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2002_Jun-28: Globalization Brings Challenge and Opportunity, Says Chinese Legislator
2002_Jun-28: China Telecom to Establish Branch in United States

2002_Jun-28: Korea's Exports Increase 6.9 Pct. in May
2002_Jun-27: LG Group to Expand Production Focus in China
2002_Jun-27: Legend, APLL Partner for IT Logistics Services in China
2002_Jun-27: Taiwan's Handset Makers to Boost World Share to 7.4 Pct.; Chinese Production Grows Significantly
2002_Jun-27: Shenzhen Private Enterprises Benefit from Lifting of Trade Restrictions
2002_Jun-27: KCCS to Form Cell Phone Content-Distribution Business in Singapore
2002_Jun-26: 'Mega Consortium' Established Integrating 31 ISPs, Including ADSL Providers
2002_Jun-26: ALi Projects Booming Chinese DVD Market in Second Half
2002_Jun-26: OFS of U.S. Expands Business in China
2002_Jun-26: Sewon Telecom Wins Large Order from Legend Group of China
2002_Jun-26: Overseas-Funded Firms Dominate Shanghai's Exports
2002_Jun-26: More Japanese Firms Consider Entering B2B Internet Business
2002_Jun-25: Biglobe Users Exceed 10 Million a Month, NetRatings Japan Says
2002_Jun-25: NEC to Stage Purchase-Sample Exhibition in Taiwan
2002_Jun-25: India's Major Software Exporter Invests in China
2002_Jun-25: Chi Mei Teams Up with Japan's DNP for Color Filter Development
2002_Jun-25: IT Becomes China's Leading Export
2002_Jun-25: Lotus, Cybozu to Form Alliance for Developing Groupware
2002_Jun-25: Macronix Expects June Sales of NT$1.5 Bln.
2002_Jun-25: Israeli IT Companies to Tap Chinese Market
2002_Jun-25: Poet Software of the U.S. to Tie Up with Two Japanese Companies to Enter Market
2002_Jun-25: The Price of Meeting 'Future' Demand Now: DoCoMo's FOMA in a Dilemma
2002_Jun-25: Sony Plans Transformation into Online Firm Centering on Game Machines
2002_Jun-21: Toshiba, Fujitsu to Form Alliance in Semiconductor Business
2002_Jun-21: Shandong Province Reports Rise in Electro-Mechanical Foreign Trade
2002_Jun-21: Taiwan Enjoys Rapidly Growing Orders from Apple Computer
2002_Jun-21: Beijing Holds Asia's Science Innovation, Life Technology Symposium

