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2002_Sep-24: China to Continue to Absorb Foreign Investment, State Councilor Says
2002_Sep-24: Matsushita's Ultra-Thin Mobile Phone Just 16.8mm Thick
2002_Sep-24: Sega, Microsoft Jointly Develop Xbox-Based Arcade Board
2002_Sep-24: Allied Material to Establish Advanced Color Filter Plant in China
2002_Sep-24: Toshiba to Set up Unit in Hangzhou After Turning Point in China Strategy
2002_Sep-24: China TV Makers Gain Access to EU Market

2002_Sep-20: Private Companies Boom in East China
2002_Sep-20: WTO Gives Positive Evaluation to China Intellectual Property Rights Implementation
2002_Sep-20: Intel Execs Unveil Ongoing Development Projects: IDF
2002_Sep-20: 'E-Learners Want More than Text Content Amid Japan's Comics Culture': SAS Manager
2002_Sep-20: Asustek Emerges as Largest Export Firm in China's Jiangsu Province
2002_Sep-20: Japan's OS Package Market to Reach 38.45 Bln. Yen in 2006: IDC Japan
2002_Sep-19: LGERI Forecasts Slower Economic Growth in 2003
2002_Sep-19: China Information Industry Booming, Despite Global Slowdown
2002_Sep-19: Microsoft, LG Electronics Seal Alliance for Home Network Biz
2002_Sep-19: Online Games Provider Gamania Raises Funds for Expanding
2002_Sep-19: Capital Investment Growth Accelerates in China
2002_Sep-19: Taiwan's Broadband Operators Set up Association to Develop Industry
2002_Sep-19: Samsung SDI Emerges as Top Global LCD Supplier for Mobile Market
2002_Sep-18: UMC Reportedly Renews Cooperation with Shanghai Belling
2002_Sep-18: Samsung Electronics Expects Memory Chip Sales to Hit US$14 Bln. by 2005
2002_Sep-18: China to Open Small-, Medium-Sized Banks to Private Shareholders

2002_Sep-18: Samsung Establishes Digital TV Research Center in Shanghai
2002_Sep-18: China Tax Revenue Rises 11 Pct.
2002_Sep-18: Japan's Broadband Prices World's Lowest: Ministry Survey
2002_Sep-18: Pantech Wins GSM Wireless Phone Handset Order from China
2002_Sep-17: Curio City, SCN, Nifty Team Up to Stimulate Japan's E-Commerce Business
2002_Sep-17: China Launches Official WTO Web Site
2002_Sep-17: Cybozu to Release Groupware for Companies with Tens of Thousands of Employees
2002_Sep-17: Deutsche Bank Set to Normalize Hynix Management as First Move
2002_Sep-17: China to Boost Intellectual Property Rights Protection
2002_Sep-13: SK Telecom Joins LG Telecom on Mobile Settlement Biz
2002_Sep-13: Taiwan IT Firms Identify Distribution Branches in China
2002_Sep-13: China's Leading High-Tech Zones to Join Forces
2002_Sep-13: Germany's 'R/3+Windows' Consulting Company Enters Japanese Market
2002_Sep-13: Shandong Province to Boost Electro-Mechanical Exports
2002_Sep-12: Korea's Leading Anti-Virus Software Vendor to Enter Japanese Market
2002_Sep-12: Taiwan Ministry Tight-Lipped on Whether to Give Nod to TSMC's Westward Move
2002_Sep-12: China Obtains US$600,000 in Grants from U.S. Trade Agency
2002_Sep-12: Guangdong Province Increases Exports to United States
2002_Sep-12: Outlook for Manufacturing Industry Remains Brisk
2002_Sep-12: Mobile Phone Contents to Go Global, Says Kneosoft CEO
2002_Sep-11: Beijing Welcomes More Investment from Motorola
2002_Sep-11: Federation of Korean Industry Demands Withdrawal of 'Electricity Fee Increase'
2002_Sep-11: Japanese Server Market Suffers Worst Decline for Q2
2002_Sep-11: China the Most Preferred Destination of Foreign Investment, Minister Says
2002_Sep-11: VIA, SiS Report Strong August Revenues
2002_Sep-11: NTT DoCoMo Pres. Tachikawa Miffed at Heisei Denden's Complaint to Japanese FTC
2002_Sep-10: China Launches Program to Promote Key Technologies
2002_Sep-10: Pop-Up Ads Employed in Online Ad Market Remain at 2 Pct. in First Seven Months: Nielsen//NetRatings Report
2002_Sep-10: Five Software Houses Seek 570Mln. Yen in Compensation from Three Computer Schools for Illegal Software Copying
2002_Sep-10: Hanaro Telecom Selected as Prime Bidder to Acquire Powercom
2002_Sep-10: China to Attract Foreign Investment for Software, Hardware Development
2002_Sep-9: Taiwan's PC, Telecom Industries See Sales Rise in July
2002_Sep-9: Full Recovery of IT Spending to Start in Second Half of 2003: IDC
2002_Sep-9: Oki Electric, Taiwan's UMC Group to Form Comprehensive Tie-Up in Semiconductor Biz
2002_Sep-6: More Companies Use E-mail via Mobile Phones for Campaigns
2002_Sep-6: First-Tier Motherboard Makers Expect Moderate September Sales Growth
2002_Sep-6: UMC, Oki Electric Enter into Semiconductor Partnership
2002_Sep-6: Korea Telecom Eyes Home Networking Biz
2002_Sep-6: Sino-Irish Cooperation to Educate Software Students
2002_Sep-6: Kana Software Expects Further Sales Increase for 2003 in Japan, COO Says
2002_Sep-6: IMF Predicts China GDP to Grow 7.5 Pct.
2002_Sep-5: LG.Philips LCD Files Suit Against Taiwan Display Makers
2002_Sep-5: Credit Reports for China Silicon Valley Companies to be Issued
2002_Sep-5: Samsung Aims at System LSI Business to Compete with Japan's IC Makers
2002_Sep-5: IBM Picks Taiwan to Set Up Asia's First Biotech R&D; Center
2002_Sep-5: Shanghai Aims to Become World's Second-Largest Port
2002_Sep-5: Korea's Sales of Color Wireless Handsets Surpass 1 Million Units a Month
2002_Sep-5: Acer Affiliate Wistron Wins Microsoft's Xbox Orders
2002_Sep-5: 'We Will Provide World with IT Experts,' Neusoft Chairman Says
2002_Sep-4: South China Autonomous Region Attracts More Foreign Investment
2002_Sep-4: CeBIT Asia 2002 Opens in Shanghai
2002_Sep-4: Income from Internet Games Soars in China
2002_Sep-4: Korea's Brisk Business Outlook Weakens, KCCI Says
2002_Sep-4: Nikon Invests in Shanghai
2002_Sep-4: United Epitaxy Expects Hefty August Revenue
2002_Sep-4: Shanghai CeBIT Asia 2002 Participants Compete for Chinese Market
2002_Sep-2: DoCoMo President to Air Press Conferences via 3G Phones
2002_Sep-2: Beijing Economic and Technological Zone Registers Rapid Growth
2002_Sep-2: Shanghai Songjiang Gov't Said to Have Targeted More Than 30 Taiwan IC Makers
2002_Sep-2: Japan's ADSL Users Increase, Usage Minutes Rise: Nikkei NetBusiness Survey
2002_Sep-2: SRA, Dalian Team Up on Software Business


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