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2002_Jan-31: China’s Shenzhen Plans Further Investments in IT Industry
2002_Jan-31: NTT Com Acquires HKNet as Springboard into Greater China
2002_Jan-31: Korea’s Industrial Output Sees Steady Recovery in December
2002_Jan-31: Hynix Chairman Says Sales Talks to Bear Results in Next Few Weeks
2002_Jan-31: Record Companies, JASRAC Seek Injunction Against Exchange of MP3 Files
2002_Jan-30: Hynix Creditors Request Sales Price of at Least US$5 Bln. from Micron
2002_Jan-30: STMicroelectronics’ Q4 Net Profits Rise, Led by PC Peripherals, Wireless
2002_Jan-30: Beijing to Accelerate Development of Zhongguancun Tech Park
2002_Jan-30: Jiangsu Mobile Upgrades to Expand Capacity to Top 15 Million
2002_Jan-29: Au’s GPS Cell Phone Shows How to Get to McDonald’s Nearest You
2002_Jan-29: Guangdong Province Reports Slight Rise in Foreign Trade
2002_Jan-29: NTT DoCoMo to List on New York, London Stock Exchanges to Enhance Recognition
2002_Jan-28: Guangzhou, Taiwan Expand Cooperation to Electronics, Telecom Sectors
2002_Jan-28: China to Regulate Market, Economic Order, Says Vice Premier
2002_Jan-28: Sharp Files Lawsuits Against Taiwan’s CPT, Tatung Company of Japan
2002_Jan-28: Japan’s LSI/LCD Manufacturing Equipment Market Continues Y-O-Y Decline: SEAJ
2002_Jan-28: More Users Experience Shopping Via Mobile Phones: Survey
2002_Jan-25: Taiwan’s LED Manufacturers Tap China’s Semiconductor Market
2002_Jan-25: Guangdong’s GDP Hits US$120 Bln. in 2001
2002_Jan-25: Chinese Academy of Sciences Restructures to Enhance Innovation
2002_Jan-24: Samsung Announces Memory Supply Agreement for Xbox
2002_Jan-24: Fujian Province Reports Modest Growth in Foreign Trade
2002_Jan-24: Samsung SDI Posts Record-High Profits in 2001
2002_Jan-24: Some 10,380 Foreign Companies Establish Branches in Beijing
2002_Jan-24: Samsung, LG Electronics March into Taiwan’s Home Appliance Market
2002_Jan-23: China Eyes Russia, India for Machinery, Electronics Exports
2002_Jan-23: Korean Gov’t to Designate Lead Manager for Privatization of KT by March
2002_Jan-23: Beijing Enjoys Expanding Overseas Investment
2002_Jan-23: Competition in Taiwan’s Home Appliance Market Heats Up
2002_Jan-22: China to Raise Machinery, Electronic Goods Exports by 10 Pct.
2002_Jan-22: Gov’t to Nurture Korea as Asian Headquarters for Multinational Companies
2002_Jan-22: SK Group to Continue Investing in Local Venture Sector
2002_Jan-22: Fourth Round of Negotiations Between Hynix, Micron to Continue in the United States
2002_Jan-22: China Builds Industrial Park for European Investors
2002_Jan-22: Ericsson, Dai Nippon Printing Collaborate on Bluetooth ASIC
2002_Jan-21: Microsoft Enters New Development Stage in China, Vice President Says
2002_Jan-21: Broadband to ‘Perform’ in Sony PlayStation2’s Act Two
2002_Jan-21: Sony’s VAIO PCs Enjoy Brisk Sales in the United States
2002_Jan-21: Sanyo, Haier Forge Partnership to Expand Sales
2002_Jan-21: Shanghai to Build Two Taiwan-Funded Industrial Parks
2002_Jan-21: Shanghai IT Sector Grows 30 Pct. Despite Global Slowdown
2002_Jan-21: Accenture to Bolster Information Technology Solution Consulting
2002_Jan-18: China’s Industrial Production Grows 9.9 Pct. in 2001
2002_Jan-18: Hong Li Semiconductor to Launch Production Around Year-End
