japan Will Continue Internet Data Center Businesses, New Pres. Says
2001_Nov-16: Motorola to Expand Technical Transfers to China
2001_Nov-16: Nokia Alliance Set to Shake Up Taiwan’s Handset Manufacturing Industry
2001_Nov-15: Taiwan’s Electronics Manufacturers Pressured to Cut Forecasts
2001_Nov-15: Patent Awareness Still Weak Among Chinese Enterprises
2001_Nov-15: Industry Should Create Open Platform for Cell Phone E-Payments: Visa Senior VP
2001_Nov-15: Pantech to Acquire Hyundai Curitel
2001_Nov-15: U.S. Components Firm to Offer Scholarships to Tianjin University Students
2001_Nov-15: Juniper Networks Aims to Be Top Supplier in Mobile Data Market: Director
2001_Nov-14: Fujitsu Venture Starts Info-Providing Business for Firms Aiming to Enter China
2001_Nov-14: China Faces Difficulties in Export Market, CAITEC Report Says
2001_Nov-14: First Mobile Phone of Sony Ericsson Brand Likely to Come in Q2 2002
2001_Nov-14: China’s Domestic Demand Sustains Guangdong’s Economic Growth
2001_Nov-13: Taiwan’s IT Contract Manufacturers Threatened by New Compaq Policy
2001_Nov-13: Zhongguancun Aims to Become World-Class, High-Tech Park
2001_Nov-13: Winbond, Sharp Agree to Develop Next-Generation Flash EEPROM for Cell Phones
2001_Nov-13: Macronix Increases Mask ROM Features on Booming Market Expectations
2001_Nov-13: Vodafone Opens Office in Beijing
2001_Nov-12: Motorola to Invest US$1 Billion in R&D; in Beijing
2001_Nov-12: China to Host International Forum on SMEs
2001_Nov-9: Taiwan’s Premier Image Technology to Build ‘Camera City’ in Foshan
2001_Nov-9: Cadence Shows Interest in Cooperating With Beijing
2001_Nov-9: Takara Acquires License of Korean Net Character ‘MashiMaro’
2001_Nov-9: Beijing Outlines Commercial Development Plan for High-Tech Park
2001_Nov-8: Deutsche Bank Eyes China’s Semiconductor Industry
2001_Nov-8: SK Telecom Posts Sales Profits of 1.6 Trln. Won in Q3
2001_Nov-8: Taiwan’s Electronics Companies Expected to Have Seen High Sales in October
2001_Nov-8: [LCD/PDP] Merging is Key to Survival for Japanese LCD Makers, Analyst Says
2001_Nov-8: Japan’s Nanotechnology Market Could Reach 27 Trln. Yen by 2010, Hitachi Exec. Says
2001_Nov-7: [LCD/PDP] Overseas PDP Makers Emerge as Serious Competitors to Japan
2001_Nov-7: Japan, Korea, China Agree to Hold Regular Meetings of Finance Ministers
2001_Nov-7: Overseas Investors in China Favor Shenzhen
2001_Nov-7: Hynix Pushes Ahead with Structural Reforms
2001_Nov-7: TSMC Continues Active Investment
2001_Nov-6: [LCD/PDP] LG.Philips Aims to be World’s Top Maker of LCDs by End of 2002
2001_Nov-6: TSMC, UMC Likely to Beat Financial Projections
2001_Nov-6: China’s Internet Use to See Speedy Growth; Most Users Prefer News
2001_Nov-6: Japanese Companies Won’t Regain Vitality Without Lifetime Employment, ‘The Goal’ Author Says
2001_Nov-6: Taiwan’s Cellular Providers Report Strong Year-to-September Results
2001_Nov-6: Official Says Timetable Set for China’s Entry into WTO
2001_Nov-6: KT Freetel Goes Forward with Massive Structural Reforms
2001_Nov-5: Hon Hai Accuses AMP/Tyco, Avnet Asia of Patent Infringement
2001_Nov-5: China Becoming a Global Manufacturing Center
2001_Nov-5: Top Chaebols Set Lower Goals for 2002
2001_Nov-5: Taiwan’s Listed Companies Lose NT$170 Billion from January to September
2001_Nov-2: Hynix Creditors Agree to Provide Rescue Package
2001_Nov-2: Japan’s ASP Market to Exceed 85 Billion Yen in 2005: IDC Japan
2001_Nov-2: China Establishes WTO-Related Organizations
2001_Nov-2: Sino-Japanese JV Expects US$37.5 Mln. in Software Exports
2001_Nov-1: U.S.-Based ISSI Sets Up IC Firm in Shanghai
2001_Nov-1: Thrunet, Ahn’s Antivirus Laboratory Forge Alliance
2001_Nov-1: Official Believes Chinese, East Asian Economies Can Cooperate on Win-Win Basis
2001_Nov-1: Restructuring is Not Enough to Win: Samsung Executive
2001_Nov-1: Looking Ahead After Reforms That Reshuffled 70 Pct. of Personnel: SGI Japan Pres.


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