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2002_Feb-28: Powercomm to Conduct Stake Bid Again at End of May
2002_Feb-28: Chinese Gov't Budgets RMB74 Million for Nanotechnology Over Next Five Years
2002_Feb-28: NC Japan President Expects Profits on 2 Billion Yen in Sales
2002_Feb-28: 'We Will Regain Growth in Japan with B2B Solutions,' E-net COO Says
2002_Feb-28: EBay Buys NeoCom to Move into Taiwan's E-Commerce Market
2002_Feb-28: Hynix Halts Three Non-Memory Chip Production Lines
2002_Feb-28: Shanghai's Pudong New District Reports Rapid Rise in Imports
2002_Feb-28: Sino-U.S. Relations Crucial to Bilateral Trade
2002_Feb-28: MPEG4 Chips Ready to Take Off for Cell-Phone Use
2002_Feb-27: Motherglass Shortage Expected Globally: Provizio Report
2002_Feb-27: NTT Com Aims to Spread Wireless LAN Services, Draws on Cases in U.S.
2002_Feb-27: Toshiba Unveils Roadmap for MCUs; Partners with MIPS Technologies
2002_Feb-27: IBM to Introduce Low-Priced Chinese Notebook Computers in Taiwan
2002_Feb-27: Korean Finance Minister Says Gov't Not Opposed to Selling Hynix to Overseas Firm
2002_Feb-27: Guangdong Province Reports Big Rise in Foreign Trade
2002_Feb-27: Korea's Venture Sector Exports Record Double-Digit Growth in 2001
2002_Feb-27: South China Province Reports Steady Economic Growth
2002_Feb-27: U.S. SecurityFocus Enters Japanese Market
2002_Feb-26: Powercomm Holds Auction to Sell Off 30 Pct. Stake
2002_Feb-26: Internet Ad Market Registers 73.5 Billion Yen in 2001, Dentsu Says
2002_Feb-26: Japan's B2B Market Reaches US$253 Billion in 2001, Report Says
2002_Feb-26: Dell Sets Up R&D; Centers in Taiwan
2002_Feb-26: Six More Semiconductor Companies Back Symbian OS
2002_Feb-26: Korean Mobile Telecom Operators Enjoy Visible Increase in Profits
2002_Feb-26: Intel Buys Stake in Chinese Data Voice Convergence Company
2002_Feb-26: Quanta Computer, Others to Debut Pocket PC Products for Delivery Soon
2002_Feb-26: FOMA's Service Area to Expand to Cover 60 Pct. of Japan in April
2002_Feb-25: High-Speed Net Service, New Materials Hopeful, Despite No Big Hits in 2001
2002_Feb-22: Haier, Sampo to Team Up to Expand Business
2002_Feb-22: Britain's Cable & Wireless Buys Exodus Japan
2002_Feb-22: Brocade Eyes China's Storage Area Networks Market
2002_Feb-22: Hebei Province Attracts Foreign Investment in High-Tech Sector
2002_Feb-22: MOCIE Head Stresses Need for Samsung-Hynix Alliance
2002_Feb-22: Content Distribution Not So Easy: J-Stream President Warns
2002_Feb-22: China Reports Rapid Investment Rise in January 2002
2002_Feb-21: HSBC, Hang Seng Attract 90 Pct. of Online Banking Users in Hong Kong
2002_Feb-21: Taiwan GaAs Fabrication Industry Enters Growth in Business Circle
2002_Feb-21: Osaka Int'l Univ., Nihon Unisys to Begin Experimental E-Learning Distribution
2002_Feb-21: Shenzhen in Talks with Multinational Companies for Distribution Centers
2002_Feb-21: Motorola, China CMCC Cooperate on 3G Mobile Phone Research for China Market
2002_Feb-21: Hynix Creditors to Submit Revised Negotiation Conditions to Micron
2002_Feb-21: Shanghai Targets 10 Percent Growth Rate for 2002
2002_Feb-21: Korea's Onse Telecom Posts First Profit in Five Years
2002_Feb-21: E-Commerce Sites Turn to Browser-Based Audience Behavior Measurement: Red Sheriff CEO
2002_Feb-21: NTT DoCoMo, Nissan Agree to Jointly Develop FOMA/Car Navigation Service
2002_Feb-20: Opening Up of Browser-Phone Billing Services Postponed in Japan
2002_Feb-20: Hynix May Seek New Buyer or Independent Survival if Micron Talks Fail
2002_Feb-20: SK Telecom in Talks to Acquire Yahoo! Korea
2002_Feb-20: Shares Rebound to 790-Point Level Despite Uncertainty Over Hynix
2002_Feb-20: SK Global Reveals Plan to Focus on Electronic Game Biz
2002_Feb-20: China Opens Asset Pool to Overseas Investors
2002_Feb-20: Shenzhen's Exports Dominated by Processing Industries
2002_Feb-20: Germany's E-Plus to Offer I-Mode Service in Partnership with NTT DoCoMo
2002_Feb-19: Venture Expects to Stir Demand for 3D Computer Graphics on Internet
2002_Feb-19: Shanghai Reports Rise in Foreign Trade
2002_Feb-19: AlphaOmega Soft to Start Distribution Service of Korean Cinema Content
2002_Feb-19: U.S. Remains Leading Investor in China
2002_Feb-18: Stocks Near 800 Level on Hynix Negotiations with Micron
