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2002_Apr-30: Polycom Teams with Digital China to Expand China Distribution Network
2002_Apr-30: Lucent to Further Penetrate China Market
2002_Apr-30: OECD Raises Growth Forecast for Korean Economy
2002_Apr-30: China's Industrial Profits Drop in First Quarter
2002_Apr-30: SK Telecom to Push Overseas Exchangeable Bonds, ADRs in July
2002_Apr-30: Some 70 Pct. of Taiwan's Top 1,000 Companies Consider Increasing Home Investment
2002_Apr-29: Korean Telecom Firms to Expand Market Influence in China
2002_Apr-29: April Exports Estimated to Grow by 10 Pct.
2002_Apr-29: Buy-Outs Seeen as Shortcut to Enter Chinese Market
2002_Apr-29: IT 'Investment Mind' is Fading Away: JUAS Survey
2002_Apr-29: Net Income at Samsung SDI Rises 12 Pct.
2002_Apr-29: Accenture Sees No Rivals in Japan Market, Will Strengthen SI Business: Japan President
2002_Apr-29: Japan Promising for E-Management Tools: MRO Software CEO
2002_Apr-26: Motorola to Purchase More Raw Materials in China
2002_Apr-26: Samsung Mulls Counter-Suit Against Toshiba
2002_Apr-26: Rise in Panel Costs to Drive Up Prices of Low-Cost Laptop PCs
2002_Apr-26: KDDI, Two Others Offer Broadband Karaoke Trial Service
2002_Apr-26: Japan's Environmental Ministry Solicits Designs for Portable Vehicles
2002_Apr-26: North Korea Holds First International Software Expo in Beijing
2002_Apr-26: Korea's Bourse Rises on Record-High Samsung Electronics Shares
2002_Apr-25: Shanghai to Build Central Business District in Pudong
2002_Apr-25: New Japanese COO Appointed for U.S.-Based i2 Technologies
2002_Apr-25: Samsung Electro-Mechanics Sees Improved Profits
2002_Apr-25: S1 Signs Alliance with Netian
2002_Apr-25: Sharp to Mass Produce System LCDs from This Fall
2002_Apr-25: Japan's Withdrawal from DRAM Sector Questionable: Chairman of TI Japan
2002_Apr-24: Asia-Pacific Organizations Preparing for Rebound, Gartner Says
2002_Apr-24: Samsung Reveals Strategy for 6th-Generation TFT Line
2002_Apr-24: Askey Eyes Record-High Sales in Second Quarter
2002_Apr-24: Hynix, Micron Exchange Non-Binding MOU
2002_Apr-24: U.S. Official Calls for Trade Expansion with China
2002_Apr-24: Shenyang Hosts Russian High-Tech Exhibition
2002_Apr-24: NEC, KDDI, Japan Telecom, Matsushita to Form Large ISP Group
2002_Apr-23: LCD Sector to Enjoy Rise in Demand Until 2003
2002_Apr-23: KDDI Starts Trial Payment System by Credit Card Using CDMA2000 1x Mobile Phone
2002_Apr-23: China to Invest US$96 Million to Upgrade IT Production
2002_Apr-23: Beijing Calls for Investment in Microelectronics
2002_Apr-22: LG Electronics Posts Record-High Sales
2002_Apr-22: Survey Reveals Computer Owners on Rise in Chinese Cities
2002_Apr-22: Hanhwa Group Expands Businesses in China
2002_Apr-22: China, Korea Discuss Cooperation in Information Technology Industry
2002_Apr-22: KDDI's 3G Mobile Phone Puts Feasibility First
2002_Apr-19: LG CNS to Set Up Joint Company in Tianjin
2002_Apr-19: NTT DoCoMo, Bouygues Telecom to Commercialize I-Mode in France
2002_Apr-19: UMC Plans to Tap Chipset Market Through Tie-Up with AMD
2002_Apr-19: Dacom Bids for Powercomm
2002_Apr-19: SK Telecom to Establish China Unit by June
2002_Apr-19: Elitegroup Computer Expects to Earn More in 2002 Based on Higher Shipments
2002_Apr-19: Henan Economic Fair's Turnout from Overseas Exceeds Expectations
2002_Apr-19: China Records 7.6 Pct. GDP Growth in First Quarter
2002_Apr-18: Electromechanical Products Top China Exports
2002_Apr-18: Photoresist Production Industry Thrives in Taiwan, China
2002_Apr-18: JEITA Introduces Data-Erasing Guidelines for Disposing of PCs
2002_Apr-18: 'We Will be No. 1 with High-Valued Data Center Solution': Exodus Communications KK CEO
2002_Apr-17: Taiwan's LED Makers Report Hefty Q1 Revenues
2002_Apr-17: NEC to Expand Services with PCs, Cell Phones
2002_Apr-17: Hong Kong Tops Tianjin Contractual Investment
2002_Apr-17: Haier Leads in China's Electrical Appliances Industry
2002_Apr-17: Computer Entertainment Software Assn. Reveals Plans of Tokyo Game Show
