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2002_Aug-30: Dalian Sets Up Office in Japan for Software Industry
2002_Aug-30: TSMC Said to Have Signed US$10 Bln.-Plus Contract with Shanghai Songjiang Gov’t
2002_Aug-30: South China Province Reports Surging Foreign Trade
2002_Aug-30: CSC Invests in Teco Wuhsi Heavy Electrical Plant
2002_Aug-30: U.S. Replaces Japan as Shanghai’s Biggest Export Market
2002_Aug-30: Dongbu Group Reconsiders Acquisition of Anam Semiconductor
2002_Aug-29: Chinese Government Strives to Ensure 2002 Financial Target
2002_Aug-29: Chinese Economists Optimistic About Economic Growth
2002_Aug-29: Can Oracle Japan Regain Momentum?: Senior Vice President Yamamoto Talks
2002_Aug-28: MIC Forecasts Taiwan’s IT Hardware Production to See Thinner Profits
2002_Aug-28: Samsung Expected to Exceed Sales Target in Second Half
2002_Aug-28: Many Taiwan Electronics Makers Plan to Attend CeBIT Asia 2002 in Shanghai
2002_Aug-28: NEC, Toppan Printing to Integrate Printed Wiring Board Operations
2002_Aug-28: Benq to Develop Digital Hub Integration Strategy
2002_Aug-28: Synnex Technology Reports Brisk Shipments of IT Products in July
2002_Aug-27: ANALYSIS: Information Security Worth Paying For
2002_Aug-27: W-CDMA Market to Reach 410 Billion Yen in 2005, Fuji Chimera Says
2002_Aug-27: Korean DDR Manufacturers Raise Contract Prices
2002_Aug-27: Taiwan Home Appliance Makers Echo SAA Scheme to Strengthen Competition
2002_Aug-27: Japanese Companies Hold Fair to Attract Chinese Employees
2002_Aug-27: Benq Expects Better Performance for LCD Monitors, Mobile Phones, Data Storage
2002_Aug-27: Samsung Electronics to Invest US$1.8 Billion in Facilities in 2002
2002_Aug-27: Motorola Participates in ‘Networking Revolution’ to Increase Customs Efficiency
2002_Aug-26: Procomp Infomatics Forms Alliance with Sumitomo Electric in LED Field
2002_Aug-26: Dongbu-TI Talks Break Off
2002_Aug-26: Major Global Equipment Suppliers Compete for Taiwan 3G Contracts
2002_Aug-26: SK Telecom Blocked from Entering Credit Card Business
2002_Aug-26: Sharp Backs LCDs
2002_Aug-26: Justsystem, SAP Japan to Tie Up in Customer Relationship Mgt. Field
2002_Aug-23: Dell Computer Said to be Shifting Graphic Chip Orders to Taiwan Makers
2002_Aug-23: Turbolinux Japan to Focus on Asia after Merger with Software Research Associates
2002_Aug-23: Suzhou to Host Electronics Information Expo
2002_Aug-23: Hyundai Autonet to Export Navigation Gear to Autohellas of Greece
2002_Aug-23: TSMC to Invest US$10 Bln. in Shanghai in Eight Years
2002_Aug-23: Eastern Communications Becomes Largest Shareholder of U.S. InterWAVE
2002_Aug-23: Taiwan IC Component Distributors Enjoy Robust Growth in July
2002_Aug-23: Senior Chinese Official Says Economic Growth to Continue
2002_Aug-23: Taipei International Telecom Show to Begin with Value-Added Services
2002_Aug-22: Liaoning Province to Host International Machinery Manufacturing Exposition
2002_Aug-22: Korea’s Investments in China to Reach Record Highs Since IMF Crisis
2002_Aug-22: CTC, Linc Media Cooperate to Build Call Centers
2002_Aug-22: Taiwan Starts Ambitious Semiconductor Plan
2002_Aug-22: China to Host First APEC E-Commerce Fair
2002_Aug-22: China to Boost Scientific Research for Sustainable Development
2002_Aug-22: MIC: Taiwan’s Motherboard Shipments to Increase in Q3
2002_Aug-22: IBM Japan, Network One Systems Tie Up on Storage Servers
2002_Aug-22: Chinese Software Industry to Grow to RMB250 Bln. in 2005: CSIA
2002_Aug-21: Dacom, Fujitsu Korea Seal Strategic Alliance on Disaster Recovery Services
2002_Aug-21: Guangdong Province Leads in China’s Patent Applications
2002_Aug-21: Taiwan’s Primax Set for Mass Delivery of 3-Million-Pixel Digital Cameras in Q4
2002_Aug-21: Indian Software Companies Move into Shanghai
2002_Aug-21: China, Singapore to Expand Cooperation in Information Industry
2002_Aug-21: Samsung Electronics Signs Deal with SanDisk
2002_Aug-21: Quanta Storage to Challenge Combo CD-RW Market in Three Years
2002_Aug-21: SRA Acquires Turbolinux Japan