2002_Feb-18: Broadband Services to Change Japan's Entertainment Industry
2002_Feb-18: Softbank: Cleaning Up after the Party
2002_Feb-18: Cyan Technology of U.K. Attracts Japanese VC Funding for Microchips
2002_Feb-18: LG Venture Investments Plans to Inject 55 Bln. Won into Ventures in 2002
2002_Feb-18: Hynix on Verge of Completing Deal with Micron, Talks with Infineon Fall Through
2002_Feb-18: Taiwan's Leading TFT-LCD Makers Likely to Earn NT$20 Billion in 2002
2002_Feb-18: Foreign Investment in China Increases
2002_Feb-18: Shanghai Reports Double-Digit Economic Growth
2002_Feb-18: FCC Removes Regulations on Ultra Wideband Wireless Communications Products
2002_Feb-15: Fujitsu-Accenture Alliance Targets Toyota, Sony for Consulting Contracts
2002_Feb-15: Mitsui, Microsoft to Launch Training Program for 'Last Meter' Connection Experts
2002_Feb-14: Taiwan's 3G License Auction Settled, Comments Mixed
2002_Feb-14: Hitachi, Red Hat to Cooperate in Consultation Service for Linux Introduction
2002_Feb-14: Staff Needed to Enhance After-Sales Support for Gateway Users
2002_Feb-13: Beijing Vice Mayor Urges Investors to Tap into Local Economy
2002_Feb-13: Online Game Developers Intensify Distribution Channels Competition
2002_Feb-13: Singapore's Chartered Remained in Slump in Q4 of 200
2002_Feb-13: Shanghai to Invest US$70 Million Overseas in 2002
2002_Feb-13: Northeastern Province Becomes Major Software Exporter
2002_Feb-13: China Sets Up IT Advisory Panel
2002_Feb-13: Mobile Phone Users in Shandong Province Total Nearly 6 Million
2002_Feb-12: [NET&COM;] TEPCO to Compete with NTT for FTTH Service Via New Optical Fiber Net
2002_Feb-12: [NET&COM;] '70 Pct. of CRM and Knowledge Management Cases are Failures,' Consultant Says
2002_Feb-11: China's SMIC to Manufacture Fast-Cycle RAMs for Fujitsu
2002_Feb-11: Taiwan Expects IPO Purchases to Grow 12 Pct. in 2002
2002_Feb-11: Salomon Smith Barney Sees Recovery for Korean Economy in 2002
2002_Feb-8: SK Telecom's Recurring Profit Rises 30 Pct. for 2001
2002_Feb-8: Korean Economy Expected to Grow 5.3 Pct., UBS Warburg Says
2002_Feb-8: [NET&COM;] 'SecureIIS Web' Prevents Attacks without Patches
2002_Feb-8: Samsung SDS Ranks Fourth in Asia-Pacific IT Market
2002_Feb-7: United Microelectronics, AMD Ally to Build Wafer Plant in Singapore
2002_Feb-7: [NET&COM;] Meeting Challenges in the Broadband Era: Nikkei BP President
2002_Feb-7: Nokia Expects Substantial Sales Rise in China
2002_Feb-7: [NET&COM;] Cisco Demonstrates 'Mobile Office' Shop
2002_Feb-7: [NET&COM;] Matsui Securities Wins NetBusiness Grand Prize for Profitability
2002_Feb-7: Chinese Official Urges Domestic Mobile Makers to Unite
2002_Feb-6: Taiwan's Listed Electronics, Traditional Industries Performed Well in 2001
2002_Feb-6: Exports Falter in January for 11th Consecutive Month
2002_Feb-6: China's Haier Plans to Exploit Taiwan Market
2002_Feb-6: Auction, NHN to Form Strategic Alliance for Online Auction Biz
2002_Feb-6: Taiwanese Firms Dominate Investment in China's Jiangsu Province
2002_Feb-6: AichiTelevision, J-Phone to Launch Interactive TV Programs
2002_Feb-5: Growth of LCD Televisions Expected for 'Sports Year': JEITA
2002_Feb-5: TRUSTe, EPrivacy to Promote Seal Program for E-Mail to Protect Consumers' Privacy
2002_Feb-5: Samsung Electronics Deemed to Have Clearest Corporate Governance Structure in Korea
2002_Feb-5: Shanghai Begins Building Industrial Park for Taiwanese Manufacturers
2002_Feb-5: VIA Technologies Marches Towards Reorganization
2002_Feb-5: Toshiba, Matsushita Electric Announce Outline of Joint LCD Company
2002_Feb-5: Infineon Technologies Proposes Higher Acquisition Price for Hynix
2002_Feb-4: AMD, Taiwan's UMC Collaborate on 300mm Wafer Fabrication Plant
2002_Feb-4: Foreign Firms in Korea Forecast 'Positive' Economy, KILF Survey Says
2002_Feb-4: Korea's Sovereign Credit Rating to be Unaffected by Delay in Hynix Sale: Moody's
2002_Feb-4: Information Industry Enjoys Fastest Growth in China
2002_Feb-4: AU Optronics Aims for Sales Topping NT$70 Bln. in 2002
2002_Feb-4: Guangdong Official Calls for More Business Cooperation with Taiwan
2002_Feb-4: Gov't to Grant Type-I Telecom Carrier License to Tokyo Electric Power
2002_Feb-1: Shanghai Industrial Zones' Renovation Opens for Overseas Tenders


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