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2003_Jan-31: Number of Internet Banking Subscribers in Korea Up by 6.4 Mln. in 2002
2003_Jan-31: Pantech Wins US$100 Million Order from China's Ningbo Bird
2003_Jan-30: KDDI to Debut Download Service for BREW-Enabled Mobile Phone in Feb.
2003_Jan-30: MIT's 'Wireless Barcode Center' to Establish Japanese Beachhead
2003_Jan-30: Hitachi Global Storage Opens Corporate Center in Singapore
2003_Jan-30: Japan's PC Shipments Drop; NEC, Fujitsu Vie for Market Lead
2003_Jan-30: Nokia to Develop Security Products Internally in 2003, Global Sales VP Says
2003_Jan-29: Intel, Fujitsu to Cooperate on Advanced Linux Server Development
2003_Jan-29: TSMC Logs 23% M-O-M Sales Drop, Production at 61% of Capacity for Q4
2003_Jan-29: Samsung Electronics Sets Goal to Become World's Biggest Flash Memory Chip Supplier
2003_Jan-28: Sony, Three Others Establish Company for Distributing Music to Home Appliances
2003_Jan-28: LG Electronics to Invest US$1.35 Billion in Digital TV Business
2003_Jan-28: Fujitsu, AUO of Taiwan to Ally on LCD Operations
2003_Jan-27: Businesses Growing on Strength of R&D;: Samsung, Sony
2003_Jan-27: PDA Production Suffers Sluggish Growth Worldwide: Nikkei Market Access
2003_Jan-26: Softbank Unveils IP Phone with ADSL, Wireless LAN Functions
2003_Jan-24: SK Telecom Enjoys Higher Sales, Net Profits in 2002
2003_Jan-24: Motorola Strengthens Its Base in Korea
2003_Jan-23: Toshiba, Matsushita Kobobuki Tie Up for Production of Small HDDs
2003_Jan-23: Korea Telecom Sets 2003 Sales Goal at 12 Trillion Won
2003_Jan-23: 'We Will Build a Business-Friendly Environment': Apple Japan President
2003_Jan-22: KTF Aims to Post 550 Bln. Won of Net Profit in 2003
2003_Jan-22: Battle for Dominance in Digital Consumer Electronics Market Intensifies
2003_Jan-22: Sanyo Elec. to Boost CCD Output by 400% for Camera-Equipped Handsets
2003_Jan-22: Datang, Philips, Samsung Form JV to Deliver TD-SCDMA Chipset, Reference Design
2003_Jan-21: Xilinx's Japanese Business Stays in Top Shape Despite Chip Recession
2003_Jan-21: JBCC to Enter Software Business in China
2003_Jan-20: Ghosn Stresses Law of Revival -- "Threat to Japan Lies Within"
2003_Jan-20: Samsung Electronics Enjoyed Record High Sales in 2002
2003_Jan-20: SK Telecom Begins Wireless Internet Biz in China
2003_Jan-20: Omron Unveils Print Station Service for Cell Phones With Cameras
2003_Jan-16: Samsung Electronics Becomes World's Second-Largest Chipmaker
2003_Jan-16: LG Telecom Moving to Offer 3G Mobile Services
2003_Jan-16: 'Taiwan to Become Fully IPv6 Capable by 2007,' TWNIC Exec. Says
2003_Jan-14: LG Electronics to Expand its Base in Chinese Market
2003_Jan-13: Samsung Attracts Enthusiastic Attention: A Follower or a Threat?
2003_Jan-13: Healing Robot Market for Elderly Shows Promise
2003_Jan-10: Films Retain 'Konica' Brand, Cameras 'Minolta': Konica-Minolta Management Integration
2003_Jan-10: NTT to Sell Broadband-Compatible PCs 10 Pct. Cheaper than Dell
2003_Jan-9: Vertical Integration an Advantage, Hitachi Pres. Says Upon Launch of New HDD Company
2003_Jan-9: Rambus Collaborates With Sony, Toshiba on Next-Generation Interfaces
2003_Jan-9: TSMC Moves into China Slowly: Company Chairman Morris Chang
2003_Jan-8: Telecom Industry: In 2003, Will People Stop Thinking 'Telephone' is Synonymous With 'NTT'?
2003_Jan-8: Samsung Economic Research Institute Expects Korea's 2003 Growth Rate to be Under 5 Pct.
2003_Jan-8: Cell Phone Ad Market Doubles to 5 Billion Yen in '02
2003_Jan-7: Elpida Inks Outsourcing Deal with Chinese Semiconductor Firm
2003_Jan-7: Intel Poised to Enter DRAM Microchip Market Again
2003_Jan-7: LG Group to Boost R&D; Spending in 2003
2003_Jan-7: Honda's Fit Car Wins Nikkei BP Design Award 2002 'Gold Prize'


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