2002_Apr-17: Matsushita Seeks Equity Participation in China's TCL Group
2002_Apr-17: DoCoMo to Offer I-Mode Internet Access Ops in France
2002_Apr-16: South China's Shenzhen Reports Surge in Foreign Direct Investment
2002_Apr-16: IBM Japan to Withdraw from PDA Business
2002_Apr-16: Shanghai Records Rise in Trade Volume
2002_Apr-16: 'We Don't Expect Customers to Migrate Fully to Windows,' Microsoft VP Says
2002_Apr-16: Hynix Records Surplus in Q1 Operating Profits
2002_Apr-16: Coca-Cola, DoCoMo, Itochu Debut I-Mode-Enabled Vending Machine Business
2002_Apr-15: Brio Software, HP Form Alliance to Target China
2002_Apr-15: Taiwan's IC Designing Thrives, Showing Strong Sales Growth
2002_Apr-15: Omron to Expand, Accelerate Business Expansion in China
2002_Apr-15: U.S. PeopleSoft Extends Reach into China
2002_Apr-15: Microsoft Launches Software Venture in Shanghai
2002_Apr-12: Quanta Overtakes TSMC as Taiwan's Second-Largest Private Company
2002_Apr-12: West China to Build State High-Tech Zone
2002_Apr-12: LG Cable Reports Improved Profits in Q1
2002_Apr-12: One Third of Member Stores are Reviewing Contracts with Rakuten: Survey
2002_Apr-12: High-Tech Dominates China's Industrial Production in First Quarter
2002_Apr-12: Chi Mei Optoelectronics to List on Stock Market in July
2002_Apr-12: Oki Electric, Agilent Technologies to Promote IP Telephones
2002_Apr-11: High-Tech Protective Enactment Underway in Taiwan
2002_Apr-11: Many Taiwanese Electronics Companies Perform Well in March
2002_Apr-11: West China to Become New Foreign Investment Destination
2002_Apr-11: Ergo-Brains Launches Broadband E-Mail Advertising Service
2002_Apr-11: Free Internet Access Services Likely to Remain: CEO of FreeBit.Com
2002_Apr-10: Shanghai Aims at US$6 Bln. in Foreign Investment in 2002
2002_Apr-10: Teco Group Plans to Invest in Yuan-Ze Telecom
2002_Apr-9: Mobile Phones Witness Intense Sales Competition, NEC President Says
2002_Apr-9: Siemens to Shift Focus to R&D;
2002_Apr-9: SCE's Kutaragi Talks about Latest Process Alliance with Toshiba: 'Aims for World Strongest Semiconductor Alliance'
2002_Apr-8: Rohm Invests US$1 Mln. in U.S. OEL Display Developer eMagin
2002_Apr-8: China Implements Measures Against Pirated Software
2002_Apr-8: Sales of Mobile Phones Rise 40 Pct. in Q1
2002_Apr-8: ECO-JIS: METI Hopes to Set 'Made-in-Japan' Global Standard
2002_Apr-8: IT Industry Zone Successful
2002_Apr-6: ANALYSIS: Sony Leads Restructuring of Chip Industry
2002_Apr-5: MOIC Mulling Methods to Privatize KT
2002_Apr-5: Auction to Close Down B2B Operation in May
2002_Apr-4: Private Enterprises Become New Area of Growth in Beijing
2002_Apr-4: Toyota Subsidiary, NTT-ME, South Africa's Dimension to Set Up E-Business Consulting Firm
2002_Apr-4: Net Profits Drop for Listed Companies in Korea in 2001
2002_Apr-4: New Policy Encourages Shanghai Businesses in Foreign Trade
2002_Apr-4: Hitachi's New Appliance Company to Introduce Internet-Capable Appliances
2002_Apr-3: April Ad Index Improves, Korea Ad Association Says
2002_Apr-3: Lightcross Stops AWG Development, Jolting Tie-Up With UMC, Ritek, Asia Optical
2002_Apr-3: Sichuan Changhong Electronics Establishes TV Plant in Indonesia
2002_Apr-2: Earthquake Strikes Eastern Taiwan: No Big Impact on High-Tech Industry
2002_Apr-2: LG Electronics to Spin off Business Units, Launch Holding Company
2002_Apr-2: Messe Frankfurt Sets up Company in China
2002_Apr-2: Taiwan's High-Tech Industries Escape Damage in Major Earthquake
2002_Apr-2: AOC-Taiwan, Amtran Win TFT-LCD Manufacturing Orders from Compaq
2002_Apr-2: PalmSource CEO Says Microsoft Not a Rival
2002_Apr-1: Japanese-Style Alliances: Still Effective for Competing with Foreign Firms?
2002_Apr-1: Samsung SDI Constructs VFD Plant in Shanghai
2002_Apr-1: Korea's Industrial Production Declines in February
2002_Apr-1: Taiwan to Allow Companies to Make Eight-In. Wafer Investments in China
2002_Apr-1: Companies Scramble to Shift Software Production Bases to China


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