2002_Jun-21: KTF Releases K-Merce Wireless Handsets
2002_Jun-21: Daiwa Institute of Research Reports on 100 Japanese Nanotechnology Ventures
2002_Jun-21: China Sets Up Venture Capital Association
2002_Jun-21: Accenture, Interwise Reach Strategic Partnership Agreement
2002_Jun-20: China Opens First Opto-Electronic IP Rights Information Center in Wuhan
2002_Jun-20: IT Service Market Sees Lowest Growth Rate in 2002: Gartner Japan Forecast
2002_Jun-20: Stocks Plummet Following News of U.S. Probe into Micron
2002_Jun-20: China, Russia Cooperate to Bolster High-Tech Development
2002_Jun-20: Click-Through Rates of Rich Media Ads Six Times Higher Than Regular Ads
2002_Jun-20: First International Telecom to Launch PHS System in China
2002_Jun-20: Korea's Biggest Online Mall Lands Japan; Is 'Rakuten' Kingdom in Jeopardy?
2002_Jun-19: Nearly 60 Pct. of Users Accept HTML Mail Magazine: Survey
2002_Jun-19: Amkor, Grace Semiconductor Form Manufacturing Alliance in China
2002_Jun-19: SGI Japan, Zenrin to Co-Develop System for Disaster-Control Center
2002_Jun-19: Samsung Electronics to Expand Presence in Eastern European Market
2002_Jun-19: Japan's Streaming Content Market to Reach US$1.35 Billion in 2006
2002_Jun-19: Taiwan Boosts High-Tech Investments in China
2002_Jun-19: KDDI, Digital Hollywood Award Creator for Mobile Contents
2002_Jun-18: Ariba Shifts Strategy from E-Procurement to Spend Management Solution Provider
2002_Jun-18: Huahong NEC Obtains CMM Certificate
2002_Jun-18: Taiwan's High-Tech Circles Speed Up Manpower Exchanges with China
2002_Jun-18: Japan's Internet Service Providers in Crisis Stage
2002_Jun-18: Shanghai's Pudong District Attracts Large-Scale Overseas Investment
2002_Jun-18: Dongbu Electronics Cultivates Talks with Foreign Investors
2002_Jun-18: Oracle to Build Long-Term Presence in Beijing
2002_Jun-17: Vodafone Group and J-Phone Expand Worldwide
2002_Jun-17: Taiwan's April Sales in Electronics Fall into Expected Range
2002_Jun-17: LG.Philips Displays Records Brisk Sales, Takes 24 Pct. of Worldwide CPT Market
2002_Jun-17: China to Adjust Immigration Policy to Attract Overseas Professionals
2002_Jun-14: Singapore, Asia-Pacific Push Nanotechnology
2002_Jun-14: China to Launch IT Evaluation Program
2002_Jun-14: Japan's Deliberations on E-Government Legislation to be Delayed
2002_Jun-14: Microsoft Becomes Member of China Software Industry Association
2002_Jun-14: Nanya Technology Secures Five-Year, US$3 Bln. Contract from Dell
2002_Jun-14: Legend to Relocate Headquarters to Shanghai, CEO Says
2002_Jun-14: Generic Media Expands Support to Video Streaming for FOMA
2002_Jun-14: Taiwan Emerges as Largest Export Market for Applied Materials
2002_Jun-13: Carriers are Making Money on BREW: Qualcomm Exec.
2002_Jun-13: Oracle Views China as Strategic Market
2002_Jun-13: Microsoft Aims to Make Xbox Online Game Service Profitable
2002_Jun-13: China's Machinery and Electronic Products Exports Soar
2002_Jun-13: Taiwan's Hon Hai Precision Expects Sales to Rise
2002_Jun-13: Serome Technology Under Probe by Financial Watchdog
2002_Jun-13: Lite-On Group Announces Four-in-One Merger
2002_Jun-12: Taiwan's Opto-Electronics Industry Beats Downturn
2002_Jun-12: China to Continue State-Owned Enterprise Reform, Vice Premier Says
2002_Jun-12: Hynix Eugene Factory Valued at US$566 Mln.
2002_Jun-12: Legend to Significantly Increase Purchases from Taiwan
2002_Jun-12: Shenyang to Host International Manufacturing Expo
2002_Jun-11: Mobile Phone Sales to Rise 5-10 Pct. in Taiwan
2002_Jun-11: China Improves Policies to Boost Overseas Investment
2002_Jun-11: China Satcom, CITIC to Cooperate in Telecom Market
2002_Jun-11: Combinations Among IT Retailers in China are on the Rise
2002_Jun-10: Chinese Software Producers Gain Strength and Credibility
2002_Jun-10: Sony Taiwan Set to be Squeezed by China Sony
2002_Jun-10: China, ASEAN Discuss Free Trade Region Issues
2002_Jun-10: Olympus to Shift 30-35 Pct. of Digital Camera Production to China
2002_Jun-10: BREW, 1xEV-DO Said to be Best Combo for Wireless Internet Application Development
2002_Jun-7: BREW Will Win, Says Venture Capitalist Alsop
2002_Jun-7: China's Foreign Trade Faces More Challenges After WTO Entry
2002_Jun-7: Korean Gov't Hopes to Restart Talks Between Hynix, Micron
2002_Jun-7: First Online Technology Market to Open in China
2002_Jun-7: China Replaces Taiwan as World's Largest IT Production Center
2002_Jun-6: APEC TELMIN5 Stresses Telecom Cooperation in Asia-Pacific
2002_Jun-6: Hynix Semiconductor to Hold Special Meeting in July
2002_Jun-6: Exports Likely to Expand by 14-20 Pct. in Latter Half of 2002, KOTRA Says
2002_Jun-6: Political Differences Won't Impact Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation, Official Says
2002_Jun-6: Texas Instruments Japan Reveals Strategy for Digital Appliances
2002_Jun-5: China's Vice Premier Li Calls for Science, Technology Reform
2002_Jun-5: Qualcomm to Take Every Measure to Boost Mobile Phone Industry, Company CEO Says
2002_Jun-5: CEOs Eye China as Future Global High-Tech Center
2002_Jun-5: Matsushita, NEC, Huawei Jointly Develop 3G Technology in China
2002_Jun-5: [Computex Taipei] Event Registers Largest-Scale Participants
2002_Jun-4: Chinese Entrepreneurs Gather to Promote Technological Cooperation
2002_Jun-4: ON Semiconductor Bases Asia-Pacific Headquarters in HK Science Park
2002_Jun-4: JASRAC Receives More Royalties in FY2001
2002_Jun-4: Sino-Ukrainian High-Tech Park Launched in Shandong Province
2002_Jun-3: Intel, Sony EMCS Verify RosettaNet Interconnection
2002_Jun-3: 'Mobile Video' Changing Industry Outlook
2002_Jun-3: Taiwan's Kinpo Electronics Raises Sales Target
2002_Jun-3: Nanya, Infineon Collaborate; Taiwan's DRAM Sector Undergoes Reorganization
2002_Jun-3: SK Telecom Kicks Off Negotiations for Stock Swap with KT
2002_Jun-3: China to Tighten Controls over Imports of Electronic Waste
2002_Jun-3: Shandong Province to Host Electronics, Home Appliances Expo


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