2002_Jan-18: Samsung Electronics Records Net Profit of 2.95 Trillion Won in 2001
2002_Jan-18: China’s Suzhou Attracts More Investment from Taiwan
2002_Jan-17: Foreign Direct Investment Surges in China
2002_Jan-17: Shandong Province Reports Rapid Growth in Foreign Trade
2002_Jan-17: Chinese Brand Names Becoming Prominent in 2002, Gartner Says
2002_Jan-17: Ready to Stand Up for the Cause: Junichiro Miyazu, President of NTT
2002_Jan-16: Korea Likely to See 5 Pct. Economic Growth in 2002, President Kim Says
2002_Jan-16: LG Micron Invests in East China’s Color Display Tube Joint Venture
2002_Jan-16: Hon Hai Replaces TSMC as Largest Private Manufacturer in 2001
2002_Jan-16: Samsung Sets U.S. Sales Target of US$4.5 Bln. in 2002
2002_Jan-16: Taiwan’s ODM Firms Extend Reach to Electronic Manufacturing Service Production
2002_Jan-16: Sharp to Focus on Five Main Areas, Including System LCDs, in Fiscal 2002
2002_Jan-15: Siliconware to Acquire Universal Communication Technology
2002_Jan-15: Shanghai’s Foreign Trade Increases 10 Pct. in 2001
2002_Jan-15: Micron Expected to Sign MOU with Hynix in January
2002_Jan-15: China’s Foreign Trade Surpasses US$500 Bln. in 2001
2002_Jan-11: China to Support Research on 12 Key Technologies
2002_Jan-11: Taiwan’s Internet Broadband Services Companies Step Up Overseas Listing Plans
2002_Jan-11: China Earmarks US$54 Mln. to Enhance R&D;
2002_Jan-11: LG Group Opens IT Joint Venture in Guangzhou
2002_Jan-11: UMC Relinquishes Parcel of Land in Tainan Science-Based Park
2002_Jan-11: Haansoft Sets Sales Target of 50 Pct. Growth
2002_Jan-11: Sharp to Launch Linux-Based Zaurus PDA in the United States
2002_Jan-10: Kaohsiung Hitachi Scraps Planned Taiwan LCD Plants
2002_Jan-10: Shandong Province to Speed Up Foreign Project Approval Procedures
2002_Jan-10: Micron Technology Begins Third Round of Negotiations with Hynix
2002_Jan-10: Shanghai’s Pudong New District Reports Growth of 16 Pct. in 2001
2002_Jan-10: Experience in Broadband Biz in Korea is an Advantage to Gaining Share: Hwang Ji-Yun, Drimone CEO
2002_Jan-9: Xiamen Attracts More Overseas Investment
2002_Jan-9: KT Sets Sales Goal at 12.6 Trillion Won for 2002
2002_Jan-9: Zhejiang Mobile to Cooperate with Multinational Equipment Suppliers
2002_Jan-8: TSMC Hopes to Win Orders from Xilinx, SanDisk
2002_Jan-8: China Issues New Statute on Software Copyrights
2002_Jan-8: China’s Banking Sector Faces Post-WTO Challenges
2002_Jan-8: Made-in-China Home Appliances Enjoy Brisk Sales in Taiwan
2002_Jan-8: Shanghai’s Economy Records Sharp Growth in 2001
2002_Jan-8: China Likely to Surpass 2001 Target for Information Industry
2002_Jan-8: Guangdong Province Reports 8.7 Pct. Higher Revenue in 2001
2002_Jan-7: China Strengthens Regulation on Technology Trade
2002_Jan-7: DRAM, Motherboard, Chipset Companies Ally in Global Clone Market
2002_Jan-7: CNN’s Japanese Site Shut Down
2002_Jan-7: Smaller Companies Optimistic About 2002 Economy
2002_Jan-3: Three Women Lead Venture Business in Korea
2002_Jan-3: IT Sector Sees Trade Surplus in November
2002_Jan-3: Beijing to Start Free Services for Foreign Investors
2002_Jan-2: Financial Reporting on the Internet Becomes Industry Practice
2002_Jan-2: Shenzhen to Build High-Tech Industry Belt


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