2002_Aug-20: U.S. Outlook Worries Asian IT Firms
2002_Aug-20: Korea’s E-Government Plan Proceeding Rapidly Amid Expectations, Worries
2002_Aug-20: Liaoning Province Launches Tech Upgrade Plan for Small Businesses
2002_Aug-20: Shanghai Introduces Policies to Attract Companies to Establish Headquarters
2002_Aug-20: Taiwan Corporations Form Wireless Chip Platform Alliance
2002_Aug-20: Foreign Direct Investment in China Surges in July
2002_Aug-20: Sony, Ericsson Establish Joint Venture for Mobile Phones
2002_Aug-19: Dongbu to Sign US$400 Mln. Supplier Deal with Texas Instruments
2002_Aug-19: Hon Hai Precision Industry Aims to Develop Chinese Wireless Handsets Market
2002_Aug-19: Shenzhen Replaces Guangzhou to Lead Provincial Economy
2002_Aug-16: Top Japanese Executives Propose Plans for ‘Rebirth of Japanese IT’ at IT Japan 2002
2002_Aug-16: SiS Issues Optimistic Business Forecast
2002_Aug-15: Pia, NTT Com to Form Joint Company for Electronic Ticket Service
2002_Aug-15: Chinese Banks Adopt New Business Concepts
2002_Aug-14: IC Card Market to Double in FY2002: Yano Research Report
2002_Aug-14: China’s Tsinghua Univ. Aims to Boost Ties with Japanese Firms in IT Arena
2002_Aug-14: Shanghai to Streamline Financial Markets

2002_Aug-13: Hydis Seeks Foreign Capital for Survival
2002_Aug-13: China Industrial Production Maintains Growth
2002_Aug-13: ‘Made in Japan’ Brand Image Not as Strong in West as People in Japan May Think, Survey Says
2002_Aug-12: Third-Generation Mobile Phones to Be Launched in China
2002_Aug-12: China Telecom to Go Ahead with IPO Despite Global Economic Downturn
2002_Aug-12: MIC: Over Half of Taiwan’s IT Production to Come from China in 2002
2002_Aug-12: Samsung SDS to Expand ERP, ASP in Japan as Foothold for Asian Market
2002_Aug-12: Japan’s ERM Market in 2001 Valued at 734.6 Bln. Yen: IDC Survey
2002_Aug-12: Manugistics Group to Boost Strategy in Asia, CEO Says
2002_Aug-9: Samsung Electronics Wins US$100 Mln. Telecom Equipment Order from Japan
2002_Aug-9: First International Telecom Projects Ambitious Goals for PHS Subscribers in 2002
2002_Aug-9: IT Retailers Are Optimistic About Third Quarter of 2002
2002_Aug-9: China’s Statistical Data Goes on Internet via IMF System
2002_Aug-9: Semiconductor Portal Mediates Trades of Used Manufacturing Equipment
2002_Aug-9: Korea’s Electronics Industry Sees Rising First-Half Exports
2002_Aug-9: China Introduces Overseas Experts to Help Boost Economic Development
2002_Aug-8: Taiwan Begins Ambitious LCD, Semiconductor Plans
2002_Aug-8: Japan’s Digital Content Market Increases 7.3 Pct. in 2001, DCAJ Says
2002_Aug-8: Top Six Taiwan Memory Chipmakers Lose More Than NT$10 Billion in First Half
2002_Aug-8: Shanghai to Host First Session of World Engineer Conference 2004
2002_Aug-8: China Pledges to Improve Environment for Foreign Direct Investment
2002_Aug-8: ‘We Will Establish an Asian Standard for Wireless Business,’ KCCS Executive Says
2002_Aug-7: Lite-On Group Passes Four-in-One Merger
2002_Aug-7: Kyoto Univ., NTT, Others Unite to Develop Next-Generation Organic Devices
2002_Aug-7: Shanghai Aims to Become International Financial Center
2002_Aug-6: Shanghai GE, Accton Establish Network Equipment Joint Venture
2002_Aug-6: Honda to Sell Fuel Cell Automobiles in Japan, U.S by Year End
2002_Aug-6: Shanghai Pudong Reports 15 Pct. GDP Growth
2002_Aug-5: Dalian Software Industry Booms
2002_Aug-5: Korea’s July Exports Soar 20 Pct.
2002_Aug-5: KDDI, Three Others Launch Planning Company for Broadband Services
2002_Aug-5: Economist Forecasts Favorable Environment for Chinese Economy
2002_Aug-2: Xilinx Becomes No. 1 in Japan’s Programmable Logic Device Market: Xilinx Japan Pres.
2002_Aug-2: Web Services to Generate New Business: Accenture
2002_Aug-2: Apple, Dell Set Up Purchasing Offices in Shanghai
2002_Aug-1: H1 PC Exports Fall Short of Expectations on Sluggish IT Sector
2002_Aug-1: Taiwan’s Telecom Industry Performs Well in First Half
2002_Aug-1: China to Earmark US$2.5 Bln. for 12 Sci-Tech R&D; Projects


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